How To Keep Patio Furniture From Blowing Away- 9 Easy Tips

If you live in an area prone to storms, hurricanes, and windy weather, it can be hard to maintain your outdoor patio furniture.

You could be wondering how to keep your patio furniture from blowing away and secure patio chairs in a single place.

This is a common problem most homeowners face, and we might be able to help you find a lasting solution.

There are many options for keeping your patio furniture from blowing away. Today, we present you with nine easy tips on how to keep patio furniture from blowing away by the wind.

Keep reading to find out. 

Why Keep Your Patio Furniture From Blowing Away

Securing your outdoor patio furniture comes with multiple benefits. First, you can keep your outdoor furniture from potential damage after a strong wind, hurricane, or storm.

You also get to preserve the quality and aesthetics of your expensive, prized outdoor furniture cushions. And lastly, you avoid the risks of stealing patio furniture when blown away.

Ensuring that your patio furniture stays intact and in good shape after a storm helps you save time and money that you would otherwise spend on repairs or replacements.

Finally, in extreme weather conditions like hurricanes, flying furniture can be a safety hazard in that it can knock down nearby buildings, vehicles, and other property.

Dealing with such natural disasters as hurricanes is already destructive and devastating enough.

But having expensive patio furniture flying all over the place, knocking down property and even people is dangerous and costly.

Therefore, maintaining safety, minimizing losses, and retaining the quality of your outdoor furniture are good reasons to keep your patio furniture from blowing away.

What Are The Best Patio Furniture Materials For Windy Climates?

During windy days, the quality of your patio furniture materials plays a significant role in the end.

Recycled plastic and outdoor wicker furniture are naturally lightweight, and they can get more easily blown away than metal or wooden furniture.

Therefore if you live in a windy area, tie patio chairs and other outdoor furniture essentials, or try as much to have patio furniture made from the following materials:

  • Wrought iron.
  • Teaks and hardwoods
  • Metal
  • Concrete
  • Stone

Heavy-duty outdoor furniture, especially those made of the above materials, are more suitable for windy locations.

However, suppose this is not possible, and you happen to have patio furniture made of lightweight materials. In that case, there are many ways you can secure your furniture outdoors and keep them from being blown away.

These options are the focus of this guide and are listed below.

How To Keep Patio Furniture From Blowing Away By Wind: 9 Easy Tips

And now on to how you can securely and safely keep your patio furniture from being susceptible to wind.

These nine tips are easy to implement and have been proven to work by many homeowners. You might want to check them out and pick one that applies to your situation.

1. Consider The Weight Of Your Furniture

Sometimes the easiest way to keep your outdoor furniture safe is by weighing them down. If this is an idea you’d want to run with, consider buying your patio furniture weights from Amazon.

Most outdoor furniture weights are designed to be filled with water and can provide an extra  10-12 pounds per bag to your patio chair or table.

You can attach them with zip ties or loop them around the patio furniture legs. Then, all you have to do is fill the waterproof bags with water and place them on your patio or deck.

This is one of the less time-consuming and cost-effective ways of shielding your outdoor furniture against the wind.

2. Use Deck Anchors

Perhaps you don’t have a patio, but you have a wooden deck with slats. If this is the case, consider anchoring your furniture using furniture anchors and zip ties.

However, this option may not work for you if your wooden deck doesn’t have boards or if the boards are designed too close together.

Otherwise, this is another cost-effective solution to keeping your patio furniture from being blown away.

Also, you don’t need to drill any holes in your patio furniture or on your deck boards, making it relatively easy.

3. Stake The Furniture Into The Ground

If your outdoor furniture is placed on the lawn and not necessarily on your patio, you can still secure them with stakes or pegs.

This solution works for those without a wooden deck or patio, but it depends on the type or style of your furniture.

The stakes or pegs can be used with ropes or bungee cords and attached to the furniture pieces.

Pick stakes that are both sturdy and capable of gripping the soil of grass. Ensure the stakes are weather resistant so they can withstand any weather condition.

A pack of 100 stakes should be more than enough to secure your outdoor lawn furniture.

Also, note that the density of your lawn soil determines the performance of the stakes. Wet and sandy lawns are generally weaker, and the stakes may not be able to grip them firmly on during windy weather.

4. Tie The Furniture Down

Tying down your furniture is one effective way of keeping them unmoved even during a storm. The extra mass provides a heavier combination that will be impossible to be blown away.

Use a steel cable or chain to tie down all your outdoor furniture pieces, leaving less room between the pieces to keep the wind out.

However, if you have lightweight furniture that is moveable, first tie the pieces together, then tie them again to the ground.

You can easily accomplish this task with extra hardware and minimum effort.

Secure your furniture to the anchor points using steel cable, metal, bungee cords, or fabric. If you live in a highly windy area, consider using steel or metal cables over fabric or elastics.

