Creative Ways to Hide Outdoor Security Cameras

As a homeowner, it is essential to safeguard your property and protect your loved ones. Installing a few outdoor security cameras in your home is one of the ways you could achieve this goal.

However, using the old-school tactic of exposing outdoor security cameras to scare the “bad guy” may not be 100% effective. Technology has advanced, and most people can spot a security camera, destroy it, and mess up with your property. On the other hand, hiding outdoor security cameras keeps them unnoticed. Not only does this help you to capture the person’s motive, but it also records all the evidence you need to stop this from re-happening.

In this article, we look at some of the reasons why you need to hide outdoor security cameras, the benefits of hiding outdoor security cameras, and most importantly, we show you ten creative ways to hide outdoor security cameras.

Let’s get started.

Reasons for hiding outdoor security cameras

To end unacceptable behavior in your home.

People tend to behave differently when they know someone is watching. Assuming you have concerns about a negligent employee, a dishonest spouse, or your naughty teenagers, setting up visible outdoor security cameras to catch them in the act might not be a smart move.

Why? Because a visible outdoor security camera will only make them temporarily postpone the act to a more convenient timing and place. On the contrary, when you hide outdoor security cameras, no one knows you are watching them. Therefore, you can quickly put the behavior to a stop since you have the evidence for what happened without them noticing.

To catch clever burglars that could detect and disable the visible outdoor security cameras.

Every intelligent criminal knows where to look out for security cameras when they get into your home. You can trust they will destroy it immediately, or worse, take it as part of their loot. However, coming up with creative ways to hide outdoor security cameras in your compound denies them the chance to do any of these.

To keep your guests comfortable.

No one feels at ease when they know they are under the watch. Visible outdoor security cameras glaring at your guests as they lounge in your garden might not be a favorite of most people.

To protect the outdoor security cameras from external impacts.

You could hide your outdoor security cameras to protect them from external effects such as child play. Your three-year-old might not be wise enough not to unplug the camera and turn it into a toy. To avoid the high costs of frequent maintenance, hiding the outdoor security cameras is an ideal option.

Benefits of hiding outdoor security cameras

You can monitor activities undetected.

With hidden outdoor security cameras, you can protect yourself and your family from criminals without their knowledge. Usually, these cameras are placed in inconspicuous locations such as nearby bushes, birdhouses, plant pots, etc., making them ideal for the task.

Have the peace of mind while away from home

Unlike in the old days, today, you can monitor whatever is happening at home using your smartphone or work desktop. Most of the outdoor security cameras can be linked to your phone and security alarm system. You will receive a notification as soon as your camera begins to record “strange” behavior- no more fretting while away.

Reduced usage of wires

When hiding outdoor security cameras, experts recommend that you limit the number of wires visible as much as possible. Invisible wires make it hard for outsiders to suspect or trace the hidden cameras. More so, most of the hidden outdoor security cameras are small in size and require less wiring. Therefore, with hidden outdoor security cameras, you won’t have loads of wires running throughout your home.

Hidden outdoor security cameras are effective

These cameras are built with highly sensitive sensors to detect unusual movement. They also have high-resolution abilities to capture clear images from afar, giving you a clear view of the activities in your home while you are away. They also have high storage capacities and long battery life. Besides, they can capture images at night.

Creative ways to hide outdoor security cameras.

Tip 1: Go for the mini outdoor security cameras

One of the most creative ways to hide outdoor security cameras is to choose the almost invisible ones. These mini gadgets are highly powered to capture images on a higher resolution than their counterparts. For example, a peephole camera on your door or a mini tripod hiding on a tree on the front porch will surprise you at how much it can do despite its size.

Consider placing them in areas that receive enough light, like the porch, window, and wall, to get the most out of mini hidden security cameras. Cameras in adequately lit areas give you clear images. Also, make sure to check out the camera’s night vision capacity.

