Best Outdoor Wall Lights – Review and Buyer Guide

Darkness creates a conducive environment for burglars and intruders to gain entry to your home unnoticed. It is important to have your home’s access points like driveways, walkways, and patios illuminated. Outdoor wall lights are a unique way to light up your home or premise.

Outdoor wall lights will not only brighten your access points; they also double as décor and accents that will make your home stand out. If you are in the market for the best outdoor wall lights, check out the ten best outdoor wall lights in 2020. The outdoor wall lights have been rated by fellow users by functionality. Whatever your budget, style, or personal preference, there is something for you below.

  1. John Timberland Bellagio Wall Light –Best Traditional Style

The John Timberland Bellagio is a tastefully designed European antique style wall light that deservedly comes top in our list of the best outdoor wall lights. The Bellagio wall light’s frame is made of sturdy aluminum coated with a warm bronze finish. To finish off the cottage style design is champagne hammered glass.

Each Bellagio lantern can hold three bulbs with a maximum wattage of 40 each. This allows you to screw in the number of bulbs that will yield the brightness you need. However, the wall lights are only compatible with candelabra base bulbs.

John Timberland Bellagio wall lights are meant for the outdoors. Their waterproof rating is ranked as suitable for wet locations.

The lights are also dimmable using compatible dimmers and bulbs, allowing you to alter ambiance. The wavy style champagne tampered glass also filters the light and casts a warm water ripple type of effect on the surrounding walls.

The warm ambiance created by the Bellagio outdoor wall lights makes the lights ideal for porches and patios.


  • Easy to install
  • Each lantern can hold three bulbs
  • The wall light is waterproof
  • The wall lights are dimmable with compatible dimmers
  • Sturdy and durable.


  • Incompatible with LED, CFL, and incandescent bulbs
  • No dusk to dawn feature.

2. Design House Mason 1 – Best Farmhouse Style Wall Lights

If you prefer a minimalist look or fancy some farmhouse charm, then we’ve got the best outdoor wall lights for you. Mason 1 wall lights are easy to install and have a simple look.  The lights are made of sturdy formed steel while the design is composed of a classic barnyard metal shade attached to a metal hook arm.

Design House Mason 1 outdoor wall lights are available in two sizes; eight-inch and ten-inch lights, respectively. There are also seven color finishes to choose from which are; oil-rubbed bronze, rustic red, forest green, galvanized, white, navy blue, and black.

When it comes to durability, the outdoor wall lights are UL certified as safe for wet locations. If you are still not convinced, the limited 10-year warranty on these lights should help you make up your mind.

Another unique feature with these lights is that they are dark sky approved hence help prevent light pollution.

Design House Mason 1 outdoor wall lights are compatible with 60-watt incandescent bulbs or its LED equivalent. They are also dimmable when used with a compatible dimmer switch. The dimmable feature allows you to customize the brightness to the amount of light that will best illuminate your driveway, entryway, garage, or porch.


  • Durable
  • Certified safe for wet locations
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Available in 2 sizes and seven color finishes
  • Dimmable when used with a compatible dimmer switch
  • Limited 10-year warranty.


  • Bulbs and dimmers not included in the package
  • Some users say the lights are too small.

3. Globe Electric Charlie (44127) Outdoor Wall Sconce – Best value for money

The Design House Charlie wall lights have a rustic design with a warm bronze finish that will add a bit of zest to your entryways. The elegant seeded glass shade on the lantern creates a splendid spread of light that will make your home bright and inviting.

The wall light is also dimmable with compatible switches allowing you to tailor the ambiance to your desired setting.  

Design House Charlie Wall Sconce gives you value for money because it comes with the required mounting hardware.  A 7 watt LED bulb and wall mount are also part of the package. The ready hardware and a simple user manual make installation super easy.

The Outdoor Wall Sconce’s unique design also makes it easy to change the bulb. One also does not have to worry about bugs getting stuck and dying inside the lantern.

The flip side with the design, however, is that the accent ring as the bottom is rickety.


  • Required mounting hardware included in the package
  • Comes with 7watt LED bulb
  • Dimmable with compatible switches
  • Easy to install
  • Limited 10-year warranty.


