Best Solar Spot Lights Outdoor for Your Home

The use of the best solar spot lights outdoor has risen tremendously in the recent past. This increase can be majorly attributed to the benefits of these outdoor solar lights to homeowners.

Outdoor solar lights are very easy to install, are maintenance-free, and above all, they do not add any coin to your electricity bills because they use solar energy. The common home uses of outdoor solar lights include; wall-mounted lamps, security lights, free stand lamp posts, and pathway light sets.

The best solar spot lights outdoor use photovoltaic cells, which transform solar energy into electricity. This energy is then stored in solar batteries awaiting usage at night. The most commonly used batteries include a lead-acid battery, sealed lead acid battery, and nickel-cadmium battery.

The outdoor solar lights have been certified to work in all geographical locations and weather conditions. However, they will only work well when the solar cells receive enough sun hours recommended by the manufacturer.

The nightly run hours of the outdoor solar lights depend on the specific sunlight conditions. The outdoor solar lights placed in areas that receive less sunlight will operate for fewer hours than those in areas with enough sunlight.

The operating time varies depending on how the sky is clear on any given day.

When the solar PV cells are covered by landscape features such as houses and trees, the battery charging and performance is affected. Not only is the performance affected, but an insufficient battery charging also reduces the life of the battery.

Some of the best solar spot lights outdoor as one unit, i.e., they have both the panel and the light in one body while others have separate lights and solar cell panels. The units are available in various sizes ranging from small, medium pathway makers to pole-mounted patios and high mast security lights.

Well, having understood the outdoor solar lights, below is a list of the best solar outdoor spot lights for your garden or patios.  This list will help you make an informed decision.

  1. Solar Spotlight, IP65 Waterproof 4 LED Solar Lights Wall Light.

If you’re looking for a spotlight that offers brighter lights and longer working hours, then this product is a perfect choice.

This solar spotlight is built with 4 LED solar lights, each having 50watts lumen, which makes it produce a sum of 200 lumens of light. It has a built-in18650 lithium rechargeable battery, which is able to produce light for about 8-10 hours when fully charged.

Unlike other outdoor solar spotlights, it has an automated on and off switch which operates efficiently during night and day.

And for easy regulation of lights, it has three mode light regulator system; high, low, and full depending on the intensity of light you want.

This solar spotlight is adjustable up to 180-degrees, enabling you to use light exactly where you want it and also set the solar cells at an optimum angle for charging.

Worry not about rainy days or bad weather; the best solar spot lights outdoor are dust and waterproof so this is no exception It is designed with waterproof IP65 grade to withstand dust and water jets.

As for its installation, it is as easy as 1 2 3. Just use the provided screws to mount it on the wall or use the sharpened ends to stick it on the ground for tool-less installation


  • Easy to install.
  • Adjustable up to 180- degrees.
  • Automated on and off switch.
  • Three mode light regulation.


Can easily be disassembled, making it prone to stealing.

2.      JESLED Solar Landscape Spot Lights

Looking for something that brings both security and aesthetics to your garden, patio, or walkways, then you should consider having this JESLED solar landscape spotlight. It is designed to give perfect camouflage and blend with your garden.

This solar landscape spotlight has two assembling procedures for quick and easy installation – saving you time and an extra professional charge. You can decide to mount it on the wall with the screws provided or stick it on the ground with the stakes.

The JESLED solar landscape spotlight has a bigger and more sensitive solar panel to ensure the 2000mA larger capacity 18650 lithium battery is fully charged. The battery can support the 14 LEDs 650 lumens to produce brighter lights and offer longer working hours at optimum level.

Interestingly, the JESLED solar spotlight has two brightness modes; low light mode running for 12hours, which allows for power saving during bad weather, and a high light mode going for 6hours, which provides you with brighter light whenever you need.

This JESLED solar powered spotlight is automated to detect changes in brightness and raise or lower its illumination appropriately. This JESLED solar spotlight has a unique design that allows it to adjust at a lighting angle of 90 degrees.  The solar panel is also adjustable to 90 degrees to receive sufficient sunlight.

This solar-powered spotlight is made with IP67 waterproof, heatproof, and frost resistant, making it suitable for all weather conditions.


