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Randy Taylor  – The Outdooor Enthusiast

  • Why Is My Outside Light Not Working?

    Last updated on March 24th, 2022Outdoor lighting plays a significant role in enhancing the security and safety of your home and highlighting its beauty at night. Your kids will not easily stumble on an object …

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  • How to Keep Plugs Dry Outside-( 7 common methods)

    How to Keep Plugs Dry Outside-( 7 common methods)

    Last updated on January 27th, 2022Outdoor lights also serve for decorative purposes as much as they help to enhance your home’s security network. Unfortunately, varying weather conditions can create a hostile environment for the wire …

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  • How to Waterproof Outdoor Lights?

    Last updated on March 24th, 2022If your outdoor light is labeled “weatherproof,” then it should be able to withstand splashing by rain and abuse by foreign objects. However, if you live in an area with …

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  • Can Outdoor Lights Get Wet?

    Last updated on October 13th, 2022When it comes to outdoor lighting, having a good understanding of the system and how to properly take care of it is essential. With unpredictable inclement weather conditions, one of …

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  • Best Outdoor Solar Lights for Signs

    Last updated on March 24th, 2022The adage “The first impression is as good as the last” rings true for business signs. An attractive outdoor sign with prominent illumination will draw customers to your business premises. …

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  • Best Outdoor Lamp Post: Buyer’s Guide and

    Best Outdoor Lamp Post: Buyer’s Guide and

    Last updated on March 24th, 2022It gets pretty dark after sunset, and outdoor lights can somewhat minimize the darkness. If you need enough illumination for visibility and safety, grab one of the best outdoor lamp …

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