  • Not sturdy enough for windy locations

4. Globe Electric Turner Sconce   

The Globe Electric Turner Sconce is easy on the eyes with a classic industrial style design. The outdoor wall lights feature a seeded glass shade encased in a sturdy metal housing. They also come in an array of color finishes, including black, brown, and matte black.

The lights are quite easy to install; it takes averagely 15 minutes to set them up.  The package also comes with all the mounting hardware. The outdoor wall light is compatible with most 60watt medium-base bulbs.

Globe Electric Turner outdoor wall lights are not only elegant but also weather-resistant and can last for a long time.

The lights are also dimmable with a compatible switch allowing you to create the perfect atmosphere in your home’s exterior space. The seeded glass shade also enhances the ambiance by dispersing light and creating a warm shadow on the walls. This vintage outdoor wall lights will transform your home at night to a welcoming oasis.


  • All mounting hardware included
  • Easy to install
  • Weather-resistant
  • Available in multiple finishes
  • Lights are dimmable with compatible switches.


  • A bit challenging to change the bulb.

5. Cerdeco 67351T2 Brandon Outdoor Wall Lamp- Best Contemporary/Modern

If your home’s theme is sleek and modern, then Cerdeco Brandon is the best Outdoor wall lights that should illuminate your driveway, garage, and porch. Installation is easy and only takes a matter of minutes.

The wall sconce has a clean and contemporary design with a sand-textured black finish. It features a superior aluminum casing that houses a glass shade. Light emanates from the top, bottom, and groves along the front and sides of the wall light casting delightful patterns on the wall.

Cerdeco Brandon wall light is the perfect blend of elegance and function. The modern style wall light is UL certified as ideal for wet locations. It is also rust-resistant hence durable even in harsh weather. 

The wall light holds two bulbs with a maximum of 60watts each. It is compatible with both LED and incandescent bulbs. The light output from these bulbs is more than enough to keep your entryways illuminated. Better still, the outdoor wall lights can be set to come on at night and go off at first light automatically.

If you are still on the fence about this light fixture, perhaps a 2-year warranty should sway you to Cerdeco’s side.


  • Easy to install
  • Clean contemporary design
  • Strong and sturdy
  • UL Certified
  • IP64 weatherproof rating
  • Rust resistant
  • Compatible with both LED and incandescent bulbs
  • Automatic mode available
  • 2-year warranty.


  • Bulbs sold separately
  • Rather pricy.

6. Globe Electric Sebastian 2-Pack

All good things come in pairs like these globe electric wall sconces.  Globe Electric Sebastien outdoor wall lights are both contemporary and country in equal measure. The wall lights may look simple, but they are strong and sturdy even in windy weather. They are also weather resistant.

The lights are quick and easy to install. You also get full value for your money because all the mounting hardware included in the package. Sebastien 2-pack wall sconces hold two E26 medium base 60watt bulbs per sconce. You will, therefore, need four of these bulbs. The manufacturer recommends using vintage Edison sconce type bulbs in particular. You may want to consider purchasing that particular bulb model.

The outdoor wall lights produce enough light not only to secure your home but also to make it inviting. Better still, they are also dimmable when linked to a compatible dimmer switch allowing you to create the mood and ambiance you prefer for specific occasions.

The antique industrial style wall lights are available in various finishes including; matte black, matte white, matte grey, and matte black with seeded glass. The fact that they come as a pair also helps create some symmetry when installed. If you live in a farmhouse-style home, these outdoor wall lights may be the crowning jewel your home needs.


  • Two sconces at a good price
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Dimmable with a compatible switch
  • Available in four sleek finishes
  • Weather-resistant.


  • No warranty.

7. Cinoton LED Wall Pack Light- Brightest LED Wall Light

Cinoton LED wall lights will keep your driveway or garage awash with bright white light.  Intruders will know better than to invade your space. The pair of outdoor LED wall sconces have a combined illumination of 3000 lumens. The energy output shouldn’t worry you because being LED fixtures, the wall lights can save you up to 70% energy lowering your power bill significantly.

The LED outdoor wall lights are firm and sturdy, ideal for the outdoors. The design consists of a die-cast aluminum housing and a lens made from shock-resistant prismatic epoxy. Cioton LED outdoor wall lights are corrosion-resistant, dust-proof, and have an IP65 waterproof rating. With all those weather-resistant features, these wall lights can withstand even the heaviest rains and storms.

