The Best Outdoor Wok Burners

Nothing adds more flavor to a backyard get-together than a delicious Asian-inspired meal cooked on the best outdoor wok burner. Whether it is chicken fried rice or chili seasoned meat steaks, the memories are indispensable.

However, finding the best outdoor wok burners for your backyard parties may not be an easy task, especially if it is your first time. That’s why we have dedicated ourselves to in-depth research to give you our picks for the best outdoor wok burners. We have considered functionality, power output, durability, and cost, among others.

We have also included the buyer’s guide to simplify your purchase process. We hope this starts you out on your shopping.

  1. King Kooker 24WC 12″ Portable Propane Outdoor Cooker

This burner is the perfect combination of power and functionality. Designed to prepare large cuisines, it is your best pick for camping and family get-together backyard barbeques. You can use it to stir-fry, boil, or even deep fry your fish and shrimp; or whatever you like for your parties.

The King Kooker produces 54,000 BTUs energy output from a 3” burner. The heat is evenly distributed to offer a great cooking experience.

It stands at 24 inches tall which is a comfortable height so you won’t need to strain as you prepare your meals. Even better is the ease with which you can assemble and re-assemble this portable outdoor wok burner. You won’t dread prepping your shrimps the Asian way on days when you are weary from work.

The wok measures 18″ wide and 1.8 mm thick so it is sturdy enough to withstand extreme temperatures. It is also large enough to prepare food for many guests-you won’t have to worry about cooking multiple times to feed all your guests or family.

Also, the wok is protected from rusting using a resin coating. However, before starting to use the wok, we recommend cleaning it using dish soap and vegetable oil and then dry with a towel. Do not forget to season the wok as per the instructions as this will protect it from rusting after frequent use.

Best Outdoor wok burner

It comes in-built wind guard and a recessed wok ring. These two keep you safe by ensuring the flame isn’t blown to the cook. Also, they prevent the wok from accidentally being blown away while you cook.

The best outdoor wok burners are made of rigid material to withstand the harsh outdoor environment and King Kooker 24WC is no exception. It is made of premium stainless steel that will serve you for a long time and you are assured to get your value for money with this product.

Like most outdoor burners, this piece from King Kooker is designed to use propane as the main fuel source. To simplify your work, the manufacturer included an inbuilt regulator so you won’t have to worry about your home blowing into flames. Also, the outdoor wok burner comes with a gas flow adjustment knob for quick installation and temperature adjustments.

Summary: The King Kooker 24WC 12″ Portable Propane Outdoor Cooker is the perfect buy if you are looking for a combination of power and affordability. We guarantee it will serve you well unless you the 24’’ height isn’t convenient for you.

Key Features

  • BTUs: 54,000
  • Wok Size: 18″
  • Material: Stainless Steel.
  • Extras: CSA-certified cast burner; LP hose and regulator with type-1 connector, Flame-protective wind guard, deep-fry thermometer, and recipe booklet.


  • It is easy to assemble.
  • It is sturdy.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • It is affordable.
  • It is safe to use.
  • Heat is adjustable.
  • It is portable.
  • It is durable.


  • The stand is slightly short.
  • Difficulty removing resin protecting the wok.
  1. Power – Flamer Outdoor Long Leg High-Pressure Propane Manual Ignition Wok Burner

Talk of power, exceptional price, and reliability to serve your family for generations! This is the best outdoor wok burner so far when it comes to these metrics. It produces a high energy output of 160,000 BTUs. With it, you can bring the professional commercial Asian flavors into your home- easy and fast.

The burner is iron cast designed. This is excellent for directing maximum heat to the center of the wok- the result is a screamingly hot blaze to stir-fry your fish. The package also includes a spider mesh guard to add wind protection and redirect the heat to the proper places.

The outdoor wok burner comes with an adjustable 13” wok adapter ring. You can, therefore, fit in your wok and also adjust it as you desire in case you are using a bigger pot.

This outdoor wok burner is made of high-end materials to give you the durability that you deserve. The frame is made of tough cast iron which can withstand extreme heat temperatures and other environmental impacts.

Unlike most propane burners that come with rubber hoses, this one comes with a stainless steel braided hose that is resistant to UV radiation and can also withstand extreme cooking heat.

