Can you use outdoor lights indoors?

Lights blow out so often, at least at some point your lighting must have blown out. If it’s the indoor lights that have blown, the obvious replacement is lights with the same functionalities? Or better still something similar. But, what would happen if you find better lights but realize that it’s meant for outdoors? It’s obvious what the next question would be “Can you use outdoor lights indoors?

The answer is, Yes and No! We shall delve on the details later in the article. However, picture a situation where you have to take out your outdoor folding chairs and desk, the ones you normally use to respond to emails in your backyard. And now, it has to be in the sitting room to work as your office desk? Or something simpler, can your dining table work as your picnic table and vice versa?

These are not related items, but the questions are equally mind-boggling. Just to paint a picture of the yes and no answer above.

Before taking up the elegant outdoor lights and replacing it indoors, there are a couple of factors you need to consider for your safety. However, let’s first discuss the difference between outdoor and indoor lights.

Difference between outdoor lights and indoor lights.

Generally, outdoor lights are made with the same technology as indoor lights – the electrical structure and lights bulbs are the same. However, outdoor lights are made to withstand weather elements so they are normally waterproof and more rugged.

Can you use outdoor lights indoors

There’s also the durability aspect that’s considered by manufacturers of outdoor lights, thanks to the exposure to too many foreign materials. To withstand corrosion, outdoor lights are also made with non – corrosive materials. Other than those differences, outdoor and indoor lights are the same in other aspects including the general power consumption which depends on the output.

Selective Usage of outdoor lights indoors.

Yes, you can use outdoor lights indoors. If you fall in love with an outdoor fixture that you want to use indoors, the kitchen is a perfect position. Outdoor lights are usually waterproof so it will be an ideal addition to the kitchen around the sink area.

Because of the high humidity in the bathroom, and the fact that outdoor lights are designed with extreme conditions in mind, this is another place you can use outdoor lights indoors.

Other than the manufacturing aspect, the aesthetic component of outdoor lights also plays a part. Outdoor lights can blend in well with your interior better than any interior lights you can find. The tarnished copper or sparkling aluminum might just be what you need for your in – house bar, parlor or some recreation room to create a lounge-like feel.

Why Some Outdoor lights cannot be used indoors.

Outdoor lights are sometimes covered in protective chemicals to withstand extreme conditions. These are normally written as part of the user manual that come with the lights, and, therefore, it’s important to check the reservations of the manufacturers. These chemicals might be harmful to your health if used indoors.

Something that’s important to consider is the power output that these lights can accommodate. Outdoor lights are normally 12 volts and connected to a 12 – volt power output. On the other hand, the indoor lights are accustomed to 120 – volt system. It, therefore, means that if you bring the outdoor light with a power outage of 12 volts to a 120 volt power source, you are definitely on your way back to the shop. Be sure that the power consumption match before making the swap.


Outdoor lights can be used indoors at selected places such as kitchen or the showers. However, it is advisable to check on the manufacturers manual before making such changes. Some of the outdoor lights might contain chemicals that aren’t ideal for a closed set –up.

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