The wall lights also feature the automated dusk-dawn photocell functionality. The lights come on by themselves at dusk and go off at dawn.  These outdoor wall lights have an illumination lifespan of 50,000 hours. If you buy this pair of wall sconce, they will be lighting up your home for a long time to come.


  • Automated dusk-dawn function
  • IP65 waterproof rating
  • Corrosion-resistant and dust-proof
  • LED lights can save up to 70% energy
  • 3000 lumens of bright white light
  • Sturdy structure.


  • Not dimmable.

8. Westinghouse Lighting 6335100 Canyon Outdoor Wall Fixture

The Westinghouse Canyon 1-light wall lantern will instantly transform your entryway or patio with its rustic charm. The outdoor wall light is designed tastefully. A two-tone textured black and barn wood finish coupled with bright hand-blown glass shade makes this vintage wall light easy on the eyes.

Looks aside, this outdoor wall light is also big on function. Installation is easy and will only take you several minutes. Better still, all mounting hardware is included in the package.  The Heavy-duty Westinghouse Canyon outdoor wall light is also ETL certified for safety.

This wall light accommodates only one bulb and is compatible with medium-base bulbs with a maximum wattage of 60 watts. You can opt for an LED bulb if you want a very bright light or an Edison bulb if you prefer a warm glow. There is no cap at the bottom of the lantern, making it easy to change bulbs.

The manufacturer also offers a 5-year limited warranty on this light. If you want to secure your home while simultaneously adding some character to it, this outdoor wall lantern is a great option.


  • ETL Certified
  • 5-year limited warranty
  • Easy and quick to install
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Easy to change the bulb.


  • Bottomless design requires constant cleaning to keep off spiders
  • No dusk-dawn feature

9. Steinel Outdoor Wall Light –Best LED Outdoor Wall Light

The manufacturers of Steinel Outdoor wall lights pride themselves in making user-friendly and functional products that have longevity.

Regarding ease of handling, this outdoor wall sconce is pretty easy to install. It also features a PIR motion sensors and adjustable stings to help it work better for you.

The motion sensor has a detection range of up to 10m and a detection angle of 180 degrees. The sensor lens can be tilted to a 90-degree angle to fine-tune the sensor. This gives you the freedom to install the wall sconce in a tight corner, and still, it will come on. The PIR’s sensitivity is also adjustable, allowing you to customize it to suit your needs.

Other superb features about Steinel LED outdoor wall light are time setting and light scattering. The time setting feature allows you to predetermine when the lights come on and go off. You can also adjust light brightness from 2lux to 2000lux according to your lighting needs.

The elegant modern look of this wall light is another perk. The light is made of strong, weatherproof aluminum bezels combined with UV resistant plastic that scatters light through the five horizontal laths. The outdoor wall light has an IP44 weatherproof rating hence ideal for outdoor installation.

Steinel LED outdoor wall lights are compatible with E27 60watt maximum bulbs. If you prefer a contemporary minimalistic look for your home, this outdoor wall light should fit the bill.


  • PIR sensor with 10m detection range and 180° detection angle
  • Easy to install
  • IP44 weatherproof rating
  • Adjustable time setting
  • Light scattering
  • Adjustable brightness between 2lx-2000lx
  • Energy saving.


  • The light is quite heavily filtered hence bulb may not be as bright as you would expect
  • Some buyers dislike the finish-too much plastic.

10. Design House Jelly Jar- Best Inexpensive Outdoor Wall Light

The Design House Jelly Jar outdoor wall sconce is very cute and rustic. The simple minimalist appearance makes it ideal for almost any home theme. The design features a metal patina and clear glass for light to shine through. The Jelly Jar wall light is available in several finishes including oil-rubbed bronze, black, white, satin nickel, and polished brass.  With all these options you will certainly find the finish that blends with your other home accents.

The Jelly Jar wall light is easy to install and only takes a matter of minutes. It helps that all mounting hardware is included in the package.

The wall light may be tiny and low-priced but it is UL listed for safety and quality. It is compatible with 60watt bulbs. The manufacturer recommends incandescent bulbs but LED, and CFL bulbs work too.

