How to Keep Outdoor Rug from Blowing Away-8 proven methods

Last updated on May 6th, 2022

Adding a rug to your outdoor space or patio is a good way to add comfort, match your style, and help bring together the whole outdoor seating setup. If you own one or planning to make a purchase, then you need to know one major downside of these outdoor decors – they can often be blown away by the wind.

In this post, we’ll share some of the ways how to keep outdoor rugs from blowing away. Plus, we discuss in detail how to secure the outdoor rugs on different floor surfaces.

Patio and outdoor floors are made from different materials, which affect how outdoor rugs can be secured in place. However, some of the means of firmly keeping outdoor rugs in place are using; heavy furniture, heavy-duty rug tape, double-sided carpet tape, rug pads, potted plants, and rug corner grippers.

How to Keep Outdoor Rug from Blowing Away

Here is a look at how to keep outdoor rugs from blowing away on all floor types in case of light gusts or strong wind;

Double-sided carpet tape

This is a tape that has an adhesive surface on both sides.  It is readily available in stores and is one of the simple solutions to keeping a rug in place.  It is not permanent and therefore allows flexibility when removing rugs for cleaning or rearranging the house.

Installation of double-sided tape requires clean and dust-free surfaces both on the floor and the outdoor rug.  Clean surfaces help ensure the tape adheres well to both the rug and the floor.

Heavy-duty rug tape

This is almost similar to the double-sided tape only difference is that this is tougher and suitable for areas with heavier foot traffic and stronger wind.  The heavy-duty nature of this tape ensures that your patio rug will stay firmly in place while preventing accidents through tripping.

For seamless installation, both the rug and floor surface have to be clean, smooth, and free of dust.

The sticky side is first placed on the floor surface and then carefully place on the patio mat.  It is equally easy to install as it is to remove and leaves no gum residue on your floor.


Patio furniture is a good and inexpensive way of keeping your rug from blowing away while giving you a cozy outdoor seating area.

Place heavy furniture to ensure the legs hold down the rug and secure it in place.  Chairs can be used in fixing to the floor the rug at the edges and corners, while a heavy table or several small tables can be put at the center to further hold down the mat in its position.

Potted Plants

Adding a heavy potted plant to an outdoor space is not only decorative but also a clever way of securing outdoor carpets on the floor.

Here is how to keep outdoor rug from blowing away using potted plants;

How to keep outdoor rug from blowing away

Carefully select the plants, considering weather conditions, plant care, and their overall look.

Place the plants around the deck in ways and patterns that are eye-catching and are in sync with the overall outdoor setup.

One can use both small and big potted plants.  The trick is to ensure they are heavy and stable enough not to be blown over by a breeze and are placed strategically to weigh down the carpet.

Rug Pads

Rug pads are made from different materials and are mainly used to provide a non-slip cushion between the floor and the area rug.  The advantage of rug pads is that they can be used on all kinds of floor surfaces depending on the rug pad specifications making it the best solution for outdoor use.

Apart from keeping the rug secure, it provides a soft and warm surface for the feet, reduces noise, and allows for proper airflow between the floor and the carpet.  This helps protect the floor and increases the lifespan of the rug.

Fender Washers and Screws

Washers and screws can be used to secure mats in place on floor surfaces that cannot be damaged by drilling or making small holes.  In most cases, four holes are drilled to the floor on each corner of the carpet.

A washer is then placed on top of the rug directly above the drilled hole.  The final step is to put in a screw and tighten it properly, securing the mat to the floor.

Repeat the same process for all corners. The final product is a neatly secured outdoor rug for the owners’ delight.


This is a multipurpose adhesive in liquid form used for many applications around the home.   Silicone forms a rubber-like solid on surfaces when dry completely.  Here is how it can be used to stick a rug to the floor;

Turn the rug to the other side and remove any dirt, dust, or lint.  Lay the rug flat, then apply the silicone in small beads around the corners, edges, and at the center.

Leave the rug as it is and allow the silicone to dry for at least 24 hours to a rubber feel. Put the rug back in its place.

The rubber-like texture of dry silicone produces enough friction between the rug and the floor, therefore preventing the rug from blowing away.

