Best Outdoor TV Antenna for Rural Areas

The mailman drops off your mail and all you got are bills; water bill, electricity bill, even one for cable! As much as cable TV is packed with plenty of wonderful entertainment channels, it also comes with a hefty monthly subscription fee.

 A costly cable TV service subscription is hardly justified when you only watch a fraction of the provided channels. If you are wondering how to get rid of the cable bill, how about getting an outdoor TV antenna.

Today, there are plenty of modern cutting-edge technological outdoor TV antennas. A TV antenna is a much more sensible choice because you incur a one-time cost that will give you free TV viewing for life.

Even if you live in a rugged rural area or have an off-the-grid holiday home; you can invest in the best outdoor TV antenna for rural areas. That way, you get to view your favorite sports and entertainment channels at no cost.

However, not all outdoor antennas for rural areas are made equal. As previously stated, the best outdoor TV antenna for rural areas is an investment.

With any investment, you will need to know the key features, pros, and cons of a product to make a decision. In this article, we will highlight the 10 best outdoor TV antenna for rural areas based on specifications and user experience.

We have also compiled a shopping guide for the best outdoor TV antenna for rural areas. Let us get started.

10 Best Outdoor TV Antenna for Rural Areas

  1. Pingbingding PBD WA-2608 Digital Amplified TV Antenna with Mounting Pole.

The PBD outdoor antenna delivers stunning picture quality, vibrant colors, and superbly clear sound.

The antenna receives both UHF and VHF signals then transforms them into HD quality picture. It supports various TV resolutions including 720p, 1080i, 1080p, and even the stunning 4K.

The antenna’s snap-on installation mechanism makes installing it a breeze as there are no tools required. Once installed, the antenna has a stupendous 150mile range backed by a super-high grain as well as a low noise amplifier.

With all the above signal-picking technology in place, you are unlikely to miss any free over-the-air channels within your location.

The antenna comes with a wireless remote controller so no running out of the house to adjust it every time. With just a click of the remote, the antenna makes a rotation of up to 360° in either direction.

The dual-directionality feature ensures that the antenna’s coaxial cable does to get tangled. Speaking of coaxial cable; the PBD antenna comes with a 40ft long coaxial cable, 10ft longer than the recommended 30ft above ground installation height.

Another cool feature of this antenna is that it can be connected to two TVs simultaneously without using a special adapter or a splitter. You can watch a football game in the living room while your kids enjoy kids’ programs in the media room using the same antenna.

As a safety measure, the antenna is lightning protected and has grounding done on it. That way, you never have to worry about lightning striking your antenna then damaging every other electronic in your home.

To maintain the integrity of the product, Pingbingding outdoor antennas are only sold by the manufacturer. The chances of you buying a knock-off are zero.


  • Easy-to-follow user manual
  • Free digital channels
  • Supports 2 TVs simultaneously
  • Wireless remote control
  • Weather-resistant
  • Full HD picture quality
  • 150-mile range
  • 45-day money-back guarantee


  • TV signals are affected by height and the distance from the broadcasting transmitter.

2. RCA Outdoor Yagi Satellite HD Antenna

The technology in this RCA Yagi antenna puts it among the best outdoor TV antenna for rural areas. The antenna can be linked to a free RCA signal finder app.

The app helps you align your antenna towards the nearest broadcast tower and away from obstructions for the best reception.

Once you enter your address into the RCA signal finder app, it shows you all the broadcast towers within your range. It also shows you all the Over the Air (OTA) channels from each broadcast tower.

The antenna receives both UHF and VHF signals then converts them to incredible high-quality picture and sound. You can view content in 1080HDTV, 4K, and even 8K resolution.

Besides having a commendable 70mile range, the RCA aerial has superior reception and can deliver outstanding signal quality even when placed in an attic. Its simple design is intended to maximize signal reception while maintaining a low profile.

The antenna’s installation follows a simple six-step installation process; quick and easy. It is also made using durable material and can withstand heavy storms that can knock out cable and satellite.

The RCA Yagi antenna works with steaming devices to give you even more channels. With all that this antenna has to offer, it is definitely time to cut the cord.


  • Weatherproof
  • Pre-assembled design
  • Free RCA signal-finder app
  • Works with streaming devices
  • Good reception even when placed in an attic
  • Receives both UHF and VHF signals
  • Up to 4K and 8K resolution.


  • Coaxial cable sold separately
  • Some users feel it needs an amplifier

3. McDuory Outdoor 150 Miles Digital Antenna

The McDuory outdoor TV antenna gives you value for money. A mounting pole and a 40ft coaxial cable are included in the package.

The antenna is very easy to install thanks to its tool-free snap-on elements. One user puts installation time at three minutes tops.

