Can I Put my Outdoor rug on Concrete patio? (Answers backed by experts)

One of the easiest ways to spice up your outdoor space and make it more comfortable is to add an area rug. But beyond comfort and aesthetics, an outdoor rug also serves other purposes, including protecting your floor, reducing dust and dirt, and providing some noise insulation. Whether you’re building a new concrete patio or already have one, you may be wondering if it’s OK to place a rug over it. So, like most people, you may be asking – can I put my outdoor rug on concrete patio?

Yes, it’s OK to put an outdoor rug on the concrete patio. It will not damage the concrete, but it can hold water which could lead to staining. One way to prevent this is to seal the concrete before placing a rug on top. But even after you’ve done that, some maintenance is still recommended.

In this article, we will look at how to use outdoor rugs on concrete patio, the best materials and products to use, some preventive steps and maintenance to keep, and other important information.

Will An Outdoor Rug Damage A Concrete Patio?

So, will using an outdoor rug on concrete patio ruin it? The simple answer is NO. An outdoor rug will not damage your concrete patio, but it could leave behind a stain.

This is common with rugs that trap moisture. Over time, the water can seep into the porous concrete, causing it to darken or change its color.

Staining will not damage your concrete; it will only alter its appearance. So, the concrete might look unsightly whenever you pick up the rug. Other than that, it shouldn’t be a big problem.

Luckily, there are several ways to prevent this.

The most common solution, which is the one we recommend, is to seal the concrete. This ensures it doesn’t absorb water, which in turn prevents stains and mold growth.

Another approach is to use a breathable rug that will allow moisture to evaporate much faster. Also, make sure the rug is high-quality and doesn’t bleed color. If you think your rug will bleed color, soak it with water before using it, then hang it to dry. After then, you can place it on the concrete.

Periodic cleaning and drying is also required to prevent mold and stain. After a downpour, remove the rug and dry it out in the sun. Also, be quick to clean stains when you notice them.

Or else, if you prefer, you can just leave the stain – a price to pay for the beautiful effect you get from the rug!

What Type Of Rug Is Best For Concrete Patio?

Even though most outdoor rugs won’t damage your concrete patio, some are better suited for this flooring type.

Outdoor rugs made from synthetic fibers such as polypropylene, nylon, or polyester usually work best for concrete. Unlike most rugs made from natural fiber materials, like jute rugs, the dyes used in these rugs do not fade or bleed out easily, so there’s usually less chance of discoloration.

In addition, these rugs are typically weather-resistant, so they don’t hold on to moisture or fade easily in direct sunlight. They dry quickly when spilled and may not show signs of wear when left outside for long periods.

As a result, there’s less chance of water pooling under the rug. Concrete is stained when moisture seeps into its pores.

So, you want to choose synthetic fiber rugs and avoid rugs made from natural materials such as cotton or wool. Such rugs (natural fiber) bleed out easily, especially when spilled or flooded.

What are the Benefits of Using Outdoor Rugs on Concrete Patio

Besides protecting concrete from stains, outdoor rugs offer several other benefits. Let’s go over some of them.

Cover Damaged Concrete

If your concrete patio is already stained or damaged, you can cover it up with a good-looking rug. This will completely transform the area and give it a new look that is more appealing and inviting. This method is not only limited to concrete floors; you can also place a rug over a carpet that is old or damaged.

Provide Comfort

A bare concrete floor can be hard on the feet. An outdoor rug serves as a cushion against the hard concrete and provides some comfort to your feet. You can also increase comfort by pairing the rug with a thick rug pad.

Also, placing an outdoor rug over your concrete floor ensures it doesn’t get too hot on sunny days.

Provide Safety

Safety is another reason you should use an outdoor rug on a concrete patio. Smooth concrete floors can get slippery, especially when wet. Placing a rug over it adds traction to the concrete surface and reduces slipping. You will also be protecting the floor from chipping, scratching, and staining.

Add Color to Your Space

An outdoor rug is another great way to add a splash of color to your space. Bare concrete often looks dull and uninviting. By adding a rug, you can transform the area and make it more appealing and welcoming. The rugs are available in various sizes, colors, styles, and shapes, so you will never run out of options.

How to Install An Outdoor Rug On A Concrete Patio or any outdoor space?