  • Adjustable at an angle of 90degrees for both the light and the solar panel.
  • Easy to install.
  • Waterproof, heatproof, and frost resistant.
  • Brighter lights and longer illumination hours
  • Bigger and a more sensitive solar panel.
  • Two brightness modes for controlled illumination.


  • A plastic body that can be easily broken.

3.      Solar Spotlights Outdoor Waterproof

For a mixture of convenience and versatility, this is the best solar spot lights outdoor that would be a great fit. It comes with a light head that is adjustable within a range of 90 degrees, allowing you to direct the light to the exact place you want it. The panel also adjusts at an angle of 180 degrees to allow for maximum sun exposure.

This spotlight does not require any professional experience to install; you only need to stick it on the ground using the sharp stakes. Alternatively, you can use the screws provided to mount it on the wall, and you are done just like that!

This sunklly solar outdoor spotlight boasts of providing the longer lasting light hours, lasting for up to 14 hours when the battery is completely charged.

For maximum light output, this solar outdoor spotlight has 7 LED solar lights, which are 50 watts, each making it produce light of 350-lumen output. This spotlight being solar powered, it is safe, environmentally friendly, and above all, it is highly cost-effective.


·         Easy to install.

·         Longer lasting light hour of 14hours.

·         Solar panel that adjusts at an angle of 180degrees for maximum sun exposure.

·         Built-in photocell for light detection.

·         Highly cost-effective.


·         It does not illuminate longer distance.

4.      200 Lumens Solar Wall Lights/In-ground Lights

This hallomall outdoor solar spotlight brand offers the perfect marriage of optimum security and beauty. It comes with an in-built camera that offers maximum security while adding décor to your garden by lighting it up with arrays of beauty.

It comes with a 4LED, 50 Watts solar lights that produce 200 lumens light giving it a competitive status as one of the brightest solar spotlights you may come around.

As the name suggests, this solar outdoor spotlight can be mounted on the wall using the screws provided or can be stuck on the ground by means of its stakes. This does not require specialization of any kind.

You don’t have to worry about turning it on at night and off in the morning because it is automated with light operated switch so it can turn on and off by itself.

Built with IP65, this solar spotlight boasts of being water and weatherproof.

This solar spotlight can go for up to 8-10 hours when completely charged, giving you a maximum light hour during the night.


  • Automated to self-operate.
  • Water and weatherproof.
  • Has built-in camera for maximum security.
  • Offers the brightest light of 200 lumen.


  • Has a limited illumination distance.
  • Expensive given that it has an in-built camera.
  1. Powered Cast Aluminium Warm White LED Spotlight 60-100 Lumen.

This powered cast aluminum warm white spotlight comes with a magnifier lens, light output angle of 45 degrees which ensures that the light covers a wider area than the normal light fixtures.

The powered cast aluminum led solar spotlight is available in a package that includes; two cast-aluminum solar lights fixture with a spike and one remote solar panel with a spike. It has a two-way mounting method that makes it easy to install. You can stake it on the ground or mechanically mount it on the wall by using the screws provided.

Though this outdoor solar spotlight does not come as one unit, it does not need a professional to come and wire it. It comes with an easy to understand manual that makes it possible for you to connect its parts at home.

Best solar spot lights outdoor

It has an in-built light detector that makes it able to self-operate when it detects different light conditions, i.e., it turns off during the day and turns on during the night, making it conveniently operating even when you are away.

It has a textured black finish spotlight fixture with an impact-resistant lens. It includes a 3 Wp solar panel and a lithium battery for increased performance.

The light modules use TIR lenses rather than reflectors, and they do a great job of focusing the light into a narrow-to-medium cone, just like the high-end flashlights that firefighters use.

The LEDs have a nice, warm color; they’re very bright at full intensity, and bright enough for most outdoor purposes.


  • Longer battery performance.
  • Automated on and off switch.
  • Impact-resistant lens.
  • Easy to install.


  • Risk of the connecting wire being eaten by rodents.
  1. LITOM 12 LEDs Solar Landscape Spotlights.

Undoubtedly, this LITOM 12 LEDs solar landscape spotlight is the most fashionable and practical solar spotlight you will ever come across in the market – It justifies its ranking as one of the best solar spot lights outdoor. With 12 LEDs 50 Watts solar lights, it gives brighter lights of 600 lumens at an adjustable angle of 120degrees, providing you with wider light coverage.