Rug Corner Grippers

These are V-shaped single side adhesives.  The glued side of the rug corner grippers is attached to the underside of the rug on each corner and then pressed onto the floor surface to which a rug is to be secured.

Corner rug grippers use suction technology to adhere the rug to a surface meaning there is no residue left on the floor surface when the carpet is removed and are safe for all types of floors.

How to Keep Outdoor Rug from Blowing Away on Concrete Floor

Concrete floors are smooth and may pose some difficulty in keeping outdoor rugs in place.  The good news is there are easy, affordable, and do-it-yourself ways that you can use to keep mats attached to the floor. Some of the ways of preventing rugs from being blown away are;

Heavy-duty carpet tape

The advantage of this is that it can adhere well to hard surfaces such as concrete.  Here is how to stick a rug to concrete using heavy-duty tape.

  • Clean and completely dry the floor surface.
  • Take measurements of the rug length and width.
  • Make markings on the floor at the points where the area rug goes and, therefore, the rug tape.
  • Take the tape and peel off one side to expose the glue, then measure the required size and stick to the floor on all marked points.
  • Allow some time for the glue to stick to the floor, then lay the rug back in place.
  • Peel off the top side of the tape and attach the rug on top, being careful not to wrinkle it, then press firmly.

Use of weights

This can be in the form of outdoor furniture or potted plants.  Place the furniture weights and plants strategically around the rug to fix it on the floor.  The advantage of this method is that it is non-technical and contributes immensely to the overall look and feel of the patio or outdoor space.

Concrete is a hardy material and cannot be affected by heavy furniture of big potted plants.  The most important tip to remember is to always ensure the concrete surface is dry to stay clear of moisture damage.  This means care should be taken when watering the plants to avoid water leakages to the concrete surface.

Fender Washers and screws

Drilling of tiny holes can be done on a concrete patio without cracking the rest of the floor.  Holes are made on each corner of the rug and may be mid-length and width depending on the weight and size of the rug.

The washers are then placed on top of the rug, and screws are tightened to keep the mat anchored in place.

Tips: Use fender washers and screws that will not rust and leave stains on your beautiful rug. Additionally, use screws that are made especially for concrete to avoid breaking and other disappointments.


Dry silicone looks and feels like rubber, soft and gentle, its mode of action is increasing friction between the smooth floor surface and the area rug.  Silicone is not affected by temperature or moisture and thus does not cause any damage to the concrete floor even under harsh weather conditions.

Tip; make sure that the silicone applied on the carpet bottom dries completely before use. Silicone takes 24 hours or more to dry so patience is key if using this particular method.

Why You Need a Rug Pad to Keep Outdoor Rugs in Place on Concrete Floor

Concrete surfaces are quite hard and cold and may get uncomfortable to step on for a long period of time.

How to keep outdoor rug from blowing away

Rug pads made with natural rubber are all important in keeping rugs in place on concrete floors because of their non-slip nature.  The other reason is that laying a rug pad creates a barrier between the rug and the floor giving a spongy and warm feel to the feet of the users.

Rug pads are made breathable allowing easy airflow and circulation between the rug and cement floor, this avoids moisture build-up under the rug preventing the growth of mold and mildew.

How to keep patio rug from blowing away on vinyl floors on outdoor space.

Floors made of vinyl material are hardy and resistant to stains and scratches.  This is advantageous because rugs can be secured in place on this flooring type in several different ways without fear of destroying or staining it.

Double-sided tape

Vinyl floors have smooth surfaces which easily adhere to normal double-sided carpet tape.

Ensure the floor is clean and dry before installing the tape for it to stick properly onto the floor and rug surface.

Rug gripper spray

Gripper sprays are another easy way of permanently fixing an outdoor rug to a vinyl floor to stop it from being blown away by the wind.  Spray the rug grip on the back of the patio rug to create a sticky surface, and the rug can then be comfortably placed on the floor surface.

Rug gripper spray is safe to use in the house as it has no volatile organic material.

Velcro Strips

Velcro stick-on strips can as well be used to secure patio rugs on vinyl floors.  These are stick-on strips comprising of a Velcro-covered top and an adhesive at the bottom.