Summary: Overall, this is one of the best outdoor burners when it comes to power output, strength, and durability. It is the perfect pick for you if you are a frequent outdoor wok chef.

Key Features

  • BTUs: 160,000
  • Material: Iron.
  • Standard stainless steel braided hose.
  • Spider mesh for added wind protection.
  • Adjustable wok adapter.


  • Quick-cooking time.
  • Highly durable.
  • Great value for your money.
  • It is easy to assemble.
  • High and adjustable cooking power.
  • The removable eggs offer versatility-use on the ground or on the table.


  • Does not come with a wok and other accessories.
  • Some users are concerned about the sturdiness of the legs.
  1. Eastman Outdoors 37212 Outdoor Gourmet 22 Inch Carbon Steel Wok

With this masterpiece from Eastman, you can now enjoy authentic Asian meals prepared with the excellence of a pro. It is your perfect pick if you are looking for efficiency, stability, and safety- all added to affordability.

The manufacturers of this burner are famous for their strict policy on utilizing the Canadian Standards Authority (CSA) in testing all their propane appliances. This outdoor burner is no exception. It is extremely efficient and burns much hotter and cleaner than most of the outdoor wok burners in the market. What’s more impressive is its extremely high output of heat – 65000 BTUs. With this, you get to prepare a lot of food for a lot of guests at a more economical cost.

The burner comes with a 22’’wide wok that allows you to enjoy your cook time without having to worry about splattering. Also, the wok’s big size is a plus if you intend to be serving food for a large crowd.

The burner has adjustable legs so you can adjust it to your most comfortable height. Also, with the adjustment, you can use the burner to accommodate large pots for boiling and deep-frying. You don’t have to fret over more guests or feeling pain in your back and neck after cooking.

Typical of most outdoor wok burners, the Eastman Outdoors 37212 is designed to use propane as the main fuel. This burner is shipped with a high-quality propane hose and regulator to help control the levels of flame and temperature.

Not to forget is the great portability of this outdoor wok burner. Weighing only 25 pounds, it is easy to move and carry about.

Summary: Overall, this is one of the best outdoor wok burners designed to give you extravagant heat and a lot of space to cook massive meals. Also, it is a high-end model made of premium quality materials that are doomed to last.

Key Features

  • BTUs: 65,000
  • Wok Size: 22 Inches.
  • Material: Carbon steel.
  • Extras: stainless steel wok spoon and spatula, propane hose, regulator, and 12-Inch thermometer to maintain proper temperatures while cooking.
  • Adjustable legs.


  • The adjustable legs make it comfortable to use.
  • High capacity wok.
  • Very sturdy.
  • It is economical.
  • It is portable- ideal for camping and hiking.
  • Temperature can be adjusted.


  • The large wok size makes it a little hard to wash in a regular sink.
  1. ARC,615BS, 200,000 BTU S/S High-Pressure Propane Burner

This outdoor wok burner is a blend of power, style, and excellent functionality. Whether you want something to use for stir-frying or for boiling, this burner is ideal for your camping, RVs, tailgating, backyard parties, commercial use, and any other outdoor party.

It is a surprise how the manufacturers of this unit managed to make it aesthetically appealing and yet give it such an extreme power output. With an astounding energy output of 200,000 BTUs, this burner provides you with all the heat you need for your outdoor cooking. Besides, the pretty design provides you with 360 degrees of wind protection; thus all heat is perfectly directed to the wok. With this burner, you can be assured of crispy Asian dishes ready within the least of time.

The ARC 615BS propane burner provides you with a 19 Inch dimension cooking area which is enough space to accommodate even the largest of your cooking pots and pans.

This stylish outdoor wok burner is made of cast iron. You can be assured that it will serve you for years as the material is resistant to both extreme cooking heat and also to UV radiation. To make sure that your hose and regulator also live long, the manufacturer was wise to braid them out of stainless steel as well.

What other features make this unit one of the best outdoor wok burners? I bet it is the removable legs and wheels. These not only make it stylish, but they also simplify your work when it comes to movement and storage.

Summary: If style and power are to meet, then this outdoor wok burner takes the lead. Designed to serve you for a long time, this is the perfect pick for value for your money.