It comes with a bigger solar panel that adjusts up to 90 degrees to ensure maximum exposure to sunlight, making it able to charge the 18650-lithium battery for longer lighting hours fully.

This LITOM solar landscape spotlight has a two-brightness light mode; low light mode running for 12 hours and high light mode that runs for 6 hours, this ensures that you can control your power usage depending on the intensity of the light requirement.

It can automatically detect the change of brightness. When the brightness is low it will automatically change from power storage mode to lighting mode without motion detection (auto on at night/off at sunrise).

The LITOM outdoor solar spotlight has a unique IP67 waterproof design that makes it withstand terrible weather conditions. It is more durable than the other versions of waterproof grade lights.

This landscape solar spotlight comes with two easy installation methods that offer you a quick and tool-less process. You can mount it on the wall with the screws provided from the manufacturer or stick it on the ground with the stakes.


  • It is automated to detect change in brightness.
  • Weatherproof
  • Easy to install.
  • Provides very bright light.
  • Stylishly designed to add décor into your garden or patios.


  • It is very costly, given the qualities it has.
  1. Magictec Solar Spotlights, Warm Light 2-in- 1

This magictec solar spotlight offers a versatile lighting focus and brightness, making it powerful and a more energy-saving solution for all outdoor lightings. It is powered by 18650 rechargeable lithium-ion battery operating at 2200mAh so it can operate for up to 10 hours when fully charged.

The magictec solar spotlight has two brightness mode settings; high light mode that runs for 6 hours and low light mode that goes for 12 hours, enabling you to vary the number of lighting time.

It also has a full 180 degrees adjustable light and solar panel; this feature ensures that the light is used exactly where it is required and the solar panel is adjusted for maximum sunlight exposure.

For installation, you can stick it on the ground with the stakes or alternatively mount it on the wall using the screws provided for by the manufacturer. It also has a rugged plastic body design that makes it durable, waterproof and heatproof.


  • It is more power-efficient.
  • Has long operating hours.
  • Two brightness mode for varying lighting time.
  • Adjustable light and solar panel.
  • Easy to install.
  • Warm and inviting glow.
  • Very durable.


  • Limited illumination distance.

8.      Frost fire Landscape Spotlights

If you are interested in strength and durability, then this Frostfire landscape spotlight is highly recommended. It has a metallic body that makes it strong and durable placing it in the frontline as the ideal choice.

The solar panel for this outdoor spotlight has a lifespan of 5 years, ensuring that it serves you better for longer period. Its LED lifespan also goes for a period of 50,000hours.

This frostfire landscape spotlight is easy to install, all you need to do is to stick it on the ground using the stakes, and you are good to go. It does not require cabling or power supply.

The frostfire landscape spotlight head is made to rotate up to 360 degrees and tilts up to 270 degrees making it convenient for you to choose where you want to concentrate your light. It also has an automated system that makes it able to activate bright light at night.


  • Has a longer LED lifespan of up to 50000 hours.
  • It is strong and durable.
  • Very easy to install.
  • External solar panel with a lifespan of 5 years.
  • Automated to detect activate bright light at night.


  • It is not mountable on walls.

9.      InnoGear Solar Lights Outdoor

Unlike some of the best solar spot lights outdoor, this InnoGear outdoor solar spotlight has both its solar panel and lights independently adjustable. The solar panel can easily rotate 180-degrees up and down to effectively catch the sun energy while still maintaining the best lighting angle. The light head rotates at 90 degrees to produce light to any place that seems out of reach.

With its two-mode lighting mechanism, you have the option to set from a high light mode that runs for 6hrs to the low light mode that runs for 12hrs to allow you to extend working hours.

This outdoor solar spotlight has an advanced 1.5 monocrystalline silicon solar panel that makes its energy conversion rate 30% faster than other older versions. It is built with a sensor that detects the brightness of the surroundings and automatically turns on or off depending on the brightness.

The panel has a smooth surface that keeps dirt and waste from accumulating to block sunrays, hence has an efficient charging ability.

For installation purposes, the package comes with a kit that has all the necessary tools for installing the lights by either mounting it on the wall or sticking it on the ground with the stakes.

It is made of high-impact ABS plastic and high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon, which guarantees its durability and quality.  These components make it resistant to water and all types of extreme weather conditions.


