Best Outdoor Lightbulb Camera Review

You have worked hard to acquire your home and furnished it. You would definitely sleep better if you were certain that you, your family, and property are safe. Security is definitely a precursor for peace of mind. One of the simplest yet effective ways of ensuring home security is installing the best outdoor lightbulb camera.

Light bulb cameras are an ingenious invention. With outdoor lightbulb cameras, you get both your lighting and security needs met at half the price. Apart from saving money, outdoor lightbulb cameras are as discreet as a security system can be. Because they look exactly like regular bulbs, they will blend in well with the rest of your outdoor aesthetic.

Simple and straightforward installation is another advantage of lightbulb cameras. Regular home security systems may require you to consult a security specialist, buy more hardware alongside the security camera, pay for installation, and more. This can be quite costly both in terms of time and finances.

But with outdoor lightbulb cameras, all you need is a power source, Wi-Fi, and an App compatible with your lightbulb camera installed in any of your smart devices. Once you screw in the lightbulb camera and connect it to your Wi-Fi, you can start viewing live footage of your property immediately. Better still, you get a notification each time the motion sensor in your outdoor lightbulb camera is triggered.

The above are some of the general advantages of lightbulb cameras over other security systems. However, there is so much more to consider when buying outdoor lightbulb cameras.  The technical specifications, which indicate the quality of each lightbulb camera, vary from model to model. Some of the factors to consider when shopping for an outdoor lightbulb camera include; resolution, memory capacity, and night vision just to name a few.

In this review, we will look at as seven best outdoor lightbulb cameras. The cameras herein have been selected according to expert guidelines as well as feedback gathered from customer views from their own experiences with each model.

Seven Best Outdoor Light Bulb Cameras

  1. BESDERSEC Light Bulb Camera

BESDERSEC light bulb camera is quite popular in the market and with a rating of 9/10, it had to be number one in our list of best outdoor lightbulb camera. It has 960p resolution hence produces good quality videos. The light bulb camera is also fitted with 1.44mm HD fish-eye lens for 360-degree view of your parameter. There are no blind spots hence no risk of a threat surprising you.

The BESDERSEC light bulb camera is also compatible with E26/E27 sockets, which is typically what you will find in most homes. Installation is easy and only takes several minutes at most. Once it is connected to WiFi, you can view footage and adjust feature settings using the app on your mobile device.

The BESDERSEC App has seven viewing modes including zoom and playback. You can explore these modes and decide which is ideal for viewing. The light bulb camera also has a motion detection feature that alerts you through push notifications each team there is activity in your yard. The notification comes with snapshots.

In terms of storage, the BESDERSEC light bulb camera is compatible with 128GB MicroSD card great for ample storage. Another storage feature is loop recording where new footage is recorded over old footage if you prefer.

The light bulb camera is also fitted with an infrared night vision lens with a 49ft circumference as its field of view. That should cover a decent piece of your yard. If you are looking for moderately priced outdoor light bulb camera with pertinent features, this is perfect for you.


  • Affordable
  • 360-degree fisheye lens
  • No blind spots
  • Infrared night vision lens
  • Motion detection
  • Push notification alerts on your device
  • Easy customization of features using mobile app


  • Not Full HD.

2. HIJUNMI 1080 WIFI Bulb Camera

HIJUNMI WIFI light bulb camera is a HD 1080p camera. HD videos are high quality are produce clear images even when one zooms in. Speaking of zoom, it is just one of five viewing modes available on this light bulb camera. The light bulb camera has a 360-degree view so you can view every corner of your porch or yard, no blind spots.

The light bulb camera supports the motion detection function. You will receive a notification via your mobile app each time there is action captured by the light bulb camera. Playback mode is also available for motion alert videos.

The HIJUNMI light bulb camera is also compatible with MicroSD cards from 16GB- 128GB in capacity. The light bulb camera also supports loop recording if you would rather not save old footage.

It is also compatible with E26 and E27 bulb sockets for easy installation. The light bulbs can also be switched on and off remotely using a mobile device. The HIJUNMI App is compatible with iOS, Android OS, as well as Windows PC.


  • HD Resolution
  • Five different view modes including zoom and playback
  • App compatible with iOS, Android OS, and Windows OS
  • Easy Installation
  • Loop Recording
  • Motion detection notification
  • Night Vision for clear images even in pitch black darkness


  • No cloud service options.

3. TUPEYA Light Bulb Camera

This is one of the best outdoor light bulb cameras that’s also fitted with a fish-eye lens to give you 360-degree view of your property.

The light bulb camera is easy to install and operate using just a compatible app on your phone or tablet. The TUPEYA light bulb app can support a maximum of 5 bulbs on one device. Five bulbs should be sufficient to cover your front and backyards corner to corner.

Night vision is another pertinent feature on the TUPEYA light bulb camera. You can still stream high quality videos even when it is pitch black outside. Your premises will be protected both day and night.

The light bulb camera also has the motion detection feature that alerts you each time there is an intrusion in your compound.  There are five motion detection levels that can be adjusted to your preferred mode using the app. You will get a notification any time something or someone sets foot on your lawn.