5. Add A Heavy Duty Outdoor Furniture Cover

Another practical way of keeping your patio furniture secured against storms is by covering them with heavy-duty outdoor furniture covers. You can find canopy sand bags from a local home improvement store depending on the type of outdoor furniture.

These outdoor furniture covers help protect your furniture from rain, hail, or similar hazards during heavy storms.

Bear in mind that such heavy-duty covers should be installed appropriately; otherwise, the chances of being blown away by the wind alongside your patio furniture are high.

We recommend following the manufacturer’s instructions to be on the safe side.

6. Use Bungee Cord

Bungee cording your patio furniture is another straightforward way to keep them safe during stormy weather. But, of course, bungee cords are nothing new, and most of us grew up using them.

Bungee cords are flexible and easy to use, but they’re also readily available in most hardware stores. You can also source them from your local camping or outdoor retailers.

You can find the ideal bungee cord in just about any length, width, and level of durability that meets the needs of your project.

You can bungee cord all your pieces together to create a  larger and heavier structure to withstand the force of the wind.

7. Keep The Wind From Your Compound

The wind is a natural, powerful force, no doubt about that. But there are ways you can keep it all out of your compound with an equally natural solution.

Consider building a perimeter wall around your compound, or if it is not possible, plant a hedge all-around your home.

Alternatively, plant some shrubs, trees, or other forms of greenery that are attractive and efficient in keeping the wind from your compound.

When building a fence around your compound, ensure it’s strong enough to withstand the wind; otherwise, it could be another costly mistake on your plate.

A chain link may not help in the feces of strong winds, but a wooden fence with large wooden slats could be better.

Alternatively, if the option of building a fence or wall is out of the question, consider moving your patio furniture somewhere closer to an outdoor structure such as a gazebo or pergola to block the wind and keep outdoor furniture from blowing them away.

Using patio umbrellas is another option you can use to cover your backyard patio to prevent wind from reaching the surrounding garden. You can get these umbrellas from your local home improvement store

8. Invest In Heavy Patio Furniture

If your home area experiences windy climates and you’re thinking of investing in good quality patio furniture that can withstand the weather, we recommend investing in heavy patio furniture.

While wood and recycled plastic are lightweight and equally durable, your focus should be on how to keep the outdoor furniture from being blown away in the long run.

The pieces you choose should be more aerodynamic, more extensive, or made of heavy-duty materials to secure you from the frustrations of weather in the long run.

It’s important to remember that such pieces are typically heavier than regular wood or recycled plastic Adirondack chairs, but how to keep them from wind should be the determining factor when purchasing a patio furniture set like the rattan furniture covers.

9. Drill The Furniture Into The Patio Or Deck

Drilling your furniture permanently onto the deck or patio may not be the coziest or most inspiring option, but it’s still practical.

This option would work best for you if you don’t plan to rearrange the furniture every so often, and you can do without the flexibility of moving your patio tables and chairs around.

For this option, you will have to drill the pilot holes onto your patio with a long screw.

If you want to create an easy anchor point, consider drilling additional plywood on the deck around your furniture.

Ensure the furniture is placed in the proper position you will want before screwing the anchors in.

How To Secure Patio Furniture From A Storm

During the rainy season, it’s best to prepare in advance for your patio furniture. The last thing you want to worry about is the damage the storm will cause to your expensive patio pieces.

But with proper planning, you can secure your outdoor property and escape the economic effects of potential damage to your outdoor furniture.

As seen from the above option, you can always anchor the heaviest and bulky items or bring them indoors to your garage or basement. Alternatively, you can cover them with strong materials like tarp tied to the ground to prevent the effects of rain and blowing away.

Otherwise, you can hold them down with patio furniture weights, anchoring outdoor furniture with bungee cords, chain rope, or other tie-downs.

How To Secure Your Outdoor Furniture With Patio Furniture Weights

Patio furniture weights are heavy, and sometimes waterproof bags can be filled with water, rocks, or sand and placed around your outdoor furniture to weigh them down and make them heavier.

The additional weight helps to keep them from being blown off the deck or away from the patio.

You can place the patio furniture weights on the patio tables and chairs or down around the furniture legs to keep them down.

Some patio furniture weights are made with adjustable loops for hooking on furniture legs.

Depending on your needs, you can even purchase sandbags from your local hardware store, as they can work just fine.

How To Keep Patio Furniture From Flying Off Or Ballooning Away

Sometimes the best and easiest way to keep your outdoor furniture safe from the wind and especially during hurricanes is to keep it indoors.

When the weather reports indicate the onset of storms or a potential hurricane, it’s best to bring your patio pieces of furniture inside your garage or storage shed.

If this option is not possible, use patio furniture anchors or furniture weights, depending on your circumstances.

Patio furniture anchors are rings that you can attach to your patio or deck floor using straps or chains to anchor the furniture framed or legs together.

The anchors help keep the furniture from being blown away by giving them permanently on the patio floor.

However, this process requires some drilling on the floor, which takes a little extra work.