Key Features

  • BTUs: 200,000
  • Material: Cast iron.
  • Removable legs and wheels.
  • Stainless steel braided regulator and hose.
  • All-round windscreen.


  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Very sturdy and durable.
  • Highly portable.
  • The detachable legs make it easy to transport and store.
  • All-round windscreen for protection when cooking on windy days.


  • Does not come with a wok and other accessories.
  1. Camp Stove with Cast Iron Burner, Single

With one of the latest technologies in the outdoor wok space, this burner will turn your camping into a new experience of trying Asian dishes. If you are a newbie at these things, worry not. This burner is easy to use and gives you optimum cooking performance.

Standing at 31 Inches after assembly, this outdoor wok burner offers you the comfort you need while cooking. Unless you are too short, this should be a good fit for your backyard use. Also, it weighs around 17 pounds only, making it easy to move about while camping.

This outdoor wok burner is designed with an energy output of 54000 BTUs. This will give you enough heat to prepare your chicken fried rice or whatever your favorite dish is.

Unlike most of the outdoor wok burners, this one can use wood, Liquefied Petroleum Gas, and propane for fuel. This gives you a variety to choose from, hence friendly to your pocket.

Summary: This outdoor wok burner offers you simplicity and ease on your camping or tailgating adventure. It is also pocket-friendly if you are working under a tight budget.

Key Features

  • BTUs: 54000
  • Material: Alloy Steel, Cast Iron, Brass.
  • Wind guard to protect from flames.
  • Extras: thermometer, heavy-duty hose, regulator, instruction booklet, and wood utensils.


  • Portable
  • Well-built and sturdy
  • Built for durability and smooth operation
  • Safe to use
  • Easy to use


  • Some users find it hard to clean after use.
  1. Cartener 24-Inch Portable Propane Outdoor Cooker with 18-Inch Steel Wok

This unit from Cartener is good for both when you are looking for a simple and affordable addition to your cooking assets. Designed to easily assemble and fit the pieces together, this outdoor wok burner works well to serve both you and your guests.

Standing at 24 Inches after assembly, this outdoor wok burner is fair to your neck and back. You don’t have to strain while using it.

The burner is set to emit 54000 BTUs of energy. This will provide you with enough heat to make up your delicious Asian cook-ups. Besides, the burner uses liquefied petroleum gas making it friendly to your pocket.

It comes with an 18-inch steel wok that is perfect for stir-frying, deep-frying, and even boiling. The burner is also fitted with a recessed top ring to secure the wok in place while you cook.

Summary: This outdoor wok burner is both simple and easy to use. You can also be sure to enjoy your Asian cuisines without robbing hurting your pocket.

Key Features

  • BTUs: 54000
  • Material: Stainless Steel.
  • Extras: Deep-fry thermometer.


  • It is portable.
  • It is economical.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Easy to use.
  1. ARC, 7382M Outdoor Single Burner Stove

This unit from ARC USA is also another one of the best outdoor wok burners in the market. It is a true innovation in terms of safety, efficiency, and stability. Welded with strong metal to support a large weight capacity, this burner offers you a phenomenal cooking experience that is hard to find.

ARC 7382 is designed using modern technology that makes it a stylish yet functional member of your outdoor cooking gadgets. It has threaded adjustable legs that give you convenience while you do the cooking. Also, the legs are removable. Assembling for use and disassembling for storage will not be a concern to you.

Best outdoor wok burner

This outdoor wok burner is made of a high-pressure system. It produces 65000 BTUs, which is perfect for cooking and frying. Besides, it is fitted with a power adjustment knob that allows you to cook your dishes at your pace; adding in the desired flavors.

This burner is made from heavy-duty iron cast material with a waterproof coating. Cast iron is known for its ability to withstand extreme heat temperatures, thus your burner is good to serve you for years. Also, the hose pipe is made of braided stainless steel that will withstand moisture and other environmental impacts.

Summary: Overall, if you are interested in modern designs that come with quality functionality and efficiency, then this could be one of your choices.  It is a sturdy and highly durable burner from a reputable manufacturer.

