How to Hide Outdoor Security Cameras.

Home security is something of utmost priority to homeowners. The peace of mind that comes the surety that nobody is breaking into your home is something every person craves. However, burglars have not been left behind in this game either.

As technology evolve, so is their skills in breaching the technological gap. The cutting of wires and painting of these outdoor security cameras to evade surveillance is something that’s been a new norm. Specialist in home security are trying to think ahead through devising ways to curb this security breach.

One of such avenue home security experts are exploiting is how to hide outdoor security cameras, how wireless technology could help in home security and the essence of protective housing in home security. 

We’d like to explore all of these options. However, before we delve deeper into how to hide outdoor security cameras, let’s first discuss the reasons why this move may be necessary in the first place.

Reasons to hide Outdoor Security Cameras.

  • To keep them off visibility – If you hide outdoor security cameras, you’re basically keeping them safe from vandalism while maintaining the home security system.
  • To maintain the aesthetics of the house – When cameras protrude everywhere around the compound or indoors, this might interfere with your interior décor or outdoor beauty. Moreover, visitors might feel uncomfortable with lights all over. Keeping these cameras off the view helps to maintain the indoor aesthetics.
  • To gather secret information when away from home – There are some critical information you’d want to gather such as the conduct of your nanny while you are away.

Ways of Hiding Outdoor Security Cameras.

Many households are now adopting the two-phase approach to a home security camera system. The onsight security cameras are used as a ‘distractor’, they are placed in positions they can be easily spotted while the spy cameras are hidden to capture the whole incident in case the onsight cameras are vandalized.

Here are some of the ways you could hide outdoor security cameras in your home.

Hide Security Cameras in Bird House.

This is one of the most underrated places in the home stead. In fact, there’s no suspicion that could arise when a camera is placed in a traditional bird house. The enclosed traditional bird houses with an opening at the front allows the camera to capture activities in videos outside. Since the camera is placed inside the bird house, it also gives caution against vandalism.

The bird house should be placed in such way that the camera can be played in the windows and should have a wider view of the entire compound.

Hide the Cameras in the Trees or Bushes in the Compound.

You could just stop pruning the branches and leaves of the trees in your compound, and use them to hide outdoor security camera. To make them completely unidentifiable, you can paint the camera to match the color of the leaves and branches. However, you will lose the warranty when the color of the camera is changed.

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