10 Best Outdoor Dining Tables with Umbrella Holes

Last updated on February 17th, 2022

Eating outdoors can feel magical, especially when you set the mood right. All you need is a few chairs and a dining table that matches your decor and style (and perhaps some slender glowing light for nighttime). And you can create an open-dining room that truly feels like an extension of your home.

The best outdoor dining tables with umbrella holes are essential for warmer weather. Besides providing shade from the blistering sun, it can also transform your outdoor space.

Luckily, the tables are available in a variety of designs. So, you can find something that fits your style whether you own a large patio or a small balcony.

To help you kickstart your search for the best outdoor tables with umbrella holes, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 options in the market. These units offer the best combination of quality, performance, and price. They are sturdy, weather-resistant, compact, budget-friendly, and require little maintenance.

If you’re ready, let’s start digging!

Why do outdoor tables have umbrella holes?

Most people who purchase patio furniture often base their decision on the way it looks. But that’s simply not enough, especially for a dining set.

Buying a dining table with an umbrella hole seems logical if you plan to use the table in the open. This is more important during the warmer months when you might not be able to withstand direct sunlight.

With a center hole for an umbrella stand, you can add an umbrella to the dining table and still have your meals outdoors.

Besides shielding you (and your food) from the blistering sun, an umbrella will also prevent the table from getting too hot. This is commonly the case with tables constructed with metal.

So except you intend to place the dining table under a pergola or a covered porch, buying one with an umbrella hole is a necessity. 

Factors to consider when shopping for outdoor dining tables with umbrella holes

Available Space

Before purchasing any dining set, you should first resolve the shape and size of the area you plan to set it up. Ideally, the dimension of the table should match the available space.

The best way to look at it is to imagine your outdoor space like any other room inside your home. Then set up everything so that the whole arrangement is proportional.

Most dining tables have a rectangular, square, or round top. You want to choose a shape that will fit into the available space and make enough room for people to move around.


The right dining set can upgrade the look of your patio or backyard. So, choosing something that reflects your style and matches your existing decor will go a long way.

One dimension of style is the shape of the table. If you want to create a casual atmosphere for small gatherings, then a round tabletop will work well. For parties, birthdays, and similar events, a long rectangular table will be more appropriate as it provides more seating options and a more traditional look.

The color of the table (and material) also contribute to aesthetics. Metal and glass have a sleek design, which makes them more suitable for a modern setting. Wood and wicker, on the other hand, often appear rustic making them more adapted to a traditional setting.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to personal preference.


Outdoor dining tables are made from a variety of materials such as wood, plastic, glass, resin, wicker, steel, aluminum, and iron. Each of these materials are great as long as they are treated for outdoor use.

Thus beyond aesthetics, you should consider how the material can weather through the conditions outside.

For instance, when subjected to extreme heat and sunlight, wood can splinter. In the same manner, metals can corrode when you allow moisture to build up around them. Plastic, on the other hand, can crack under extreme cold.

The idea is to choose a material that is treated to survive these harsh conditions. For instance, if you’re choosing metal, then you might want to go for something like cast aluminum that is weather-resistant. If you’re choosing a different metal like steel, then make sure it’s powder-coated to withstand sunlight and rain.

Umbrella Hole

If you already have an umbrella you plan to use with the table, then you should check the hole diameter (on the table) and make sure it matches that of the stand.

Fitting an umbrella stand into a larger hole will make it unsteady. In the same way, if the umbrella hole is smaller than the standard, then you can’t fit it in.

So the best plan is to make sure both the hole and stand fit.

In addition, you might want to check out for a hole cover, especially if it’s a metal table. Water can easily build up in umbrella holes without cover, which can cause rusting.

If your metal dining table doesn’t have a hole cover, then you should be very active in discharging any accumulated water after a downpour.


Like other outdoor furniture, dining tables are usually prey to dirt and grime throughout the year. So, picking something that is easy to maintain does help.

Generally, all tables, irrespective of the material, need to be cleaned occasionally (usually, with soap and water).

The type of material and finish can also influence the level of maintenance needed. Materials that are water-resistant are easy to clean and resist spills.

Conversely, wood, metal, and wicker may need additional maintenance to maintain their protective coating and keep them in top form.