Speaker option is one of the best features of the TUPEYA light bulb camera. The speaker option allows you to use the light bulb camera like an intercom. You can talk to people within the area of surveillance in real time even if you are not in the vicinity.  For starters, you can instruct the delivery guy to leave a package; or scare away the neighbor’s stray cat in real time.

The TUPEYA light bulb app also has great compatibility can be installed in both iOS and android devices.

If you prefer the triple threat of lighting, surveillance, and two-way talk, then TUPEYA light bulb camera is perfect for you.


  • HD Resolution display
  • Speaker option
  • Nigh Vision
  • Remote control of up to five bulbs on one app
  • Motion detection with five different sensitivity levels
  • Panoramic views


  • A bit pricy compared to other camera light bulbs
  • Some users complain that the app takes a bit of time to navigate.

4. 360 Panoramic Bulb WIFI Camera.

As the name suggests, the light bulb camera gives you a 360-degree panoramic full view angle. You get 960p coverage with no blind spots both day and night. The light bulb is compatible with the E27 screw for easy installation. It also comes with brackets for direct installation to the ceiling if you prefer. Just connect it to WIFI and start viewing live feeds. Note, however, that it is only compatible with 2.4G networks.

The outdoor light bulb camera also has the motion detection alert feature. In case of any activity in the area under surveillance you receive an alert to your device. It also supports the motion play back function. As long as you have a MicroSD card for saving footage, you can play back video footage from the motion detection alert.

The light bulb camera also has seven different view modes including zoom in and zoom out. Viewing features in the app also allow one to change the viewing angle.

Another cool feature on one of the best outdoor lightbulb camera is the two-way communication function. Two-way talk allows you to talk to persons within the surveillance area remotely.

It also has night vision. The bulb is fitted with LED lights as well as auxiliary night lights that facilitate clear footage even in the dark of night.

Even with all these features, the 360 Panoramic bulb WIFI camera is quite moderately priced. It is one of the cheapest yet effective outdoor light bulb cameras in the market


  • Quite cheap.
  • Comes with brackets for easy installation on ceiling.
  • Fish-eye lens for 360-degree view.
  • Two-way communication.
  • Seven view modes.
  • LED and auxiliary lights for night vision.


  • Lights must be on for it to work
  • Customers say it seems a bit bulky compared to other light bulb cameras.

5. JBonest 1080p WIFI Light Bulb Camera.

The JBonest 1080p light bulb camera is quite easy to install and is compatible with 2.4G network. All you have to do is download the app then follow the prompts to start viewing real time footage.

The JBonest light bulb camera supports motion detection and will send an alert to your app when necessary. The app also facilitates zoom capabilities to allow you see what exactly is going on and where when you view footage on playback. You can also tweak the brightness of the bulb to suit you. Note, however, that the lights always have to be on in order for the light bulb camera to work.

The JBonest bulb camera also facilitates two-way audio like an intercom. You can utilize this feature to communicate with someone in your yard remotely, yet in real time.

At night you can sleep soundly because the outdoor light bulb camera is fitted with three infrared lights suited for night vision. Therefore, you are protected all night long.


  • 1080p Full HD resolution
  •  Two-way audio
  • Motion detection alert which can either be enabled or disabled
  • Zoom capabilities
  • Infrared lights for night vision
  • Adjustable bulb brightness
  • Compatible with Android and iOS
  • Multi-device viewing


  • Some customers say that it is not as bright as one would like it to be.

6. Sengled LED Floodlight Security Bulb

The Sengled floodlight security bulb has one unique yet vital feature that makes it rank among the best outdoor lightbulb camera – it is waterproof. It is, therefore, suitable for use in varied weather and climatic conditions.

It is a Full HD 1080p Floodlight security bulb camera with high quality video footage. Like with most light bulb cameras, it supports the motion detection function. You will receive instant alerts to your mobile device via your Sengled app in case of intrusion.

The instant alert function is complimented by the two-way detection function. With the two-way detection function, you can instantly communicate with whoever is at your door remotely.

The Sengled floodlight camera also has full color night vision that facilitate high quality video recording even at night.

When it comes to storage, Sengled offers cloud storage rather than the more common MicroSD card storage. There are two cloud services; you can either opt for the 24-hour free clod storage, or a 30-day subscription plan. With cloud services, it is so much easier to go back and review footage.


  • Waterproof/ weatherproof
  • Radius of up to 30ft
  • Motion detector with instant alerts
  • Free 24h cloud storage
  • Cloud storage subscription
  • Compatible with E26 socket


  • Only has a 140-degree view unlike other light bulb cameras which have a 360-degree view.

7. VTC 360 Panoramic Light Bulb Camera

VTC has Full HD display for clear images and quality video streams. It is fairly easy to install. Once it is connected to WIFI you can start streaming panoramic views of your property.

It also supports the two-way communication function allowing you to talk remotely when you need to.

