Best Outdoor Doormat for Rain – Top 10 selections in 2022

Last updated on September 25th, 2023

A cute outdoor doormat adds an inviting accent to your home. But beyond that, it’s a place to wipe off dirt and mud from your shoes. Sadly, not all outdoor mats are the same. While some can handle heavy downpours without getting soggy, others can only withstand a slight drizzle.

If you live in an area where it rains a lot, you must choose a mat that can handle all that water. In most cases, such mats are made from synthetic materials like rubber and polypropylene.

To help you overcome the hurdle of sorting through so many products, we’ve researched the top 10 best outdoor doormat for rain currently available in the market. These doormats serve as a barrier to prevent dirt and moisture from gaining access into your home. They are exceptionally durable, non-slip, and heavy enough not to get carried away by torrential rain.

But before we delve into the meat of the review, let’s answer two critical questions.

Why Do You Need an Outdoor Doormat for Rain?

While most outdoor doormats are designed to absorb a lot of water, some tend to become soggy during heavy rain seasons. This often causes them to break down quickly or become a breeding ground for mold and mildew. This is more common with outdoor mats made from natural materials like jute or coir.

For this reason, you want to opt for a drainage doormat for the rainy seasons. Such mats usually have an open mesh design with holes that allow water to pass through the surface onto the floor. In most cases, these mats are crafted with rubber. They do not retain moisture and are usually quick to dry. This keeps the surface of the mat and floor dry and clean.

Rubber mats are typically non-slip and can be perfect for the environment. They are also inexpensive compared to indoor mats and usually have a long service life.

In addition, cleaning is easy. Sometimes, you just need to remove the mat and sweep the dirt beneath. For occasional cleaning, you can simply spray with a garden hose.

What is the best material for an outdoor doormat for rain

Coir and rubber are often regarded as the best outdoor doormat materials. However, when dealing with a lot of water, rubber or synthetic material is usually better.

While coil doormats trap a lot of dirt, they are usually quick to show signs of wear when directly exposed to rain and bad weather. They tend to shed, especially in high traffic areas, and can get inside your home. For this reason, they are best used indoors or in covered locations outdoors.

On the other hand, synthetic outdoor doormats made from rubber or/and polypropylene are built to last for years and are ideal for rainy seasons. Though they are not the prettiest mats, they are quite good at collecting dirt and water and are easy to clean.

The only drawback with outdoor rubber doormats is that they can get too hot during hot summer periods, but some are treated with UV protection to minimize this. But then, we are talking about a doormat to handle heavy downpours, not sunlight.

10 Best Outdoor Doormat for Rain

Here are our top 10 selections for the best outdoor mat for rain.

1. Durable Corporation Dura-Rug Outdoor Entrance Mat

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to minimize debris and prevent waterlogging on your doorstep, you won’t go wrong with this Dura-Rug Tire-Link Doormat. The mat is not only for doors but other high-traffic locations. It is extremely durable and works perfectly in rain-prone areas.

It has an open mesh design that traps dirt and allows water to pass through and evaporate in a reasonable amount of it. This helps to prevent the growth of mold and mildew.

Regarding the build quality, the mat is made from recycled tires, specifically post-consumer bias-ply tires. Though its carpet-like surface looks simple and unassuming, it is still attractive. It adds a touch of luxury to your entrance or wherever you decide to place it.

The fabric top feels reasonably comfortable even barefoot. Besides serving as an entrance mat, you can also use it in your garage or workstation as an anti-fatigue doormat. The woven design allows you to easily roll it up for convenient storage and cleaning.

Unlike some thinner doormats, the mats are held together by heavy metal pieces within. This ensures it stays put and not slide even when the area is wet.

To clean it, simply hose it off, and it will look as good as new.