Key Features

  • BTUs: 65000
  • Material: Cast Iron, Steel.
  • Threaded detachable legs.
  • Extras: CSA certified regulator, 47inch steel braided hose, and connector.


  • Easy to use and transport
  • Convenient cooking height
  • Sufficient heat for frying and other styles of cooking
  • It is durable
  • It is sturdy
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Detachable legs make it easy for storage
  1. Stansport Camp Stove Single Burner with Cast Iron

With a low budget in mind, we included this piece on our list of the best outdoor burners. If you are working under a tight budget, this is your pick. Don’t you worry about the quality of the product because it is up to standard. It comes with a high heat burner, a wok, and a solid steel frame for the best cooking experience.

The solid steel frame is sturdy and durable, it can hold even the largest of pot and better still, withstand heavy impacts such as being thrown in your truck after a camping weekend.

Let’s talk about the height. If you are a tall chef who hates bending while you cook, this outdoor wok burner offers you the comfort you deserve. It is designed to stand up to 31 Inches.

Also, this outdoor wok burner is set to produce up to 54,000 BTUs. These high temperatures make preparing your Asian dishes quite a breeze. Besides, you don’t have to worry about oil jumping into your face. Included also is a steel wind guard to keep your flames directed upwards and to prevent them from being blown away during windy summer nights.

Summary: For the price, this is one of the best outdoor wok burners.

Key Features

  • BTUs: 54,000
  • Size of wok: 18 Inches.
  • Material: Steel, Iron.
  • Steel wind guard.
  • Extras: Wooden Spoon and Spatula, Thermometer.


  • Budget-friendly.
  • Comfortable height.
  • Made of durable material.
  • The wind guard makes cooking fun.
  • It is portable.

Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Best Outdoor Wok Burners

Choosing the best outdoor wok burners may not be an easy task for a newbie. You might be wondering what it is really you should be looking for to determine whether a wok burner is worth your money. We have outlined a few factors below to help you choose the best outdoor wok burners for your crispy Asian delicacies.

Energy output

When choosing a wok burner, the number one point to consider is the heat output measured in BTUs. This is because most Asian cuisines that are prepared on wok burners require high temperatures to give you the desired flavor. Also, with the high temperatures, what you get are crispy meals that make your backyard experience unforgettable to your guests.  Consider buying a wok burner with energy output of at least 40000 BTUs.

The material of the wok burner

There are very many outdoor wok burners in the market, each made from a different material. However, the best outdoor wok burners are those made from cast iron, stainless steel, carbon steel, and aluminum. These are good choices because they are strong, durable, and resistant to the extreme heat temperatures of wok cooking.

The size of the burner

When choosing your outdoor wok burner, consider one that has a comfortable height and size. You don’t want to go for one that is either too tall or short as that could lead to inconvenience while cooking and even accidents. The best outdoor wok burners usually measure at least 12’’ high for great stability, bolster comfort while cooking, and provide airflow.


Most outdoor wok burners come with other accessories such as the wok, spatulas, thermometers, and spoons. This is intended to add to your convenience as you cook. Before purchasing a wok burner, consider whether it comes with extra accessories or not.

Ease of use

The best outdoor wok burners are those that are easy to use. Buying a burner that is hard to assemble, let alone use could be both annoying and time-consuming. Be careful to check out all the pieces and whether it is bound to give you an easy time before you make that order. Outdoor wok burners made in complicated manners could also cause accidents.


The beauty of an outdoor wok burner lies in its ability to be carried around the backyard easily. Consider buying one that is light yet functional to make your cooking hobby fun. Outdoor wok burners with detachable legs are even better because you can easily disassemble them and carry for storage.


There are so many outdoor wok burners in the market and each one comes with a different price tag. It is important to be patient and take your time to choose a burner that will give you value for your money. We have been careful to include burners that vary in prices on our list just to make sure that you have something that meets your budget.

Final Thoughts

Enjoying food prepared on a wok burner is many people’s joy especially during family gatherings and get-togethers. And choosing the right cooking equipment is one step towards making the outdoor feast a reality. We have dedicated our time to walk you through some of the best outdoor wok burners that would make your cooking experience epic. Our shopping guide will also help you with ideas on what to look out for when shopping for one. We hope our collection and guide will help you find the right product!

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