How far should chairs be from fire pit

When planning a patio and fire pit, a common question most homeowners ask is, “how far should chairs be from fire pit?”

This depends on several factors, such as your available space, the type of fire pit, and the kind and quantity of fuel being burned. As a general rule, seating should be at least 3 feet from the edge of a wood-burning fire pit. For a gas model, it can be a bit closer at 2 feet but not less than that for safety purposes.

Ultimately, the bigger your patio, the more space you can have between the chairs and the fire pit. Likewise, if you have a smaller patio, the distance will be smaller, but it shouldn’t be super small. It is also important to realize that wooden pits burn hotter than gas models, which is why the chairs need to be placed farther from them.

In this article, we will attempt to answer all your questions regarding how far to place chairs from outdoor fire pits.

How many chairs can you have around a fire pit?

You can have as many as six chairs, depending on the type of fire pit you have. If it’s a wood-burning pit, you can have 2 to 6 large chairs, whereas gas fire pits usually go well with 2 to 4 chairs.

For aesthetic purposes, we recommend 3 to 4 chairs, irrespective of the type of fire pit you have. This will make the pit look more complete and not haphazard or clustered. You can always add more chairs when you have more friends or visitors.

Having said that, the number of chairs is only one side of the coin. You should also consider how much space you have. Big spaces will fit more chairs while small spaces will fit fewer chairs. The most important thing is to keep the chairs at a safe distance from the fire pit.

Furthermore, the shape of the fire pit can also play a role. For instance, a square fire pit is perfect with four chairs while a round fire pit or rectangular fire pit can have up to six chairs depending on the size.

What kind of Chairs Are Good Around a Fire Pit?

There are several seating options that are suited for a fire pit. One of the best ones is Adirondack chairs.

Adirondack Chairs

Adirondack chairs are a popular choice for outdoor fire pits. They typically have a laid-back design with wide armrests, which is perfect for relaxing.

This correlates with what a fire pit is about- providing warmth and comfort. To crown it all, most chairs in this category are weather-resistant, which means they can withstand the harsh weather outside as well as the extreme heat from a fire pit.

Other Seating Options

Besides Adirondacks, other seating options you may consider include fire pit benches, outdoor rocking chairs, outdoor sofas, hanging egg chairs, sling chairs, gliders, and so on. You can even use tree stumps if that is what appeals to you.

Regardless of the chair you choose, safety must always come first. Metal fire pit chairs such as steel and aluminum are usually the most fire-resistant. Although they don’t come with cushions, they tend to be comfortable.

If you prefer a cushioned chair, make sure to treat it as fire retardant, as most cushioned chairs are not good with fire.

How much room should you leave around fire pits?

It depends on the pit, but generally, wood fire pits require more space than the gas models. You should plan to leave around 10-18 feet around a wood-burning pit. This is the distance from the edge of the pit to where the patio edge is.

Gas fire pits do not release smoke or burn as hot as their wooden counterparts, so they don’t require as much space. To this end, 7 feet is usually recommended for a gas pit.

Whether you’re using a gas-burning fire pit or a wooden one, the idea is to allow enough room to scoot your chairs (at least 2 feet around the chairs) and position them where they won’t get hot. Also, you need space to move around without getting too close to the fire. For this reason, more space is always better than less.

If you have less outdoor space, consider reducing the number of chairs you place around the fire pit.

How much space around fire pit for chairs

As earlier indicated, you need to keep at least 7-10 feet around a fire pit so there can be enough room to place your chairs and move around freely.

The 7 feet caters for 2 feet for walking around the chairs and 2 feet between the chairs and the edge of the fire pit. Most deep-seating fire pit chairs are usually 36 inches deep. Add this up, and you have 7 feet of space around the fire pit. Here it’s assumed that the fire pit is a gas model.

For a wood-burning pit, you will need more than 2 feet between the pit and the chairs. The exact spacing will depend on the heat of the fire and the smoke direction. When you combine this with the width of the chairs and the space behind the chairs, you will need more than 7 feet.

How Far Should Chairs Be From a Fire Pit?

This depends on a number of factors, such as the fire pit type, quality of fuel, and ember activity.

Fire Pit Type

There are two main fire pits: wood-burning and gas fire pits. Wood burning fire usually burns hotter than the gas models and releases smoke. So, they usually require more spacing. Gas fire pits, on the other hand, burn steadily and are easier to control, so you can afford to keep chairs closer to them.