  • Environmentally friendly material
  • The perforated design prevents mold and mild growth
  • Doesn’t slide around (remains in place)
  • Relatively inexpensive


  • Some people might find it less decorative

2. DII Rubber Doormats Collection All-Weather Doormat

The DII Rubber Doormat is another solid option for homeowners who live in areas that gets a lot of rainfall. Unlike many absorbent mats, it doesn’t hold water for long periods. The surface is filled with many holes that allow water to pass through whenever there’s a downpour. It dries very quickly, which grants you more convenience during the rainy seasons as you don’t have to wait all day for the mat to dry after a heavy downpour.

The mat has a tough rubber construction with large drainage holes to effectively trap dirt, mud, and snow. The material also provides anti-slip protection in wet areas, which keeps you from skidding while walking on the mat or wiping your shoes. It’s waterproof and stain-resistant and doesn’t cause rot on deck boards.

The rugged PVC rubber material is suitable for any weather condition, not just rainy days. And will last a good long time. All dirt and debris pass through the large holes onto the ground. This helps to keep the mat dry and clean and makes cleaning a breeze.

To clean the mat, simply hose it down and allow it to dry for 10-15 minutes. Then vacuum and mop the area before placing it back.


  • Waterproof and stain-resistant
  • Doesn’t retain water like a solid mat
  • Doesn’t slip on wet surfaces
  • Sprayed with anti-mold chemicals to prevent mold growth
  • Available in various sizes and style
  • Very affordable


  • It May give off a strong chemical smell initially

3. Kempf Rubber Scroll Indoor Outdoor Entrance Mat

The Kempf Rubber Scroll Doormat is attractively designed to bring elegance to your doorstep. But beyond aesthetics, it does a fantastic job at removing dirt from shoes and draining water, which makes it great for flooded areas. More importantly, it’s super durable, sturdy, and easy to clean.

Made from heavy-duty rubber, the mat can withstand high foot traffic and any weather condition. It won’t fade from prolonged sun exposure and is guaranteed to last long.

Its rubber construction prevents slipping when wet, making it safe for areas exposed to a lot of water, such as your poolside or outdoor kitchen. The large holes on the surface help drain water, keeping the mat dry and clean no matter how wet it gets.

To complement the drainage holes, the outdoor mat also features an intricate pattern that looks very similar to wrought iron scrollwork. The open scroll pattern effectively scraps off dirt and mud from shoes while allowing water to drain.

Unlike some solid rubber mats, it doesn’t rip or encourage mold growth. It retains a pristine look for a long time.

The mat is great to use if you have pets around. You can use it outside your cat’s litter box to catch the stray litter. It’s super easy to vacuum and clean. Simply spray it with a garden hose and sweep underneath with a hard bristle broom. In fact, you may find it more sanitary to keep than a litter pad.


  • Perfect for rainy climates
  • Heavy-duty rubber construction ensures longevity
  • Fairly weighty (won’t be carried off by the wind)
  • Very affordable price
  • Suitable for high traffic areas


  • Not many size options (some users may find it a bit small)

4. CHICHIC Entrance Door Mat Large Entry Way Doormat

The CHICHIC Entrance Doormat will make an excellent choice for homeowners who prioritize aesthetics. It’s a beautiful, classy mat with vivid colors that go nicely with any door color – brown, black, or heirloom red – and wooden piece.

But beyond its pretty looks, it’s built for long-lasting usage and hard-wearing. Specifically, it’s made from natural rubber with a unique groove design that catches dirt and debris before they enter your house. The choice of rubber makes it suitable for use in open areas and will stay in place.

In addition to the fabric, the mat also has an anti-slip backing that provides a good grip on the floor without leaving marks or scratches. You can use it in high traffic areas.

Another area the mat excels is in aesthetics, which is clearly seen in the surface flocking pattern. The strong stitched edges also add elegance to the piece.

The mat is quite heavy, so it will not be carried off by torrential rainstorms or windy weather. It stays put even when vacuuming.

It’s super easy to clean. You can sweep, vacuum, or hose it off.

Overall, we recommend this doormat if you want to add color to your front door while keeping moisture out. It is super inexpensive and comes in various sizes and shapes to fit your style.