You’ll have to drill holes into the concrete patio cushions, install the rings, and use straps to secure your furniture.

If you’re not familiar with this process, it’s advisable to hire a professional to avoid damaging your patio floor.

Alternatively, use sandbags or similar furniture weights to keep them from being blown away during a hurricane.

How to Keep Outdoor Furniture Secure During Hurricane

Hurricanes can be destructive, and the destruction can be devastating and expensive.

Although there are many ways you can safely secure your outdoor furniture from high winds, hurricanes tend to be extreme.

That’s why it’s much safer and more convenient to keep your outdoor patio cushions and all furniture stored inside during a hurricane.

The last thing you want to deal with after the storm is over is costly damages and repairs because your outdoor table hit the front walk of your house after being blown away by a hurricane. Also, once damaged, most patio cushions can only be replaced, which can be expensive.

Make use of any indoor space you might have, be it a garage, basement, or storage shed. If this is not possible, choose a more practical way, such as using furniture cover to safely secure outdoor furniture, even during high winds or harsh weather.

What To Do If Your Outdoor Furniture Blows Away

If for whatever reason, you fail to secure outdoor furniture and they get blown away, there’s a high chance your furniture will get damaged or will damage some property.

Another risk is not finding some pieces of your furniture or expensive components, meaning you’ll have to budget for some serious replacements, which may hurt your finances.

So what do you do if you wake up one morning only to find your patio furniture gone having been blown away the night before during a storm?

Well, it’s logical to reach out to your neighbors and ask if anyone saw or picked your blown furniture.

You can also search your neighborhood if your furniture got blown across the streets or got stuck outside someone’s property.

Also, in this era of social media, you might want to check your local Facebook group and community pages and ask around if anyone picked up your patio furniture cushions.

While these avenues do not guarantee you will find your blown furniture pieces, they’re worth trying and can provide a lead if your search hits a dead end.

Still, prevention is always better than cure, so to save yourself the hustle and frustrations, ensure you keep your furniture pieces from blowing away at the onset of high winds or stormy season.

It takes only a few steps to secure patio furniture takes only a few steps, regardless of which method you use. You can always try different ways until you find the one most ideal for your situation.

FAQs: How To Keep Patio Furniture From Blowing Away

How Do You Keep Patio Chairs From Blowing Over?

There are several methods you can secure patio furniture. For example, you can use patio furniture anchors and patio furniture weights, drill to the concrete floor, use bungee cords and heavy-duty outdoor furniture covers, or store them indoors.

How Do You Keep Patio Furniture From Blowing Off Deck?

Consider securing your patio furniture with anchors or drilling the deck floor and securing the patio chair against the wind to keep it from blowing away.

How Do You Secure Metal Bench To The Ground?

There’s a more straightforward way of securing the metal bench. Position the bench accordingly and hammer the anchors into the ground close to the legs of the bench. The anchors are firmly fixed on the ground and in an upright position. Next, move the bench to the side, hammer all the anchors in until they’re almost ground level, reposition the bench, and then firmly bolt the brackets.

Should You Bring In Patio Furniture For Hurricane?

Yes. This is by far the most logical and convenient way of keeping your outdoor furniture from blowing away during a hurricane. We recommend bringing your patio furniture cushions and other pieces indoors since the force of the wind can make anything projectile regardless of its weight. Such flying objects can be a safety risk to life and property. It’s recommended to bring not only the patio chairs and tables but also bikes, toys, etc. Only gas grills and propane tanks should be left outdoors but anchored firmly in position.

Can I Tie Outdoor Furniture to A Patio Support Beam?

Yes. This is yet another option that’s just as effective, although not as popular as the other methods listed in this guide. To tie your patio furniture to a support beam, ensure the beam is strong enough to support the furniture and should not support any overhead structure or roof.

Can You Anchor Patio Furniture To Concrete?

Yes. Use stakes or anchors to secure the furniture to the concrete or paver patio. This process requires some expertise and experience. Use a hammer to drill a hole onto the patio and secure ring anchors in place. Pass a chain or cable through the anchor ring and lock it up securely using a padlock.

How do you keep patio furniture cushions from blowing away?

You can keep patio furniture cushions, doormats, or rugs from blowing away by adding ties to the outdoor cushions so that they are firmly held to the furniture in your outdoor sitting area.

Summary: How To Keep Patio Furniture From Blowing Away

There’s no limit to how you can keep your outdoor furniture securely and safely in place during intense weather.

The options of keeping your prized outdoor possessions safe from potential damage are so immense; it only depends on how creative you’re willing to let yourself be.

The solution depends entirely on you, from patio cover to anchors, bungee cords to stakes and pegs, sandbag outdoor furniture weights, bringing your furniture inside, and even building a privacy fence.

These are just a few strategies we hope will give you a headstart next time you think of keeping your outdoor furniture from blowing away during a storm. Maybe you know of other patio hacks that can protect your patio furniture from outdoor elements.