Installing an outdoor rug on your concrete patio is a nice way to make it feel cozy and more inviting. We recommend sealing the concrete before placing down the rug. Choose an outdoor rug that is designed to withstand the elements. It should be resistant to moisture, stains, mold, and UV rays. Check here for detailed step-by-step instructions on how to install outdoor carpet on a concrete porch.

How do you get a rug to stick to the concrete patio?

While using an outdoor rug over concrete, there’s a chance it could become slippery and slide when you walk in it or get blown away by a strong wind. This can cause you to trip and fall over, which may result in a serious injury. This is why it’s vital to secure the rug, so it has a strong grip on the concrete. The steps below show how to stop rugs from moving on a concrete floor.

Use Grippers

Rug grippers are a great way to secure outdoor rugs and keep them from sliding. Both sides of the gripper are adhesive and tack down your rug to the concrete. But they are not super sticky, so you can still move the rug to other parts of the patio.

The good thing about grippers is that they are cheaper than rug pads, though not as durable. You can also reuse them.

Rug Pads

Rug pads help to secure your outdoor rug and provide extra cushion, which is needed to make you feel more comfortable underfoot. It adds more traction to the rug and makes it slip-free. It’s mostly recommended for rugs without backing or with a thin texture. It ensures the rug stays in place and protects the underside from getting scratched or torn by the concrete.

Heavy Furniture

Another way you can secure a rug on concrete is to place a heavy piece of furniture on it. Endeavor to place a protector between the rug and the patio furniture so the bottom of the furniture will not scratch the rug.

Do I need a rug pad on concrete?

It depends on the rug material you’re using. Most outdoor rugs can be placed directly on concrete without a rug pad. But using a rug pad helps to keep the rug in place and prevent slipping. It also protects the flooring.

Specifically, there are four main reasons to use a rug pad on concrete.

Improved Air Flow

A rug pad enables airflow between the rug and concrete, which allows the carpet to dry faster after getting wet. This helps to prevent mold and mildew growth, which could lead to stains and odors.

Keeps Dirt and Debris Out

Without a rug pad, dirt can easily build up underneath the rug, which can lead to stains on the concrete. But with the right pad, this can be prevented.

Prevents Slipping

Using a rug pad also increases safety. Concrete floors tend to become slippery when they get wet, which could lead to falls and injuries. Adding a rug pad beneath the rug helps you increase traction, which keeps the rug from sliding.

Improves Comfort

Another reason to use a rug pad is to increase comfort on your outdoor rug. Rug pads provide cushioning against the concrete and increase your comfort underfoot. They come in different densities, so it’s easy to find the level of cushioning you desire.

Does Carpet Tape Work On Concrete?

Yes, it does. Carpet tape is a good way to keep your outdoor carpet in place and prevent slips.

The market is filled with different types of tape. Choose one that will work on your concrete. Ideally, the tape should be double-sided and should stick really well. It should be suitable for outdoor use.

The steps below describe how to use carpet tape on patio concrete.

  1. Start by cleaning the concrete. Sweep off dirt and debris, then scrub the area with soap and water. Rinse and allow to dry completely.
  2. Next, apply a sealer over the concrete. This is to prevent any moisture build-up, which can stain the floor. Again, wait for the sealant to completely dry.
  3. Now, place the rug where you want it and mark the perimeter. You will need a masking tape for this. Painters tape will also work.
  4. After placing the tape directly on the concrete (i.e., around the perimeter), add some extra strips along the center.
  5. Now, unroll the carpet across the selected area and tape. Do this slowly and with care. Press it down to the tape as you go.

Can You Glue Carpet To Concrete?

Yes, you can glue a carpet to a concrete floor, but it’s probably not the best thing to do. Of course, you will get a good finish, but you will be stuck with one carpet and may deal with discoloration over time.

Depending on the weather in your area, a glued carpet may take long to dry out (that’s if it ever does). It’s also difficult to clean such carpets because you simply can’t pick them up to wash or clean underneath.

The only time when it might be OK to glue a carpet to your concrete patio is if you live in a place where it’s sunny and hot outside throughout the year. This will make the floor cooler to walk on since the carpet or rug won’t get as hot as bare concrete. You will need a trowel and flooring adhesive to do the job.

Typically, outdoor mats are glued to concrete to cover a large area. If you have only a small porch or wood deck you wish to cover, it’s best to use a standard-size carpet.

