How to Replace Webbing on Outdoor Furniture-(4 basic steps)

Last updated on October 11th, 2022

Patio chair webbings take a lot of beating from the elements, so it’s pretty normal for them to crack and fade over time. There are two things you could do as a user – buy a new chair with new webbing or spruce up the old chair by replacing the webbing. If you’re here, then you’ve likely chosen the cheaper route. Now that you’re set and ready, the next thing to figure out is – how to replace webbing on outdoor furniture.

To replace webbing on any furniture piece, you need to remove the old or damaged webbing and replace it with a new one. This usually involves loosening the screws or rivets holding the old webbing, removing the webbing itself, and swapping in the new webbing with new screws or fasteners. It sounds pretty easy.

Rewebbing a chair is a far better deal as opposed to replacing the whole furniture. Yes, you will save money, but you will also get more use for your furniture. In this article, we will see how to properly replace the webbing on your outdoor furniture. Don’t worry; it’s easier than you think.  

How to replace webbing on outdoor furniture – the guide

Here’s our step-by-step guide on how to replace the damaged webbing on your outdoor furniture.

How to replace webbing on outdoor furniture

Measure the Webbing

To know how much chair webbing you will need, measure the existing webbing with a measuring tape before you start replacing webbing on lawn chairs. Measure each section of the webbing; this will give you an idea of the number of feet and rolls to buy. 

You can choose from various color options as long as it matches the furniture and outdoor setting. Some webbing comes with screws, while others don’t. If there are no screws in your package, you can purchase some (together with washers). I recommend using galvanized screws.

Remove Existing Screws and Webbing

To swap out the old webbing, you need to remove the screws. Go ahead and do this. Since you won’t be using them anymore, you can throw them in the trash can (they are probably rusted by now). 

For webbings secured with pop rivets, use the tiniest drill bit to drill and take out the rivets. We will be attaching the new webbings with the screws you bought.

Cut the Webbing

After removing the screws from the damaged webbing, we can now cut the new webbing. We will do this using the length of the old webbing. You can stretch it (old webbing) on any flat surface, then place the new webbing on it and cut according to the length. 

If the old webbing is so damaged that you can’t use it as a template, then you can measure the new webbing across the chair frame and cut it according to the length. Add 2-3 inches to the measured length to enable you to fold the chair webbing under when hooking it with the chair. Go ahead and cut the piece with your scissors. 

Another way to cut the new chair webbing is to weave one section into the chair then let it hang over the chair sides by an inch or two. I recommend 2 inches, just as the previous method. Then, cut the webbing. 

Weave the Webbing from the Back

Now we can weave the replacement webbing into place. 

Lay the newly cut chair webbing across the seat starting out from the back. Next, fasten it to the frame bottom with the screws. Make sure you fold the ends under before you drive in the screws and washer.

Do this continuously until you cover the entire length of the chair you measured. Avoid pulling the webbing too tight so it won’t warp the frame. Keep it firm but gentle!

How to replacw webbing on outdoor furniture

Weave from Front to Back

Now attach the first piece of the chair webbing beginning at the front, then let it run to the back, covering the length. Next, start weaving it in and out over the webbing already in place. Now, once again, attach the end of the webbing at the back (chair). Continue doing this until the seat is entirely webbed.

Repeat the Process for the Back Chair

So far, we’ve been webbing the chair seat. Once you’re done, you can proceed to web the back of the chair. The steps are the same. Just repeat the entire thing to fully repair lawn chair webbing.

Test Things Out

Let the fun begin. Why not test out things straightaway by sitting on your newly webbed chair. It should feel relaxing and secure again!

How do you fix webbing on lawn chairs?

Lawn chairs generally do not require a lot in terms of maintenance and care. However, their webbing can become broken or damaged due to prolonged use. If you have a lawn chair that needs fixing, follow the steps below to get it back in top shape.

Step 1

First, you need to get replacement webbing as described above. Since we’re dealing with a lawn chair, you can use polypropylene webbing because it is waterproof, scratch-resistant, and gives you a lot of color options to choose from. I’m guessing your existing webbed chair is partly made of the material. Nylon or vinyl webbing is another excellent choice if you want something stronger.

Whatever webbing you choose, make sure it’s something very similar to the old webbing or at least matches the chair. Feel free to try out a different color but don’t overdo it.

Step 2

Most webbed lawn chairs have a back dust cover. To make any repairs, the cover needs to be removed first. 

To remove the cover, simply turn the chair over and pry it away. You can use a screwdriver to make it quick. You can also use the back of a hammer if a screwdriver isn’t available. 