Dining tables come in a variety of weights, ranging from the small featherweight units to the more bulky sets. Your decision on which one to choose will depend on your preference and the prevailing weather in your area.

If you live in a windy area, then a heavy table would be needed to prevent the umbrella from getting knocked off.

However, if you’re constantly rearranging things, then a lightweight model is recommended. 

10 Best Outdoor dining tables with umbrella holes

1. EMERIT Outdoor Patio Bistro Metal Dining Table

The Emerit Outdoor Bistro Table is a stylish modern looking dining table with a metal slat design that complements your outdoor space. It is specifically designed for serving meals and drinks but can also be used for decorative purposes.

It comes with an umbrella hole which does come in handy during sunny days.

You can fit an umbrella to create a cozy cover from the blistering sun – a perfect spot for enjoying lunch outside or chatting with family or guests. Using an umbrella stand base also provides safety, as it increases the stability of the table.

For the build quality, the table uses a steel frame while the top material is iron. The entire construction is coated to make it resistant to rust and corrosion, making it suitable for outdoor use. It promises many years of service life.

Talking about the top material, the choice of metal gives it a more modern look that works better than a glass top. 

We also like that the legs are fitted with plastic knobs to protect your floor from scratches. 

The table design is versatile and not limited to your patio. You can also flaunt it in your backyard, balcony, or on your porch to create a relaxing or recreational area. The square shape (37″ on each side) is perfect for four seats, while the umbrella hole has a diameter of 1.57″.


  • Easy and quick to assemble
  • Doesn’t need special maintenance
  • Lightweight (easy to move around)
  • Perfect for four
  • Holds up well to the weather
  • Very attractive finish


  • There are a few small dents on the side (though hard to notice)

2. Patio Dining Table Outdoor Metal Square Table

The Vicllax Patio Outdoor Dining Table is another slatted metal square tabletop that comes with a 1.57″ umbrella hole that fits snugly with most umbrellas. This allows you to shade your food and guests from direct sunlight.

The umbrella also keeps the table from getting too hot. 

Assembly is easy and can be completed by one person.

The table dimension is 37″ x 37″ x 28″, which is the perfect size for a small patio or porch. However, it’s still big enough for four chairs.

The build quality consists of powder-coated metal, which makes it resistant to harsh weather and rust. The e-coating also makes it easy to clean and eliminates the need for any special maintenance. 

With a metal top, you don’t need to worry about the table getting broken from strong winds, as in the case of glass tables. The unit can withstand any weather!

It is worth noting that the table is quite heavy (weighs about 38 pounds), so it’s not easy to move around, neither is it foldable.

To create a perfect outdoor retreat, you can combine the table with swivel dining chairs from Vicllax.

Overall, we are satisfied with the quality and performance of this tabletop. And heartily recommend it!


  • Doesn’t overwhelm the patio
  • Comes with a crossbar for your knees
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Modest price
  • Reliable quality
  • Durable steel construction


  • The middle bar might be a bit uncomfortable for taller people
  • Heavy

3. VICLLAX Patio Dining Table Outdoor Metal Square

This patio dining table by Vicllax comes with a stylish wood-looking metal top that effortlessly matches your existing decor. It is an excellent addition to your garden, porch, or patio.

It also has the perfect size for a smaller deck or patio, with a square dimension of ‎37×37-inches and a height of 28-inches. A rectangular version of the table is also available.

The table is available in two color options – black and oak. The current version is black.

Besides the aesthetic appeal, the metal tabletop is also built to last. It offers many years of use and won’t shatter like a glass table.

It can seat up to four people comfortably – one person on each side.

The overall table weight is 36.9 pounds which is a pound lesser than the previous model but still heavy.

No special maintenance is required, and the price is quite reasonable.


  • Setup is easy and quick.
  • Special e-coating for extra protection and low maintenance
  • Great price
  • Sits up to four
  • Very sturdy


  • Heavy

4. C-Hopetree Square Patio Dining Table for Outdoor use

The C-Hopetree Outdoor Dining Table is another 4-person patio table that excels in quality and performance without being ridiculously expensive.