The VTC light bulb camera is also compatible with a 128GB MicroSD card. It is one of the most inexpensive yet efficient among the best outdoor lightbulb cameras in the market. If you are on a budget, check the VTC 360 Panoramic light bulb out.

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Outdoor Lightbulb Cameras

Before we get to our best seven lightbulb cameras, it is important to know what features to look out for in a camera. Picking out the ideal outdoor lightbulb camera can be tricky, especially when you are not a surveillance expert. When it comes to buying technical stuff, the jargon can sometimes be overwhelming. Below are the main factors that will help you buy the best outdoor lightbulb camera to meet your security needs efficiently.

  • Resolution/Definition

Resolution refers to the amount of detail a camera can capture in a frame. The higher the resolution the better the image and video quality on your lightbulb camera. Currently resolution pixels range from 720p (standard) to 4K (ultra HD). Resolution also affects the zoom function. You do not want to zoom in on your security feed and see blobs of color rather than objects. Even if you are on a budget, resolution is not a factor you should compromise on. Poor images beat the purpose of having a security system anyway.

  • Frames per second (fps)

Still on viewing, frames per second refers to the number of video frames a lightbulb camera can capture per second. The higher the fps figure, the smoother video viewing will be.

  • Memory Capacity

Most wired security cameras come with hard disk drives that store security video footage. Lightbulb cameras don’t have hard disk drives but have memory card slots for storage instead. Once the MicroSD is full, you will need to transfer the footage to an external device.

Ensure that your lightbulb camera is compatible with an SD card, the higher the storage capacity the better. If you MicroSD has a small capacity, you will need to transfer footage frequently which is an inconvenience.

  • Coverage Angle

The coverage angle will depend on the size of the outdoor space you intend to monitor. The wider the camera’s field of view, the more activity you will be able to capture. The best option would be a 360-degree view light bulb camera so you don’t miss out any activity.

  • Live transmission

Some lightbulb cameras have a bit of a lag period between the recording and actual happenings. A lag of a few seconds may be ok, but lags of longer periods may fail to alert you of looming danger. Look out for this glitch and ensure that the live footage from your light bulb camera is actually live.

  • Night Vision

I cannot emphasize the importance of the night vision feature in an outdoor light bulb camera. If the camera cannot record when it’s dark, it beats its purpose. Look for a camera that records clear footage even under the cover of darkness so that you are protected all day and night

  • Warranty

In my opinion, warranty is indicative of the manufacturer’s belief in their product. Some light bulb cameras have warranty, while others have none. Some have a lifetime warranty while others only have a yearlong warranty.

It is important to confirm that an outdoor light bulb camera comes with a warranty before purchasing. Ensure that you receive a certificate of warranty are find out the actual issues covered within the warranty. You can also conduct some research on the manufacturer’s customer support track record. Some brands may give out warranty certificates but fail to offer you guidance when you need it.

The above considerations cut across board. However, there are other features to look out for that will give you more value for your money. They may not be present in all light bulb cameras, but you may want to have them.

  • Multi-user sharing– This feature allows you to share feed with another person, say your spouse or roommate. It is not a standard feature but if it compliments your lifestyle, you may want to look out for it when shopping.
  • Audio Recording– Some best outdoor lightbulb cameras also allow for the transmission of audio and work like an intercom. As you watch footage, you can also speak in real time. You can scare away that raccoon that is always digging through trash, or tell off that nosy neighbor who sifts through your deliveries all while you are away from home. While not pertinent, audio recording would be a fun bonus.
  • Scheduled “On” and “Off” feature – With this feature, you don’t have to record 24/7 you can set specific times for the camera to either start or top recording using your smart device. If you would like some flexibility then look for a lightbulb camera that supports this feature
  • Zooming features– Given that most light bulb cameras have a 360-degree angle view, looking at a specific point in the frame can be tricky. Some camera Apps have zoom in features that allow you to lock into a specific point in the footage and look at it as you would at a normal viewing angle.

The outdoor light bulb camera is more than just a bulb. Now that we know just how much more a light bulb camera can do, let at look at some of the best outdoor lightbulb cameras available in the market.


  • Can I use indoor cameras outdoor?

 Indoor cameras are not waterproof and may be easily damaged when used outdoors. You can however put a protective shed around the lightbulb camera if you intend to use it outdoors.

  • Will the Camera run even when lights are off?

That depends on the features of specific light bulb cameras. The camera is powered by the lights so the lights have to be on for it to work. With some light bulb cameras, you can use the app to switch off the lights and the camera still runs. Others do not have that option so look carefully at the features while shopping.


Outdoor lightbulb cameras are good for surveillance because of their inconspicuous nature. They are also easy to install and can be operated remotely. You can monitor several of them using just one device. The motion detector function gives you time to react to intrusion ensuring your safety. Multiple view modes also allow you to focus on specific areas around your property. The 360-degree view leaves no room for blind spots to be exploited by intruders. You can watch over your property even when you are away.

Note however that most light bulb cameras do not come with MicroSD cards. So include them separately in your budget. Also ensure that the outdoor lightbulb camera you buy supports the capacity of your MicroSD card as well.

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