  • Faster energy conversion rate.
  • Smooth panel surface for efficient charging.
  • Durable and quality.
  • Resistant to extreme weather.
  • Independently adjustable solar panel and light head.
  • Automated on and off switch as per the surrounding light.
  • Very easy to install.


  • Does not illuminate clearly when on dim mode.
  1. BEAU JARDIN Solar Lights.

Looking to add beauty and a touch of class to your garden, patio, pathways or back yard? Then this BEAU JARDIN is the best solar spot lights outdoor for your needs. It is made of stainless steel and a watertight diamond glass lightshade that not only makes it durable but beautiful too.

With a touch of metal and glass, this solar walkway spotlight’s quality is far much better than other solar spotlight made of plastics.

This BEAU JARDIN solar light does not require tools to install, with wireless set up and operation, it is only pressed deep into the ground using the stakes and you are done. It has a solar panel located at the top which ensures that the AA Ni-MH battery is fully charged to produce sufficient light which makes it last for about 8-12hours.

This solar-powered spotlight boasts an automated photocell switch that enables the light to switch on at night and switch off in the morning. Other than convenience, this auto-switch feature also saves battery life.

It is a weatherproof IP65 making sure that you do not worry about rain, snow, frost or sleet.

The stainless steel and the rugged ABS plastic construction gives this outdoor solar powered spotlight a long-lasting life.


  • Very efficient and eco-friendly.
  • All-weather resistant.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Rustproof.
  • Automated on and off switch.
  • Strong and long-lasting.


  • It is heavier compared to other outdoor solar spotlights.

Factors to consider when purchasing the best solar spot lights outdoor.

1. Style. 

The first thing that you will have to consider is the style of an outdoor solar spotlight you want. In this regard, you will have to ask yourself the following questions: Does the light complement your property? Does it conform to the colors of your property?  Are you looking for the spotlight for both security and aesthetics?

If these questions are answered correctly, you will have an easy time choosing from the many available varieties.

2. Function

There is no reason of having an outdoor light that does not deliver on its functions clearly, so before making any purchase, make sure the lights will deliver on your preferences. For instance, if you want an outdoor light that offers security, you should look for automated motion detectors that can be placed near windows, front doors, and backdoors to enhance security.

3. Durability. 

Compared to interior lightings, outdoor solar lights are more exposed to factors like rain, cold, wind, and general wear and tear. This, therefore, means that you have to look for outdoor solar lights that will be able to withstand these elements. Durability should be the topmost priority if you live in areas with harsh weather conditions.

4. Bulb type.

As much as incandescent and fluorescent bulbs are brighter, it is better to consider outdoor lights with LED bulbs as they consume less energy. LED bulbs are environment friendly and last longer too.

5. Convenience. 

Remember that these outdoor lightings require maintenance in form of changing bulbs, dusting the fixture, and cleaning the body. Therefore, you should consider if the light offers some convenience like smooth bodies that do not attract dust, rechargeable batteries that will not make you change every time. Consider also if the lights require that you operate it yourself or it is automated to turn on and off by itself.

6. Brightness

The outdoor solar spotlight does not offer brightness as the traditional spotlights although they have reasonable brightness. This way, you will have to approximate the total area requiring light and purchase enough light to cover the entire area. When purchasing, go for spotlights that offer enough brightness in terms of lumens with a longer battery run time.

7. Light color.

Most of the solar spotlights use LED lights. These lights give out bright white light, but if you require a different color for your outdoor area then you will have to go for lights with tinted covers. Go for lights with “amber” or “soft white” because they give out best colors.

8. Attachments for installation.

The best outdoor solar spotlight should come complete with all the required such wall plugs, ground stake, and screws attachments for ease of installation. Go for the spotlights that are easy, quick, and require no tools and professional expertise to install.

9. Detachable solar panels.

Most of the solar spotlights come as one unit with their solar panels attached to the light heads while some have detachable panels. You will have to consider purchasing a spotlight with a detachable solar panel if you live in an area that does not receive enough sunlight during the day. This way you will have to take the panel to the area that receives the most light in your garden for maximum charging.


If you have gone through our list of the 10 best outdoor solar spotlights and our buyer guide, you definitely have some insight of what constitutes the best outdoor solar spotlight. This list is just part of your shopping adventure. Remember, what you consider perfect for you is not perfect for the other, but there are standard features that cut across which everyone should consider before making any purchase.

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