Once installed, the antenna receives both UHF and VHF signals and delivers them in 720p and 1080p image resolutions. You are guaranteed to get all your favorite OTA channels and more in stunning picture quality.

The antenna has an impressive 150mile range. Some users say that with the McDuory Antenna, they now even receive channels that were not available in their basic cable package.

The mechanical components of this antenna also enhance its performance. A 360° motor rotor makes it easier to align it in the most favorable direction. The rotor’s movement is controlled remotely using an infrared remote control for convenience and precision.

The antenna also has a super high gain and a low-frequency amplifier to enhance its capabilities. It can also be connected to two TV sets at the same time without using an adapter or a splitter.

Note, however, that the manufacturer recommends identifying the channels in your area before purchasing this outdoor antenna. There are plenty of resources online to help you with that.

The weather-resistant Outdoor TV antenna is rainproof, sun-proof, snow proof, and windproof for durability. It is also lightning protected with grounding done as a safety precaution.

Since only the manufacturer distributes this outdoor TV antenna for rural areas, there are no knock-offs in the market. To project their trust in this antenna, the manufacturer offers a 1year 45-day money-back guarantee.


  • 150mile range
  • Dual TV outputs
  • Snap-on tool-free installation
  • Pole and 40ft coaxial cable included in the package
  • Super high gain low noise frequency amplifier
  • Remote-controlled
  • Weatherproof
  • Lighting protected and grounding.
  • Sold exclusively by the manufacturer.
  • 1year, 45days money-back guarantee.


  • Performance is dependent on proximity to broadcast stations.

4. Channel Master EXTREMEtenna Long Range Multi-Directional Outdoor TV Antenna

The Channel Master EXTREMEtenna is the most versatile based on mounting options. The antenna is compact and can easily be mounted on the roof, chimney, eave, wall, attic, or balcony.

It is also very easy to install as it comes preassembled with an easy-to-use installation guide and most of the mounting hardware required. Note, however, that the coaxial cable and pole are sold separately.

The EXTREMEtenna directional antenna picks up UHF, VHF, FM, and HD signals within an 80mile range. It also has a 180° multi-directional reception span.

Cable TV transmitters usually downgrade their broadcasts by up to 30% to save on transmission costs. With this antenna, you are guaranteed to receive uncompressed 1080i HDTV high-quality video free for life.

If you are now convinced that you need to cut the cord and get the best outdoor TV antenna for rural areas; consider the Channel Master EXTREMEtenna.


  • Preassembled
  • 80mile range
  • Versatile; can be installed in various places
  • 180-degree multi-directional reception span.
  • Transmits, UHF, VHF, FM, and HD signals.
  • 1080i HDTV quality.
  • Wind-resistant.


  • Some users feel the range is limited.

5. Winegard HD8200U Platinum VHF/UHF TV Antenna

The Winegard HD8200U TV antenna offers superb picture quality and a vast number of channels for you to enjoy. The Outdoor TV antenna is Ultra HD (4K) and ATSC 3.0 ready.

While 4K offers pristine images and Dolby Digital Sound, ATSC 3.0 promotes consumer-targeted content. You get the kind of programming you enjoy most in outstanding picture and sound quality.

The HD8200U can also be paired with streaming devices like ROKU for the maximum programming experience. Enjoy more TV content than ever before at a ridiculously low fee.

The long-range outdoor unidirectional TV antenna has a 65mile range. It transmits both UHF and VHF signals and has a high gain on both frequencies.

You can also pair it with the Winegard HDTV Tower Finder App to identify the nearby towers and check for obstructions. The Winegard Tower Finder App is available both in the Apple store and on Google Play Store.

The HD8200U is also built to last and boasts of several weatherproof features:

  • Zinc-plated steel hardware for maximum corrosion-resistance
  • A weatherproof cartridge house download module with 75 Ohm coaxial connection
  • A flexible polyethylene boot to cover connections.


  • 65-mile range
  • Pairs with streaming devices
  • Pairs with Winegard HDTV Tower Finder App
  • Weatherproof
  • Ultra HD ready
  • ATSC 3.0 ready
  • Quick assembly snap on; mechanism
  • Corrosion-resistant.

6. 1Byone 2019 (New Concept) Amplified Outdoor Antenna

The 1Byone Omni-directional amplified outdoor antenna has to be the only TV antenna that doubles as an accent. The antenna has a unique, modern, sleek, and compact design. 

The beautiful design, however, is not just for visual effects; it has several functional purposes. The antenna’s spherical shape enables 360° Omni-directional reception without the need for either a motor rotor or a clicker/ remote control.

The antenna’s shape also minimizes wind load, especially on very rainy or windy days. Speaking of rain, the antenna’s design is also rainproof and snow proof.

An anti-UV coating on the surface of the antenna elongates the antenna’s list of weatherproof features.

