How to Identify Brown Jordan Outdoor Furniture ( 5 Easy Tips)

Today’s marketplace is saturated with every type of product, both original and counterfeit. Not everything advertised is of high quality or from a specific renowned brand.

Take the case of the famous Brown Jordan furniture. Brown Jordan is best known for its luxury and superior quality outdoor furniture. But how would you know if the prized tables, chairs, and accessories at the patio store are actually from Brown Jordan?

Well, it’s easy. Unlike other patio brands, the timeless design from Brown Jordan can only be replicated but not duplicated. Another way to identify the Brown Jordan furniture is by studying its distinctive, elegant design and transitional style.

In this guide, we’ll share tips on how to identify Brown Jordan outdoor furniture to ensure you get value for your money.

The Unique Brown Jordan Patio Furniture

Established in 1945, Brown Jordan outdoor furniture has carved out a name for itself in the luxury vintage outdoor furniture industry. The brand’s unique product features casual yet luxurious furnishings that make it stand out from the rest.

The company was founded by Robert Brown and Herbert Jordan in Pasadena, California, as the first company to design furniture for full-time outdoor use. Brown Jordan’s first innovative designs were made of tubular aluminum and vinyl lace, christened “Leisure.”

Following the launch of Leisure, the company went on to design its award-winning, unique collection of Brown Jordan patio chairs, tables, chaise lounge, and luxury outdoor furnishings now found in the most popular stores.  The company is a legacy brand and industry leader in design integrity and innovation.

The Brown and Jordan has a portfolio of more than 30 unique designs and styles made of top-quality materials and outdoor furnishings that complement traditional and contemporary environments.

The best way to know if your favorite patio furniture is a product of the iconic Brown Jordan is to visit the company’s website and browse through its catalog and collections.

Every Brown Jordan collection bears its distinctive brand logo visible on all its products. This is yet another way you determine if the product is of original quality.

Different Types Of Brown Jordan Furniture Styles

While the company continues developing and unveiling new collections, you can never mistake its timeless classics such as:

  • Calcutta
  • Connexion
  • Drift
  • Flex
  • Fremont Sling
  • Kantan Brown Jordan
  • Luna
  • Parkway
  • Flight Wave

Its popular collection, Kantan Jordan Brown, consists of elegantly designed tables and chairs, ideal for front porch or poolside lounging on a deck.

Kantan Jordan Brown outdoor furniture features a gorgeous design made from brass and Suncloth straps with cotton cording and a sensuous sculptural form.

It’s one of the oldest Jordan Brown collections, dating far back into 1956, and its popularity is just as it was in the past century.

Brown Jordan Connexion Outdoor Patio Furniture Collection

The Connexion by Brown Jordan is yet another vintage outdoor furniture collection that features distinct sectional seating and replacement slings. This collection includes:

  • Loveseats
  • Chaise lounges
  • Vintage patio chairs
  • Corner seating
  • Brown Jordan patio tables

You can buy a few or all pieces of this collection that best suits the configuration of your space. The details are crafted with powder-coated aluminum and feature a Versatex mesh upholstery for maximum durability and comfort.

Brown Jordan Aluminum Patio Furniture

Brown Jordan has a wide selection of outdoor metal furniture consisting of classic and contemporary styles, all available in various colors. The Brown Jordan aluminum outdoor furniture features some of the latest finishing methods that ensure durability, and such techniques include powder coating and anodizing.

If you’re keen on lightweight outdoor furniture and easy to move and reposition, Brown Jordan aluminum patio furniture may be a better choice. You can transfer your lounge chair to get a better angle facing the sun or move your table and chair to a different space away from direct sunlight.

The flexibility of aluminum patio furniture makes it easy to rearrange your furniture set to a more intimate position for a family gathering. The good thing with this collection is that it is corrosion-proof and resistant to weather elements.

Say no more hiding or shielding your patio furniture from extreme weather conditions because it’s designed to withstand nature’s impact and last for many generations.

Brown Jordan Resin Wicker Patio Furniture

Brown Jordan brings elegance, class, and sophistication with every product unveiled in the market. Most Brown Jordan Resin Wicker patio furniture contains clean lines with modern flares, such as the Flight and Woven collection. This collection is made of cast and extruded aluminum with woven wicker seats.

Brown Jordan is known for employing advanced engineering and innovation, a thoughtful approach that allows the brand to market itself as the leader of vintage styles with a modern twist.

Most of the woven Brown Jordan Resin Wicker collections provide a comfortable interpretation of sophisticated and modern silhouettes coupled with simplicity and grace.

Where To Buy Brown Jordan Furniture

The ideal place to shop for your Brown Jordan outdoor chairs and tables collection is through their website. The company is a worldwide manufacturer and dealer of top-quality patio furniture.

It has a global market for consumers and businesses. It serves through a network of company showrooms, sales reps, national merchandisers, and specialty dealers who provide indoor and outdoor furnishings to homeowners and commercial and corporate businesses.

Otherwise, if you’re looking for a more convenient place to shop for Brown Jordan outdoor furniture, consider popular ecommerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and Wayfair, all of which offer the standard Brown Jordan prices.

How To Care For Vintage Brown Jordan Outdoor Furniture

Now that you know how to identify Brown Jordan outdoor furniture plus where to shop for the original quality knowing how to care for your prized vintage Brown Jordan outdoor furniture is essential to maintaining them for many years.

This guide covers everything, including how you can manage and support the different types and collections of Brown Jordan patio furniture.

While most patio furniture is designed to withstand the harsh weather elements, the cushions and pillows are more susceptible to damage from prolonged exposure.