As earlier indicated, gluing down a carpet to concrete won’t cause any damage but will likely leave a stain on the concrete. It’s also a permanent solution, so removing the carpet in the future will be very hard.

Do you need to seal concrete before fitting a carpet?

It’s recommended to seal concrete before placing your outdoor carpet on it.

Outdoor carpets are constantly exposed to the elements, so they’re always at risk of getting wet. When this happens, moisture can get trapped between the carpet and concrete. Over time, this will stain the concrete floor.

If your carpet is located where it gets a lot of sunlight (depending on the weather in your area), it will usually dry after an hour or two after rain. So, you may be able to get away without sealing the floor. But if the weather in your area is such that it takes days for the carpet to dry, you will have a problem.

Generally, it’s highly recommended to seal your concrete patio if you plan to place a carpet or rug over it irrespective of your location. It will protect both your flooring and patio. Instead of water penetrating the concrete, it will bead up and roll off.

On the other hand, without any seal, rainwater or any spillage will soak into the floor and create water spots.

Before sealing concrete, you need to prepare the surface first. This can be done by sweeping off dirt and scrubbing the floor with soapy water. Then rinse and allow it to completely dry.

Once dry, you can fit your outdoor carpet and other pieces of outdoor furniture.

In addition to sealing, it is also recommended to limit exposure of your outdoor rug to the weather, especially if you live in a place where it rains hard. It will also help if your patio is covered.

Can You Put An Outdoor Rug On Stamped Concrete?

Yes, an outdoor rug can go on stamped concrete.

As the name suggests, stamped concrete is simply regular concrete that has been textured to look differently. It can resemble brick, flagstone, slate, tile, or even wood. Thus stamps help to give your porch a distinctive look.

However, the surface is usually rougher than regular concrete. So, it’s normal to wonder if an outdoor rug can be placed over it.

Interestingly, stamped concrete is usually sealed at first, which is a major reason why it’s ideal for concrete. Placing a rug over it will not damage it. However, over time, you will need to reseal the floor to maintain adequate protection. This should be done at least once annually.

Failure to reseal stamped concrete can lead to a situation where you have to deal with mold or discoloration.

Best outdoor rugs for concrete patio

Fab Habitat Waterproof Outdoor Rug

The Fab Habitat is an excellent choice if you want an outdoor rug that will not hold water and possibly mold. It’s a fabulous alternative to pricier options like the Plow & Hearth Rainbow Stripe and even does better in a concrete patio. It can handle both rain and sunlight without any change in its shape or texture. The color stays vibrant and beautiful, and there are no tears or rips.

The rug is made from 100 percent premium recycled plastic. Though not too thick, it feels smooth and pleasant underfoot and is safe to use with kids and pets. It is water- and UV-resistant, so it holds up well outdoors. There’s no water pooling, so there is less chance of staining or mold appearing.

In case of a spill, you can easily clean with a hose. It doesn’t take much time to dry.

As the name suggests, the rug is reversible, which means you can use it from both sides. So, if one side gets too dirty or fades after some time, simply flip it over and use the other side.

Aesthetics-wise, the rug doesn’t disappoint. The reversed pattern is beautiful and will stand out in your outdoor decor.

Although the rug is lightweight, it still comes with a natural jute bag, so you can carry it to the beach and camp.

The rug comes in eight different colors and five rectangular sizes.


  • Eco-friendly option
  • Lightweight and portable (comes with carrying bag)
  • Feels comfortable underfoot
  • Reliable quality
  • Available in different colors and sizes


  • Can fade sooner than expected (not the best for hot seasons)

Gertmenian 22009 Outdoor Rug, Freedom Collection

The Gertmenian 22009 is a machine-made weaved area rug with a stylish modern look without a busy pattern. It comes in multiple colors and sizes. Specifically, you have five playful themes to choose from – nature, stripe, nautical, border, and coastal. The current version is the standard 5×7 size, but other options are available, including runner, medium, large, and extra-large.

Besides transforming your patio space, the rug also helps the amount of debris brought in on your feet. And you can expect it to last.

The rug fully meets the criteria of a concrete patio rug – it is stain-resistant, water-resistant, and has UV stabilization. Specifically, it is crafted with ultra-strong cabled yarn (polypropylene) on high-precision Belgium looms. It doesn’t fade quickly and will not be ruined by stains.

We also found the rug super easy to care for – thanks to its smart care technology. It cleans nicely, even with pet pee and poops. To wash off, simply hose it down and allow to dry. It dries quickly and stays flat, with no curling around the edges.