The 1Byone outdoor TV antenna is remarkably easy to install. It also gives you value for your money because all mounting hardware, including mounting brackets and a 20ft coaxial cable, are included.

Given its elegant design, the antenna can be mounted on a variety of places including the balcony, attic, roof, or living room.

The HD ready TV antenna receives VHF, UHF, FM, and digital signals and transmits them as Full HD images. It also has a high gain low noise amplifier for enhanced signal reception and transmission.


  • HD ready
  • Easy to install; preassembled for tool-free installation
  • 20ft coaxial cable and mounting brackets included
  • High gain, low noise amplifier
  • Compact functional design
  • Weatherproof
  • Omnidirectional
  • Can be mounted in versatile locations.


  • Some users feel the signal is weak even with an amplifier.

7. Antennas Direct 8-Element Bowtie TV Antenna

From ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CW, PBS, and so much more; whichever your favorite TV network, view it free using this antenna. The manufacturers of this Direct-8 bowtie antenna have been making TV accessories for 60 years.

They take pride in the patented signal receiving technology that gives this antenna the highest gain in the world at 17.4dBi. The antenna has a 70-mile range and the ability to deliver twice the power at half the size.

The 8-element bowtie antenna’s design backs up the advanced technology employed. The antenna’s design enhances flexibility because each panel can be pointed in a different direction for optimum signal reception and strength.

Because of its signal strength, the manufacturer recommends this antenna for rural areas where heavy foliage and rural material may inhibit the signal. The antenna is also made using all-weather hardware so that it can withstand the outdoors.


  • 70mile range
  • 1080 Full HD picture
  • Super high gain
  • Multi-directional
  • All-weather mounting hardware
  • Durable
  • Lifetime warranty on parts.


  • Coaxial cable sold separately.

8. Xtreme Signal Long Range Yagi Style UHF/VHF HDTV Antenna (HDB91X)

The extreme signal antenna has a high gain design. It receives both UHF and VHF signals and has a range of 70+ miles for UHF signals and 25miles for VHF signals respectively.

The antenna also has a built-in transmitter with a 75Ohm coax connection. A strong back reflector also minimizes signal interference for improved overall signal strength.

Apart from the practical design, the antenna is also made using durable material to withstand the outdoors. The craftsmanship employed is also meticulous and makes it sturdy.

The built-in transformer is weatherproof as well. Typically, built-in transformers on antennas are more weatherproof than the traditional coaxial cable.

The manufacturer guarantees that with this antenna you will get more than what the cable company is willing to give you. They have put their money where the mouth is with a 180-day (six months) limited warranty.


  • 70mile range
  • Built-in 75 Ohm transformer
  • Weatherproof transformer
  • Well priced
  • Back reflector to reduce signal interference
  • 180-day limited warranty.


  • Poor packaging material often leading to loss of some installation hardware.
  • Some users feel it is great for local channels but not so great for other channels

9. Antennas Direct ClearStream 2V TV Antenna

According to the manufacturer, this antenna is rated best among all the antennas within the 60-mile range category. The ranking process factored in things that may affect TV signals such as location, obstructions, and building material.

Do not be fooled by first impressions; while this antenna looks small and compact, it is a force to be reckoned. It utilizes patented technology to receive signals from broadcast towers as far as 60miles away.

The ClearStream antenna is designed in such a way that dedicated UHF and VHF Multi-directional elements deliver range and reception even in less than ideal areas. That is why this antenna is among our 10 best outdoor TV antenna for rural areas.

With this antenna, you will receive free OTA network channels such as ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, PBS, MeTV, and more in stunning 1080 Full HD picture quality. Whether you like sports, kids’ channels, cooking shows, sitcoms, or even weather channels; get it all and more.

The antenna is easy to assemble and comes with mounting hardware including a 20-inch mount, U-clamp mounting hardware, and sealing pads. The manufacturer also offers a lifetime warranty on parts.

Note, however, that the coaxial cable is sold separately.


  • 6omile range
  • Rated for use in rural areas
  • Enhanced performance thanks to patented technology
  • Transmits UHF and VHF signals
  • 1080 Full HD picture quality
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Lifetime warranty on parts.


  • Coaxial cable is sold separately.

10. Vansky Outdoor TV Antenna.

The Vansky outdoor antenna is among the most powerful antennas. It receives UHF, VHF, and Digital TV signals over an impressive 150-mile range.

The Omni-directional antenna has a built-in 360° motor rotor that enables it to pick signals from any direction within the 150-mile range.  Super high gain and a built-in super low noise amplifier enhance the antenna’s performance.

The antenna can capture 1080 HDTV high-quality and sound from any direction. Thanks to the dual TV outputs, the antenna can also be connected to two TV sets simultaneously without using either a special adapter or a splitter.