Quality of Wood

The major reason why wood-burning fire pits are difficult to control is linked to the kind and quality of the wood being burned. Some wood burn hotter than others. Likewise, some produce more smoke than others.

For this reason, you want to do some homework about the wood type, especially with regards to its BTU and how it compares with others. Woods that burn extremely hot will need more spacing from the seating area. Likewise, adding more wood to a pit will increase its heat output.

Ember Activity

Some woods pop out more embers than others. A good example is cedar. Such wood will pop out a lot of ember in different directions. If you’re using such wood, it’s common sense to place the chairs further away from the fire pit.

Taking all these factors into consideration, a good rule of thumb is to make the fire pit seating distance at least 2 feet for a gas-burning fire pit and at least 3 feet for a wood-burning fire pit.

How far should a bench be from a fire pit?

Benches should be placed in a way that adds a feeling of intimacy while creating enough space for people to move about. You don’t want them too close as that will make you feel too hot. Likewise, keeping it too far away will defeat the whole purpose of seating around a fire pit.

A good rule of thumb is to allow a minimum clearance of 3 feet between the edge of the fire pit and the bench and not more than 4 feet for aesthetic purposes. In the same vein, the space around the pit should be at least 7 feet.

The room created will allow people to move freely around the pit and bench. It also gives them the option to move the bench further away if they feel too hot.

You can either purchase benches or build them yourself.

Consider using the same material (such as cement) for the bench and fire pit if you want a minimalist look. Or else, mix different materials (stone and wood) for a more rustic approach. Aluminum benches are also great for creating a traditional look.

How can I protect my fire pit chairs from sparks and ash?

Here are our pro tips to protect your fit pit chairs from ash and sparks.

The best way to protect your fire pit chairs from sparks and possible combustion is to keep them at a good distance from the fire pit.

  • Install a fire pit spark screen.
  • Choosing a fire pit or building one that allows for blowing embers and sparks is also a good idea.
  • Use fireproof patio materials for the pit. This can be stone, pavers, or cement.
  • Have a safety device at hand to put out a fire in case of an emergency. This can be a fire extinguisher, fire pit blanket, garden hose, or water and shovels.
  • Lastly, maintain good hygiene by keeping your chairs clean.

FAQs – How much space around fire pit for chairs

How far should my fire pit seat be from the fire?

The recommended distance between fire pit seats and wood-burning fire pits is at least 3 feet or 30 inches. For a gas model, at least 24 inches is recommended.

What furniture can you place around a fire pit?

There are many ideas for fire pit seating and patio furniture. These include Adirondack chairs, sofas, outdoor loungers, wicker chairs, rocking chairs, hanging swing chairs, and so on.

How much distance should there be between the couch and the fire pit?

For a full-sized or sectional couch, it’s recommended to leave about 7 feet of space between the fire pit and couch. But you can still adjust this distance depending on how big your yard or patio is.

Can I use a fire pit under a covered patio?

If your fire pit is a gas model, then you can use it under a covered patio. Gas fires are controllable and safe to operate. They do not burn as hot as wood fires. Wood fires, on the other hand, are very difficult to control, which makes them unsafe for a covered patio space. They burn solid fuels, which (with a little breeze) often release sparks and embers.

How Far Should A Fire Pit Be From The House?

A distance of 10 feet or more is usually recommended between a fire pit and the house. Here, it’s assumed that the fire pit is kept in your backyard, and the distance is taken from any part of the house.

How Far Should A Fire Pit Be From The Fence?

The same rule above also applies here. You should leave at least 10 feet between a fire pit and a wood fence or any other structure such as a gazebo. Again, it is assumed that the fence is made of wood. For a metal fence, the distance between it and a fire pit doesn’t even arise. This is because metal fences do not pose a fire risk.

Safety First – How far should chairs be from fire pit?

Fire pits and fire pit chairs go hand in hand. You need both to make your patio a multi-season space. As you plan your patio arrangement, you must prioritize safety. We hope we’ve answered all your queries about how far should chairs be from fire pit.

Just to recap, chairs should be placed at least 2 feet from a gas fire pit and at least 3 feet from a wood-burning model. This also applies tp permanent fire pit or sunken fire pits. You can create more room depending on your available space. The idea is to ensure the seat is situated at a good distance from the fire and there’s enough space for people to move around.

Finally, be mindful of other patio elements, such as a pool or outdoor kitchen. Check all the local regulations relating to fire pit use and keep to them.