  • Powerful non-slip rubber backing
  • Can withstand high foot traffic
  • Perfect for rainy climates
  • Absorbs dirt and moisture without getting soggy
  • Elegant design


  • Not the most durable option

5. Durite Tire-Link Outdoor Entrance Mat

This Durite Outdoor Entrance Mat is another durable option by Durable Corporation that is perfect for the rainy season. It doesn’t get soggy like most solid mats, and nor does it leave a wet mess or stains underneath. It catches dirt and debris off your shoes while the underside dries quickly, keeping the floor underneath clean.

Like most top-tier options, it’s made from recycled tires, which makes it environmentally friendly. The material is very tough and doesn’t wear or tear from too much exposure to the elements. It can handle any kind of weather or harsh conditions – rain, snow, salt, mud, etc. And unlike outdoor rugs that get wet, this one doesn’t.

The mat has an open mesh design which provides excellent drainage and dirt retention.

Dirt falls right through the holes onto the floor. So, you simply pick the mat up, sweep the dirt, and put it back. No need to wash the mat. It’s that easy!

The mat also dries quickly, so it doesn’t get soggy after a heavy downpour.

Besides using as an entrance mat, it can also serve as an anti-fatigue mat, which means you can use it in your workplace or when carrying out certain tasks. It is surprisingly comfortable underfoot and provides good traction, which can be beneficial when standing for extended periods.

Overall, this Durite doormat is a solid option for rainy weather. It’s an excellent choice for budget buyers.


  • Heavy-duty rubber construction
  • Provide good traction and foot comfort
  • Doubles as an anti-fatigue mat
  • Doesn’t cause rot or mold growth
  • Different colors to choose from
  • Affordable price


  • Only one size is available

6. Lovinland Outdoor Mat Rubber Drainage Mat

For homeowners with a large entryway, the Lovinland Non-slip Rubber Mat will make an excellent choice. It’s built for heavy-duty use and promises to protect your floor from dirt and damage. The non-slip design ensures the safety of your family.

One of the first things you will notice about the mat is that it’s quite large. Most standard options are usually 24″ x 36″ or 18″ x 30″ (smaller version), but this mat measures 60″ x 35″. This makes it perfect for a wide entryway or front door. You can also use it at the poolside or for your porch door.

The mat comes with large hexagonal holes that provide excellent drainage to liquids. It ensures water passes through to the floor, which ensures the surface remains dry. The holes also help to keep the mat from slipping or becoming sticky, especially in wet areas.

In terms of the build quality, the mat is made from rubber and polyester, which makes it water-resistant. So, it doesn’t retain water.

The weight is about 15.54 pounds, which is quite heavy, so you don’t have to worry about it getting tossed by the wind. It’s safe to use on any floor type – vinyl, tile, wood, or cement.


  • Reliable quality (long-lasting)
  • Does not retain water (perfect for rain)
  • Suitable for daily and commercial use
  • Easy to clean
  • Budget-friendly


  • Often comes with a bad rubber smell

7. Ironworks Wrought Iron Rubber Door Mat

This Ironworks Rubber Doormat by Achim is designed to withstand all weather conditions, so it’s perfect for all seasons. Despite its rubber construction, it has a classy look. This makes it a great way to add beauty and style to your door or any part of your home in need of a doormat. Besides the ironworks, the mat is also available in other styles, including fleur de lis, diamond, art deco, iron heart, Lattice, and much more.

Like the other mats we’ve reviewed, the mat has excellent water drainage properties. It features large holes that allow water to pass through the surface onto the ground. This ensures the surface remains dry no matter how wet it gets.

In addition to the drainage holes, the surface also features deep raised grooves that help to remove dirt and debris from your shoes.

For the construction, the mat uses wrought iron rubber, which makes it suitable for all weather types. We were a bit surprised at the weight, which ensures it remains steadily in place while you scrape your shoes on it. Also, the choice of rubber ensures it doesn’t rust or wear after a few months of use. In other words, you can expect the mat to last for many years.