The antenna is also remote-controlled so that the user can change the alignment from the comfort of the couch.

Vansky Outdoor TV antenna requires no tools for installation thanks to the snap-on mounting hardware provided. Placement suggestions for the antenna include the attic, the roof, and a side of the house.

A 32.8ft coaxial cable is included in the package so you don’t have to order one separately. However, there is no mounting pole provided.

The antenna is also weather-resistant and has a durable design. It is lightning protected with grounding done as a safety measure.

The manufacturer highly recommends this antenna for rural and suburban areas where terrain and obstructions often interfere with the TV’s signal. They also offer a one-year guarantee as well as a 45-day money-back guarantee should you have any qualms with the antenna’s performance.


  • 150-mile range
  • High gain
  • Multi-directional
  • Built-in super low noise amplifier
  • 1080 HDTV picture quality
  • Wireless remote control
  • Weather-resistant
  • Lighting-protected
  • Coaxial cable included in the package
  • Tool-free installation.


TV antennas are essential when you want to cut the cord. Outdoor TV antennas in particular are great for rural areas.

Outdoor antennas are designed to perform exceptionally despite rugged terrain, foliage, and distance from broadcast stations. Secondly, unlike indoor antennas, outdoor antennas are not affected by electromagnetic interference.

But, as previously stated, not all outdoor antennas for rural areas are made equal. While outdoor antennas do not look particularly complicated, there are technical elements that one needs to consider before purchasing one.

Below are some of the pertinent factors to consider when buying an outdoor TV antenna for rural areas.

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Outdoor TV Antenna for Rural Areas

  • Reach/Available Channels

Rural areas often receive less over the air channels compared to big cities and towns. As eager as you may be to cut the cord, you need to research the OTA channels available in your area.

There are plenty of resources online where all you have to do is follow the prompts to establish the OTA channels available in relation to your address. Some outdoor TV antennas are also compatible with signal finder apps that help you identify the available OTA TV channels.

In so doing you will be able to decide whether the OTA channels available make cutting the cord worthy, or if you should opt for alternatives like streaming devices.

  • Power/Antenna Gain

The antenna’s gain greatly influences its performance. Antenna gain directly impacts reach and reception.

Consider looking for antennas that are advertised as having a high gain, or even super high gain. You can also look at the reviews of previous users for better insight into a TV antenna’s purported gain.

  • Frequency

There are two main frequencies over which TV channels are broadcasted; UHF frequency and VHF, frequency. For you to experience maximum OTA programming, your antenna should have the capability to transmit both signals.

For the VHF frequency, there are high VHF frequencies and low VHF frequencies. A good antenna should be able to capture both of them.

The wider the working frequency for the antenna, the better.

  • Direction/Antenna Type

There are unidirectional antennas and Omni-directional antennas. Unidirectional antennas are pointed towards a specific direction where the signal is strongest.

Omni-directional antennas, on the other hand, pick signals from all directions. They are usually fitted with a motor rotor that enables them to make 360-degree rotations while picking signals.

Omni-directional outdoor antennas are also often remote controlled. Select the antenna type that will best work for your home.

  • Mounting Hardware

Purchasing an outdoor antenna that comes with all the necessary mounting hardware gives you value for money. Some manufacturers include a coaxial cable and a mounting pole in the package while others do not.

If you are purchasing an outdoor antenna for the first, time, consider getting one that at least included the coaxial cable in the package.

  • The number of TV Sets Served.

If you have two TV sets in your household and want to view OTA channels on both of them, consider buying an outdoor TV antenna with dual ports. TV antennas with dual ports can serve two TV sets simultaneously without the need for a splitter or an adapter.

Splitters have been known to diminish the signal of an antenna.

  • Weather Resistance

Given that outdoor TV antennas are placed outside; they should be able to withstand the elements. Another advantage of outdoor TV antennas over cable and satellite is that rainy weather or storms do not inhibit their performance.

A good outdoor TV antenna for rural areas should also be lightning protected with grounding done. The above features ensure that lightning does not strike your home.

  • Reception

If the antenna’s reception is poor, you will not be able to view most of the channels within your range. The placement of the outdoor antenna influences reception.

Consider versatile outdoor TV antennas that can be placed in various locations for the best signal reception.


Outdoor TV antennas are gaining more traction as more and more people seek to cut the cord. OTA TV channels are free for life.

When you get an outdoor TV antenna, you say goodbye to hefty cable subscription fees and hello to high-quality HD content.

Outdoor TV antennas are particularly useful in rural areas where there is plenty of signal interference. However, not all outdoor TV antennas are equal.

We have listed the 10 best outdoor TV antenna for rural areas to simplify your shopping experience. You can also refer to our buyers’ guide to help you identify the best outdoor TV antenna for rural areas.

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