The light from this fixture is not glaring but soft, kind of like a bow light. The soft light makes it best suited for lighting, either a porch or patio entryway. But at this exceptionally low price, you can buy several fixtures to light up a broader walkway.


  • Great price
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Available in 5 different finishes
  • Versatile-for indoor/outdoor use
  • UL listed for safety
  • Compatible with incandescent, LED, and CFL bulbs
  • Mounting hardware included in the package.


  • The design may make it difficult to change the bulb.

There are tonnes of outdoor wall lights available in the market. However, not every brand will suit your needs. From our selection of 10 best outdoor wall lights above, you may have gotten the gist of what to look out for when shopping for outdoor wall lights. A quick, clear reference point wouldn’t hurt, though. Check out the list of factors to consider when purchasing outdoor wall lights below:

Best Outdoor Wall Lights Buyers Guide: Factors to Consider When Purchasing Outdoor Wall Lights

  • Ease of installation.

Some wall light fixtures are more difficult to install than others. Always consider purchasing an outdoor light fixture that is easy to install with minimum expertise. If the installation is too complex, you may have to enlist an electrician, which will cost you more money. Consider purchasing a fixture that includes all mounting hardware and a user-friendly installation manual. 

  • Weatherproof.

An outdoor wall light will be exposed to the elements. The light fixture should be constructed to withstand the elements or risks being damaged in no time. Consider the material used in making the wall light and the sturdiness of the fixture in general. Also, always buy outdoor light fixtures with a certified waterproof rating.

  • Size.

The size of the fixture also determines the amountit illuminates. The size also determines whether the outdoor wall light will be enough to light up the space you want to illuminate sufficiently. Smaller lights are ideal for porches and patios, while larger wall lights are ideal for driveways and garages. 

  • Function.

You should consider the wall light’s intended use before purchasing it. If the primary purpose is security, you may consider a bigger, brighter wall light, perhaps with a motion sensor. But if the outdoor wall light is more for aesthetics and ambiance, a tastefully designed wall sconce with dimming capabilities would function better.

  • Bulb Type.

Different wall lights are compatible with specific light bulbs. Some wall lights are only compatible with one type of bulb, while others are compatible with LED, CFL, and incandescent bulbs too. Consider the bulb that will best meet your needs. LED bulbs are best for outdoor security lights because they provide glaring illumination while saving energy too.

The other bulbs emit a warm glow. Also, ensure that the maximum wattage capacity prescribed by the wall light manufacturer is enough for your lighting needs. Some manufacturers recommend specific bulb models. You may want to consider these recommendations.

  • Style.

Apart from lighting your home exterior, outdoor wall lights also double as aesthetic accents. Wall lights are available in various designs from traditional to contemporary. A design that enhances your home theme would be pretty cool. However, the design should go hand in hand with functionality. Look out for a design that is easy to install, easy to change the bulb, is sturdy, and that leaves no room bugs to form a habitat inside the sconce or lantern.

  • Durability.

An outdoor wall light fixture is only worth it when it is durable. There is no point in spending your money on a light fixture that will lead you back to the store sooner than expected. Consider a product with quality craftsmanship, made of durable material, and great finishes. A product with a limited warranty is a great choice. Regarding durability, the best resource is user reviews from previous buyers. You may want to consider their opinions to some degree. 

  • Budget.

What you are willing to spend will determine what you purchase. Consider your needs before buying any outdoor wall lights so that you don’t overpay for something that doesn’t suit you. The general perception is that cheap is expensive. Here your instincts will come in handy.

When assigning your wall light, purchase a budget, also consider installation. A fixture that includes all mounting hardware will save you money rather than one where you have to buy mounting brackets aside from the wall lights.


If your home is to look warm and inviting and less like the set of a haunted house movie, then outdoor wall lights are a must-have. While there are plenty of outdoor wall lights in the market, always consider your needs, functionality, and durability.

Outdoor wall lights do more than just light up your driveway, entryway, or porch. They also add charm and a bit of character to your home’s exterior. A tastefully designed outdoor wall light that will enhance the theme of your home is important too.

We have highlighted the ten best outdoor wall lights for you. Whatever your needs, one of them will work for you. If you still feel like exploring, then our kickass best outdoor wall lights buyer’s guide will lead you to your dream outdoor wall lights.

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