Overall, choose the Achim Rubber Doormat if you want something super durable, affordable, easy to clean, and environmentally friendly. More importantly, it doesn’t trap water when it rains.


  • Long-lasting
  • One of the best cheap outdoor doormats
  • Eco-friendly option (made from recycled rubber)
  • Easy to clean
  • Quick-drying
  • Available in various styles and shapes


  • Few customers complained about the rubber smell
  • The size could be bigger (18″x30″)

8. SafetyCare Interlocking Rubber Drainage Floor Mat

The SafetyCare Interlocking Floor Mat is a solid option for homeowners who need a strong and durable outdoor doormat that can weather through the rainy seasons. It doubles as a drainage mat and an anti-fatigue mat. This means you can use it for your doorsteps as well as outdoor applications that require you to stand all day.

The mat is made of heavy-duty rubber and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It has a compressing design that provides water drainage and all-day comfort when standing for extended periods.

The drainage holes allow dirt and water to pass through to the ground, keeping the surface dry, clean, and safe to work on. There are small pins on the bottom of the mat that keeps it off the floor so water can drain beneath. This helps it dry quickly, which can be beneficial during long periods of rain showers.

Overall, this is an excellent outdoor doormat for its price. It’s heavy-duty, incredibly easy to clean, and has great cushioning. The size is ideal for a regular-sized entryway, though some people might prefer something bigger.


  • Multipurpose (suitable for home and commercial use)
  • Easy to clean (just hose it down or use a little dish detergent for stains)
  • Can be used as an anti-fatigue mat
  • Inexpensive
  • Provides excellent drainage and dirt retention


  • Some people might find it small

9. Gorilla Grip Durable Natural Rubber Door Mat

This Durable Natural Rubber Doormat is not just a wee mat to wipe your feet. It’s aesthetically pleasing and will complement your decor, whether it’s used indoors or outdoors. It is available in multiple colors and sizes, so it’s easy to find the perfect match for your doorstep.

It consists of a high-quality natural rubber border and backing with polypropylene fabric that is beautifully woven. The rubber backing keeps it from slipping and curling, while the bevelled border helps trap moisture, mud, and other debris, preventing them from entering your home. This is so much better than other mats, where water flows off the mat as you wipe your feet.

The fabric is slightly raised above the base of the mat and features patterned grooves that allow dirt and water to drop into the crevice below. Drying doesn’t take too long, so daily wear and tear is greatly minimized.

We also found the fabric material surprisingly soft, so it’s comfortable to walk on even without your shoes.

The mat is heavy enough not to get moved by a high wind, but it’s also light enough to shake out when it gets dirty.

One major downside with the mat is that it has a strong rubber smell initially, but this should go away after a few days. Just leave it outside or in a well-ventilated place.


  • Doesn’t slip at all
  • Good grip on the floor (stays in place while wiping your shoes)
  • Stylish and versatile design (suitable for indoor and outdoor use)
  • Provides excellent traction and doesn’t slip
  • Comfortable standing on
  • Rugged yet low profile


  • Has a strong chemical smell initially

10. FIOZOR Original Durable Rubber Door Mat

The FIOZOR Original Rubber Doormat is decently priced at around $30, which makes it a budget-friendly option. It is perfect for outdoor usage but can also be used indoors as a second line of defense against dirt, debris, and leaves getting into your living room. It has a unique design with a pretty flower/deer/key scene that will suit most home decor needs.

For the construction, the mat uses high-quality rubber suitable for all seasons and weather conditions. It doesn’t have any offensive smell or stickiness and will not break or deform even when soaked in water for long periods. What you get is good resilience, structural strength, and non-slip performance.

The mat is particularly recommended for people who live in humid areas. Its open design allows water to pass through, while the tiny bumps on the bottom ensure there’s no pooling underneath. Thus, unlike a solid rubber mat, it doesn’t keep a wooden deck wet but allows air to circulate, which ensures moisture dries fast.