It looks gorgeous with a charcoal black finish and is crafted from high-grade powder-coated steel. So, the table is heavy-duty and will withstand the toughest conditions outside. However, we still recommend covering it if you plan to leave it outside, especially during the colder months.

Hope tree, one of the best outdoor dining tables with umbrella holes

The tabletop can get pretty hot under direct sunlight, which is not surprising since it has a black metal finish. One way you can prevent this is to add an umbrella in the center hole, or else, you can place the table under a covered porch or pergola.

Assembly is easy and quick (takes about 8-10 minutes). It’s a lot easier when you have someone to brace the legs when screwing them in. 

The table weight is 38.5 pounds, while the load capacity is 155 pounds.

There is no underfoot support or crossbar on the sides to rest your foot or hit your shins against. This means you can push your chairs all the way. 

Overall, we are satisfied with the quality of the table, and consider it a good bargain for the price.


  • Great value
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Tabletop is weather-resistant
  • Elegant charcoal color
  • Easy to maintain
  • Quick and easy to put together


  • No crossbars underneath

5. Welnow Outdoor Patio Dining Bar Table Aluminum Square Bistro Table

With a tempered glass top and an elegant deep gray finish, the Welnow 36″ Patio Bar Table is the perfect fit for your outdoor dining space.

The frame is made of pure aluminum. And powder-coated with a gray finish to make it anti-rust, anti-scratch, and weather-resistant.

Welnow, one of the best outdoor dining tables with umbrella holes

The top is made of tempered water ripple glass with a matte texture that makes you feel hazy anytime you’re around the table. Also, it sparkles whenever it gets hit by the sun, thus creating an ambient atmosphere that feels cozy and romantic. The choice of a glass material also makes the top easy to clean.

The table weighs about 40.5 pounds, which is surprising since it’s made of aluminum. The height is 36″, which is a perfect bar height suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It goes well with any type of decor.

The umbrella hole is 1.97″, which makes it perfect for larger umbrellas.


  • Built to last
  • Anti-rust and anti-scratch
  • Easy to clean
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor use
  • Adjustable plastic knobs to increase stability and prevent scratches
  • Easy to assemble


  • On the heavy side

6. EMERIT Outdoor Patio Dining Table Square

The outdoor patio dining table from EMERIT is another wonderful option for relaxing outdoors. It is constructed with anti-rust coated steel, so it’s built to last.

The design is simple but stylish enough to make a fashion statement. You can use it for your backyard, patio, or balcony. It’s great for summertime and doesn’t require any special maintenance.

The table weight is 42.6 pounds, so it’s quite heavy. This makes it an excellent choice if you need something to stabilize your umbrella. You can fit an umbrella or plug in the center hole (1.57″). 

The table is meant for outdoor use and has the perfect size for a small yard.

The faux wood-like top is simply gorgeous. It gives the piece a rustic look that works well for any occasion.

Assembly is easy and only takes around 10-20 minutes. All hardware and instructions are included in the package.

Note: Don’t over-tighten the screws until you’ve leveled the holes.


  • Great for a small yard
  • UV protection
  • Elegant design
  • Very sturdy
  • Great for small spaces


  • Difficult to store because it’s heavy.

7. Christopher Knight Home Alfresco Outdoor

For a cast aluminum table, the Christopher Knight Alfresco Dining Table is reasonably priced but has a surprising quality and detail.

As the name suggests, the table is crafted with top-quality cast aluminum with an antique bronze finish that looks fantastic in any setup. It’s sun and water-resistant, so you can use it near a pool without worries.

Setup is relatively easy. It should take about 30 mins if you’re working alone but less if there are two of you. All the tools you’ll need are supplied in the package, including the assembly instructions.

The table weight is around 32 pounds, which is not the “heaviest” but heavy enough to prevent your umbrella from tipping over.

The woven pattern on the top is smooth, so drinks sit flat. The design also ensures rain, snow, and wind pass through as opposed to a glass or solid top. This makes it more reliable.

The table is comfortable for four, making it perfect for guests as a serving table or conversational piece.