The material is highly breathable – another reason why it’s ideal for concrete and pavers. It doesn’t collect water nor stick to the floor during humid weather. It dries quickly after rain while retaining its original shape and color.

It doesn’t get too hot on a sunny day, so you can walk on it barefoot.

Overall, we are impressed with the look and quality of the rug, and it’s undeniably one of the best outdoor carpets for the concrete patio. Its stylish design adds a nice touch to your deck or patio. It can also be used as an indoor-outdoor rug. We can’t recommend it enough.


  • Highly breathable material (fast drying)
  • Doesn’t trap moisture
  • Solid and durable
  • Elegant color selection (stylish but not too bright)
  • Doesn’t curl on the edge


  • We wish it was a bit heavier (doesn’t do well in windy conditions)

SUPERIOR Reversible Braided Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug

The Superior Reversible Indoor Outdoor Area Rug is another great outdoor rug for a concrete patio. It has an oval style and exotic color finish that immediately registers its prominence in your outdoor home decor. Of course, you can select from other styles to suit your existing patio decor.

Apart from the oval style, we also love the bohemian style, which, together with its soft braided pattern, adds a rustic flair to your living space. It blends easily with any decor – modern, coastal, traditional, eclectic, and even transitional. You can choose from its many simple color schemes to add refined minimalism and texture to your space. We have no doubt you will get a lot of compliments using the rug.

For the material, the carpet is crafted from 80 percent polypropylene and 20 percent polyester, weaved into a flat braided pattern. It doesn’t come with backing, so you may need to use it with a rug pad. The braided surface is suitable for high-traffic areas, which is great if you have pets or kids around.

The rug is available in multiple sizes, so it’s easy to find the perfect size for your patio. You can use the rug both indoors and outdoors. Some places you might consider using it include your hallway, living room, bedroom, pool decks, patio, etc.

With regards to thickness, we found it thick enough (though not too thick) such that you can use it without a pad. But we still recommend getting one to give the rug more traction.

Try to vacuum the rug regularly to prevent debris from getting into the fibers. Also, avoid continuous exposure to direct sunlight. You can hand wash with soap and water and dry on a fence.


  • Beautiful color schemes and pattern
  • Excellent quality
  • Fibers are soft and not too rough
  • No chemical smell
  • Available in multiple sizes and styles
  • Easy to maintain


  • A bit thin
  • Some people might find it a bit overpriced

FAQs – Outdoor rug on Concrete patio

Can 3m rug anchors be used outdoors on concrete patio?

Yes, you can use 3m rug anchors to tape your outdoor rug to concrete. The tape is weather resistant and comes reinforced for increased durability. Besides concrete, it will also work on wood, ceramic tile, and other floor surfaces.

Can You Leave an Outdoor Rug Outside All Year Round?

Yes, you can, but it might not always be the best thing to do. Depending on where you live, if the weather permits, then it’s probably OK to leave the rug outside throughout the year. However, if you stay in a humid environment, it’s best to take it inside, especially during the colder seasons. This makes more sense since you will not be using the rug. The less time it spends outdoors, the less abuse it will see and the longer it will last.

Will an outdoor rug stain concrete?

Yes, an outdoor rug can stain your concrete depending on what it’s made of and the pad underneath (if you’re using one). Concrete is porous and can absorb moisture from any wet material placed over it. This causes it to darken over time. To avoid this, you need to choose a rug that won’t trap moisture when it gets wet. Synthetic fiber is your best option.

What type of carper pad is best for concrete floors?

There are two options you can choose from depending on how much you’re willing to spend. A rubber pad has a strong grip and anti-microbial properties, so it won’t stain your carpet or concrete. However, it can trap moisture in damp conditions. On the other hand, a frothed foam pad is resistant to moisture and does better than natural rubber in heavy traffic areas since it’s denser. The only downside is that it’s expensive.

Final Words

To conclude, using an outdoor rug on your patio will not cause any damage. Rather, it can stain the floor if proper care is not taken. Having said that, there are many positive sides to covering your patio – protection, comfort, beauty, safety, etc. So, don’t let the fear of a little color dent discourage you. In fact, if you follow everything we’ve discussed here, you won’t have any problems.

Let us know if you have any more questions about using patio rugs on concrete in your outdoor living space.