Peel the back of the strip to expose the glue surface, then stick it onto the floor.

The opposite piece is stuck to the bottom of the carpet or rug.  Place the rug on the floor and press down to stick the Velcro strips together, and get a permanent solution to keeping rugs secured.

How to Keep Outdoor Rug from Blowing Away on Wood Floors

Hardwood floors are beautiful yet delicate and require special care to keep from scratching, staining, and moisture damage.  Some of the ways to keep outdoor rugs from blowing away on wooden porch include;

Rug Corner Grippers

The plus side of using rug grippers on wood floors is that the sticky part is placed on the underside of a rug.  Grippers are fixed in place using vacuum suction, meaning the floor remains clear of any glue or compounds that would otherwise stain or spoil the flooring.

Silicone Caulk

Dry silicone forms a smooth rubber-like surface which makes it a good material to use to fix outdoor carpets on the floor and stop them from blowing away.  Silicone caulk is flexible and therefore comfortable; it is also waterproof and does not have any chemical reaction to wooden flooring, which may lead to staining.

Rug Pad

The best rug pad for wood floors is one made out of natural rubber.  Natural rubber is soft and will therefore not scratch the flooring. Furthermore, a rug pad with natural rubber does not contain any gum and therefore cannot react with polished wooden surfaces.

How to keep outdoor rug secure on a wood floor.

Choose the correct rug pad for the wooden floor surface.

Measure the pad to match the measurements of the outdoor rug that needs securing.

Clean the floor surface using a suitable cleaning solution and ensure it is properly dry before setting down the rug pad.

Place the pad down and then put the mat on top of the pad.  Make sure the edges are aligned for a neat and natural finish.

How Do You Secure a Rug to a Deck?

One of the simple and sure ways to secure a rug to a deck is using fender washers. Screwing a rug to the deck will give a permanent and neat solution to the wind problem.

Washers are small and will not affect or obstruct any activities to be carried out in the outdoor spaces.  Use washers and screws that are made of stainless material to slow down the effects of weather and avoid staining your rugs and deck flooring.

FAQs – How to Keep Outdoor Rugs in Place

Can you leave an outdoor rug outside all year round?

Yes, you can.  The durability and wear and tear of a rug are dependent on the material used to make the rug and how much it is exposed to the weather conditions.  An outdoor rug on a roofed patio for example will last longer than one on an open patio.

What do you put under an outdoor carpet?

One of the best items to put under an outdoor carpet is a rug pad. The reason for this is that rug pads are made with different specifications for each floor type.  This means you can get a pad no matter the kind of flooring on your deck.  They help keep the carpet in place while allowing a good flow of air between the floor and carpet.

Can you put padding under an outdoor rug?

Yes, padding can be put under outdoor rugs, especially on cold and very hard floor surfaces such as a concrete floor.  Padding makes the rug feel much softer and more comfortable while acting as insulation to keep the carpet warm.

What can you use in place of a rug pad?

Silicone caulking may be put under a rug as an alternative to using rug pads, use small beads of silicone all around and in the middle of the rug. The other alternative is the use of rug corner grippers; this helps keep the rug in place while preventing the corners from curling.

Does outdoor carpet rot my deck?

Whether an outdoor carpet will rot a deck depends on several factors.  If an outdoor carpet is installed on a wet surface if the carpet itself was wet during installation and if the floor area under the rug is constantly exposed to moisture or water it may rot your deck.

Always ensure surfaces and carpets are well dried to prevent rotting or water damage.


There are many ways to keep your outdoor rugs in place and the type of floor is the best guide when looking for ways to keep your patio rugs from being blown away.  A rug pad, double-sided tape, heavy-duty tape, rug grippers, and silicone caulk are best used for all floor types.

Using weights such as furniture and potted plants is a clever way to secure your rugs but some flooring types like hardwood can be affected by heavyweights placed on them for a long time.  A fender washer and screw is another good method of securing your rugs but can only be used on floors that will not be damaged by drilling holes in them.

Most of the methods on how to keep outdoor rugs from being blown away are non-technical and affordable and can be done easily by a homeowner.