Step 3

Once you successfully remove the dust cover, you can examine the webbing to see the pieces that need replacing. 

Now, go ahead and remove the frayed webbing. The straps are usually held by a screw. Remove the screws using a screwdriver, then take off the broken strap.

Step 4

Next, measure the length of replacement webbing you need. Just as we described earlier, you can use the old material as a template, but make sure you add at least 2 inches. To be on the safer side, add 3-3.5 inches. This will make it easier to fold the ends into a triangle or “V” shape for attaching the screws.

Overall, cut the new webbing to match the length of the old one that is being removed.

Step 5

Next, attach the strips and weave through the straps following the existing pattern. 

To reinforce the strength of each strap, use extra webbing. This will significantly help increase the webbing lifespan, so you won’t make any repairs sooner. 

How do you tighten a lawn chair webbing

For plastic-based webbing (including wooden and nylon webbings), you will need some screws, a screwdriver, and a good knife or scissors to tighten it to a chair. These items are readily available in hardware stores and online.

Weave the new webbing to the chair as described above, then fold the ends over (it should look like a triangular shape). Next, make a hole and insert the screw. If you’re using clips, screw the clips and repeat the process until the entire width of the chair seat is covered.  

How do you attach webbing to a lawn chair?

To attach webbing to your chair, you can use either screws or pop rivets, or a combination of both. Clips also work fine, but you can always treat them as an option. 

As earlier indicated, I highly recommend choosing screws made of galvanized sheet metal, as they are less prone to rust. Make sure the screws fit the chair frame and do not have any physical deformations. 

Each strap end usually requires a screw. Most packages come with up to 20 screws.

If you’re webbing more than one chair, then get the total number of straps and multiply it by 2. That will give you the complete number of screws you will need for one chair. Multiply this number by how many chairs need webbing; then, you get the total number of screws you need.

To attach each screw, place it on the right spot on the chair frame as described earlier, then drive it in. Again, make sure you use a washer on each screw. 

To further secure the ends of the webbing, you can use clips. Clips help them prevent fraying, which is a common problem with webbings. Just like screws, replacement clips are also sold separately. The good thing about them is that they don’t rust or fade easily.

Unfortunately, attaching clips is a bit hard, so most people normally skip them. It’s very important to use a washer on the screws if you are not using clips. This will go a long way in minimizing fraying. 

Where can I get a lawn webbing that is durable?

There is more than one place to find webbing that is durable. A good place to start is hardware stores nearby. You can also check at home improvement stores. Webbings are readily available in these places, especially if it’s a big store. 

If you also know any nursery around or garden center, you might be able to get a good deal there too. 

For online purchases, I highly recommend Amazon. In fact, I recommend buying your webbing online if you want a better guarantee of quality. You can read reviews left by other customers to determine whether or not the product is durable or not. 


Evidently, fixing webbing on outdoor chairs is very easy and may even be fun for some people. It is a lot less cheap than buying the whole furniture. 

So if you have any webbed chair that needs an upgrade, consider replacing the webbing as described above. It might be the simplest and quickest DIY project you’ve ever embarked on. I bet even a beginner can reweb one chair in just an hour. 

Rewebbing will not only save you money but will also get your chairs looking new again. And in terms of color and design, there’s no limit to how far you can go. You can go “wild” with different color blends, or you can choose something simple that suits your existing decor. 

It’s all in your imagination!

Frequently Asked Questions.

Can Sunbrella fabric be used for sling chairs?

Yes, Sunbrella fabric is perfect for creating materials such as upholstery replacement, outdoor furniture, and different sling materials.

Do you need a webbing stretcher?

Yes. Because webbing materials are closely woven and strong, they can be ideal for making a webbing stretcher.

Are sling chairs durable?

Contrary to the common belief that sling chairs are weak, when you get a good quality with a strong tension, sling chairs are more durable, tough, and can last longer with proper care.

Can you replace straps on outdoor furniture?

Yes. It is possible to replace straps on patio furniture. Usually, you can use a vinyl strap to replace  outdoor furniture with

Can you replace straps on outdoor furniture?

Yes. It is possible to replace straps on outdoor furniture. Mostly, people use vinyl straps in replacing worn-out or damaged straps on patio furniture.

Can you replace elastic webbing on outdoor furniture?

Yes. repairing lawn chair webbings is an easy and straightforward process if you get the right procedure with the required tools. All you need to do is loosen the rivets or screws to remove the old webbing, cut the exact measurement from the new webbing, and swap it with the old one, ensuring that it is fastened.

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