  • Built to last
  • Easy to assemble
  • Fancy antique finish
  • Provides enough space for four chairs
  • Competitive price
  • Not too heavy


  • Height is not exactly 48″ as advertised

8. Outdoor Patio Dining Bistro Table Square

The Outdoor Patio Dining Table by HQHQHE is a nice bistro-style table designed to complete your outdoor space. It comes with a metal slat top outfitted with an umbrella hole in the middle.

The slat tabletop has a super cute design that will upgrade the look of your patio. More so, it’s weather-resistant, so it will survive the sun and rain without getting depleted anytime soon.

As the name suggests, the table has a square shape, with each side measuring 32 inches, while the height is 38.2 inches. This makes it perfect for standard 30-inch stools.

It’s not only the top that’s protected; the base is just as weatherproof. Specifically, it features a sturdy steel frame powder-coated with a high-quality brown finish to make it rust proof. The leg design provides more stability to the table and ensures there’s no wobbling.

You can treat the frames with liquid wax to provide more protection from sunlight and humidity.

As earlier indicated, the slat top features an umbrella hole where you can fit an umbrella to create a shade from the sun. The hole diameter is 1.97″, which makes it suitable for larger umbrella stands.

Another thing we like about the table is that it’s a lot easier to clean compared to other units. And that’s because of its smooth surface.

You can wipe stains as soon as they appear. Routine cleaning can be done with mild soap and water.

NOTE: Don’t allow water to build up in the table frame as that will result in corrosion. We recommend storing it indoors, especially during the colder months, and treating it after a while.


  • Easy to clean
  • Large umbrella hole
  • Sturdy and durable metal frame
  • Weather-resistant materials
  • Perfect for 30-inch stools
  • Very attractive


  • Heavy

9. Sunnydaze Meranti Wood 31.5-Inch Square Table

 The Sunnydaze Meranti Wood Table is a stylish rustic table that will complement any outdoor decor or style.

It is crafted with durable Meranti wood, which is responsible for its contemporary look. The top is finished with teak oil to provide additional protection and ensure it weathers the outdoors well.

Best outdoor dining tables with umbrella holes

The square shape provides enough space to conveniently seat up to four adults around it. You can use it in a variety of places such as your front yard, lawn, balcony, backyard, or poolside.

Sunnydaze also offers dining armchairs made of the same material, which is a perfect match for the table. However, you need to purchase these separately.

The overall dimension of the table is ‎31.5″ x 31.5″ x 29″ while the weight is 27.4 pounds, so it’s quite moveable. The weight capacity is 220 pounds.

Overall, this Meranti wood dining table is an excellent choice when looking to make a fashion statement in your outdoor space with wooded beauty. Or create a cozy spot for entertaining or enjoying a meal with friends and family.

Use it for your front porch, garden, or patio.


  • Weather-resistant
  • Large weight capacity
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Versatile
  • Stylish, rustic wood beauty
  • Well-built and sturdy
  1. Furinno FG18065 Tioman Hardwood Patio

The Furinno Tioman is a handsome, sturdy table built to provide many years of use. It comes with natural wood color and a tropical style that seems to go well with most outdoor settings.

Best outdoor dining tables with umbrella holes

It is made of hardwood but weighs only 15.22 pounds, making it one of the lightest options available.

As the name suggests, the table is made of wooden construction (dark red meranti wood) and treated with teak oil to make it more weather-resistant. No assembly is required, which takes away any guesswork. You can fold the end for easy transport.

The table is square and the perfect size and height for a small garden, balcony, or patio.

Although it’s quite small, you can still fit a full-size umbrella through the hole in the middle. It does wobble a bit but doesn’t perform badly.

We would have loved it if the table was a bit bigger, but it still serves its purpose as a folding patio table though it will only support one person with a drink.


  • Durable construction
  • Water-resistant
  • Foldable design
  • Perfect for tiny spaces
  • Budget-friendly
  • Doesn’t require assembly


  • Quite small


If you have a seating area that gets a lot of direct sunlight, then a dining table with a center hole is non-negotiable.

Hopefully, with our review of the best outdoor dining tables with umbrella holes, finding such a table should be easier.

These tables offer the best combination of quality and performance and are sure to fit your decor style. They are easy to maintain and don’t break the bank.

Let us know if you have any more questions. Till then, happy dining under the umbrella!