One way of caring for your Brown Jordan seating pieces is by using furniture covers to extend their lifespan, especially if the furniture is exposed to frequent snow, salty air, or cold temperatures. You can also store your furniture indoors during the winter and cold months.

Regular Maintenance For Brown Jordan Vintage Furniture

With regular and exceptional maintenance, you can enjoy the comfort and luxury of your Brown Jordan patio collection for many years.

We recommend that you wash your furniture with mild detergent and water and apply clear automobile wax on all metal frames to ensure maximum protection against harsh ultraviolet and salt air exposure.

You can follow this cleaning routine twice or thrice a year in areas with low pollution and at least once every two months in high pollution areas. Another good thing about Brown Jordan vintage patio furniture is that the materials are of the highest quality and can be safely cleaned as often as necessary.

However, avoid certain Suntan and sunblock products as they can damage the quality of your Brown Jordan furniture fabrics. These products should not be used on any Brown Jordan resin, vinyl lace and strap, Versatex® mesh, or SunCloth® cushions.

How To Care For Brown Jordan Wood Furnishings

If you used Brown Jordan patio furniture before, you must have noted that they’re mostly made of high-grade aluminum and wood, such as Teak Driftwood and Mahogany.

Teak is a natural wood material rich in oil and density. These characteristics ensure the furniture lasts much longer than other standard outdoor furniture.

The natural Teak furniture is made with no extra sealers and finishes, using a buffing process during fabrication to retain the natural oils and wood grain color on the surface.

Over time the appearance of your teak or Mahogany furniture will wear out to a silver-grey, which is normal and does not affect the performance of the table. You only need to perform some cleaning and maintenance routine, and you’re good to go.

When you notice the color of your wood furniture begins to change, use approved sealers and cleaners like Golden Care line of Teak Cleaner or Teak Sealer, and your beautiful Brown Jordan pieces will be as good as new. Wash gently with a soft brush and mild detergent and water to mitigate dust build-up.

How To Clean Brown Jordan Outdoor Furniture Fabric

Delicate outdoor fabrics are woven to withstand years of varying weather conditions. You can keep your outdoor cushions materials in good shape with regular washing using a solution of mild detergent and clean water.

How to identify brown Jordan outdoor furniture

For mold and heavy stains, use commercial-grade detergent and protectant. Allow your outdoor cushions to air dry thoroughly but do not machine wash, steam, or use a dryer.  Also, the water temperatures should not exceed 100°F.

Pro Tip: The cleaner may cause discoloration if it comes in contact with your Brown Jordan cushions. Also, avoid using bleach on printed acrylic fabrics.

Solvent-type materials and chlorine-based detergents may also not be suitable for woven vinyl or any Brown Jordan woven blend fabrics as they can cause damage to the yarns.

To clean Brown Jordan Vinyl Strap, apply a commercial quality vinyl protectant to ensure it’s protected against air pollution, mildew, and salt air build-up. Rubbing alcohol also works best for deep stains, mainly with a soft cloth.

How To Clean Brown Jordan Woven Furnishings

Cleaning woven furnishings is a delicate yet straightforward process. Most Brown Jordan woven furnishings are extruded polyethylene resin weave, durable and weatherproof. You can use a solution of mild detergent to remove food or soil particles and light stains, then rinse with water and dry with a clean piece of clothing.

For mildew, molds, and deep stains, use a recommended quality commercial furniture cleaner. It’s important to remember that Brown Jordan woven outdoor furnishings are not designed to withstand intensely hot climates.

How To Care For Brown Jordan Stone and Marble Tops

Most Brown Jordan tabletops are designed for everyday outdoor use in residential environments. Typically, your tabletop may be stained with soda, wine, or other beverages. You can clean the spills with mild detergent and rinse thoroughly with water when this happens.


During the coldest months, we recommend that you keep your tabletops indoors to minimize overexposure or cover them with a durable outdoor furniture cover.


Brown Jordan outdoor patio furniture is some of the most stylish and high-quality outdoor seating pieces you can find on the market. The company is one of the pioneers of vintage and modern patio furniture and a market leader in luxury and stylish products. It’s no wonder that the brand is popular with consumers and businesses alike.

However, other counterfeit products have crept up in the market, and it can be challenging to separate the legit from the fake. We hope that next time you go shopping for your favorite vintage patio furniture, you’ll refer to this guide to identify the real deal.

This guide also provides everything you need to know about cleaning and maintaining your luxury patio furniture to take ownership of Brown Jordan outdoor seating pieces an enjoyable experience.

How To Identify Brown Jordan Outdoor Furniture: FAQS

How Long Does Brown Jordan Furniture Last?

The Brown Jordan’s high-quality aluminum and steel frames used in most outdoor pieces are built to last many decades. Each Brown Jordan piece features powder coat finishes that can last for ten years or more.

You’re likely to notice the first signs of depreciation after 7-8 years of use, primarily on the sling fabric, vinyl straps, replacement slings, and other seating materials.

Is Brown Jordan Still in Business?

Brown Jordan is known for its luxurious and elegant collections, crafted out of its timeless, unique design that depicts style, sophistication, and a blend of midcentury and modern chic.

The company has been in operation as a family-owned business since 1945 until 2017, when Littlejohn & Co., LLC acquired its ownership. Brown Jordan is still in business under Littlejohn & Co., LLC, based in Greenwich.

Who Owns Brown Jordan Outdoor Furniture?

Brown Jordan Inc was founded in 1945 by Robert Brown and Hubert Jordan. In 2017, Greenwich-based private investment firm Littlejohn & Co., LLC, acquired the family-owned Brown Jordan International, Inc.

Littlejohn & Co., LLC has maintained Brown Jordan’s timeless design and quality standards for the past five years through its Brown Jordan, Charter, Texacraft, and Tropitone segments.