Tip 2: Camouflage your outdoor security cameras with the surroundings

Make your outdoor security cameras look like their surroundings. One way to do this is by dressing the outdoor security camera with camouflage skin that resembles the place you are hiding it in. For example, if you hide your security camera in the flower pot, it could be wise to camouflage it in green skin.

A camera camouflaged on top of a tree is one of the Creative ways to hide outdoor security cameras

Also, you can paint the cameras in a color that matches the rest of the outdoor space. This way, it will be hard for anyone to spot them.

Tip 3: Disguise your security cameras in daily use equipment

For example, you can get the camera fitted on the mailbox, among DIY kits, or doorbell. Unless one is keenly looking, they won’t notice your little trick. This way, you get to capture the view of all your uninvited guests without their knowledge.

Tip 4: Cover all the wiring for your outdoor security cameras

When outdoor security camera wires are exposed, they risk destruction by burglars. However, there are various creative ways to hide them without attracting much attention.

For example, you can choose to camouflage the wires by painting them in the same color as the walls or running them through the conduits. A criminal is less likely to investigate whether those PVC pipes are running water or CCTV cables.

Tip 5: Get a casing for your outdoor security camera

Another creative way to hide outdoor security cameras is by investing in casings. These casings are usually camouflaged into toys or props and come in different shades. Their neutral and bland appearance doubles the camera’s invisibility, making them effective. For instance, hiding your outdoor security camera in a floral-shaped casing on one of the plants in the garden can be a security boost.

Tip 6: Hide your security cameras in unexpected places

Camera hidden in trees is one of the creative ways to Hide outdoor security cameras

Consider hiding your outdoor security cameras in places no one can bother to check. For example, you can fix the camera on solar panels, tree branches, leaves, birdhouses, plant pots near the entrance, the wall, etc. These areas attract little attention since most people are accustomed to seeing outdoor security cameras hang on top of their heads at the entrance.

Tip 7: Consider placing the outdoor security camera higher than the standard view

When you hide the outdoor security cameras in a place higher than the standard viewer’s eyesight, you increase invisibility. For instance, a security camera hanging from one of the branches of the towering fruit tree in your backyard might not attract the attention of the burglar as much as one in the eaves. However, hiding the security camera too high might not give you evident details. Be keen to make sure this location meets your goals.

Tip 8: Install your outdoor security cameras when no one is watching

You don’t want your snoopy neighbor or a stranger passing by to see you seal the secret. Consider installing your outdoor security cameras when few people are at home, such as during weekdays. Find out from your home security expert about the most convenient time to get the work done.

Likely issues or concerns when hiding outdoor security cameras

Like most of the installations in the home, hiding outdoor security cameras comes with its share of worries. Below are some of the challenges you are likely to experience when you set down to work.

Physical obstacles

When hiding outdoor security cameras, physical obstacles such as leaves, branches, etc., may hinder you from getting the best view. For instance, a swaying tree might distract quality images, whereas growing leaves will block the security camera. Consider such factors when hiding your outdoor security cameras.

Security camera resolution and cost

The camera’s resolution determines the quality of the images you get. If you want to hide your outdoor security cameras, you should consider buying those with high-resolution capabilities. These tend to be costly but are worth the money.


Unlike the visible security cameras, hiding outdoor security cameras requires you to pay a lot of attention to the light. You will need a camera with high night vision parameters to get clear images both during the day and the night.

External impacts and weather elements

Hidden outdoor security cameras are constantly facing exposure to heat, cold, and other outdoor impacts. Consider buying those that withstand the elements and also hide them in more favorable places.

Legal concerns

There are laws governing how and where to install outdoor security cameras. For example, it is illegal to install a security camera in a position that infringes on your neighbor’s privacy. Be careful to find out from your state’s home security department about these details before you hide those outdoor security cameras.

Final Thoughts

Nothing gives you peace of mind, like knowing that your family and your property are safe from external harm. You can achieve this by using any of the creative ways to hide outdoor security cameras discussed above. This way, you get evidence soon enough to stop them in their tracks.

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