Another thing we like about the mat is its non-slip design which prevents doormat movement and ensures it’s not slippery to stand on.

Cleaning is super easy. Just pick it up and shake briskly or sweep with a broom. You can hose it down occasionally, or when someone gets mud on it, then allow it to air dry. No muss, no fuss!


  • No problem with cracking or breakage
  • Prevents water pooling
  • Non-slippery design
  • Easy to clean
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use


  • A bigger size would have been better

How to Find the Best Outdoor Doormats for Rain

A quota of expectations needs to be fulfilled when selecting the best outdoor doormat for rain showers. These include the type of material the mat is made from, the sizing, and the shape. Let’s go over each one.


Outdoor doormats are typically made to withstand dirt and everyday wear. But not all of them can effectively trap moisture. Some get soggy during long periods of rainfall and may take very long to dry. Such damp conditions can encourage mold and mildew growth.

For this reason, you want to choose a material that won’t hold water or take long to dry after it rains.

Doormats crafted with natural materials like jute and faux provide good foot comfort but do not do well with water. On the other hand, synthetic fibers are usually water-resistant, quick to dry, and clean easily. This makes them the best option for rainy seasons.


Another thing you should consider when looking for the best outdoor doormats is shape. Outdoor entrance mats are available in a variety of shapes and styles.

The most common options are rectangular and half-moon shapes. Both shapes look great on entryways and front doors; your ideal shape largely depends on your personal preference.

Having said that, we found the rectangular mats more practical in most situations as they cover more ground and offer more surface area. As a result, they come highly recommended for high traffic areas.


Doormats come in different sizes. You want to choose one that will fit your doorway.

The best way to go about it is to measure the doorway or wherever you plan to place the mat. The doormat should cover the width of the door with a few inches to spare on both sides or at least 75 percent. Ideally, the mat should be large enough to accommodate your two feet and trap all the dirt and debris.

From experience, we’ve discovered that larger doormats are more effective. So, we usually recommend going for the largest size available for your door.

FAQs – Best Outdoor Doormat for Rain

Can you leave a coir doormat outside?

It depends on the type of coir mat and its backing. Coir doormats with PVC backing hold water, which can cause the fibers to rot. Such mats should not be left outside, especially in the rain. Traditional or unbacked coir mats do not have this problem, so they can be left outside, though they can shed.

Can I leave my outdoor doormat outside all year round?

It depends on the type of material it’s made from. Outdoor doormats made from synthetic materials like rubber can be left outside all year round. However, rubber can get too hot during hot summer days. Luckily, some mats have UV protection to prevent this.

How often should I wash my outdoor doormat?

We recommend washing your outdoor doormat seasonally unless it gets too dirty. In addition, you can vacuum or shake it off weekly to keep it relatively clean.

To wash the mat, rinse it off with a garden hose, then scrub with a brush. For tough stains or spots, use a bit of mild dish soap.  

How often should I replace my outdoor mat?

There’s no set timeframe for replacing an outdoor mat. Most mats will last anywhere from six months to a few years, depending on the material, foot traffic, and weather conditions. A good sign that an outdoor mat is due for replacement is when it gets too worn down, such that it looks dirty and worn even after cleaning, or has tears or stains that cannot be removed.

Are all outdoor mats waterproof?

No, not all outdoor mats are waterproof. Outdoor mats made from synthetic materials like polypropylene are typically waterproof. On the other hand, outdoor mats made from natural fiber usually don’t do well with water. Such mats are better placed in covered areas, such as a pergola or covered porch, and taken indoors when not in use.


We will draw the curtains here. By now, you should have picked your favorite outdoor doormat for the rainy seasons.

All products listed above are crafted with high-quality fabric that is durable and waterproof. They dry much quicker than absorbent doormats and are less stressful to clean and maintain. So, you will not go wrong with any of them.

Before settling for any option, make sure you measure the width of your doorway and select the right doormat size for it. Let us know if you have any more questions about choosing the best doormat for rain