Best Outdoor Subwoofers for Your Garden Space

Whether you are hosting a party in your outdoor or patio, or you just love the idea of having a good sound system in your backyard,  subwoofers are the solution to your craving, and the best outdoor subwoofers would be a perfect match. There are basically two types of outdoor subwoofers: the ones that require amplifiers and the ones that don’t.

The ones that require amplifiers work by getting connected to an amplifier. The amplifier needs to pack enough power as the performance of this type of subwoofer depends on the strength of the amplifier.

The second type has a built-in amplifier system, and so can be connected to speakers directly. Don’t fret. This type of subwoofer comes with what it takes to do well. And they are easily installable too.

Reviewed in this article, are subwoofers of both types. We have hand-picked the ones that would give you the lush kind of low-frequency bass you find only in standard night clubs.

More so, certain outdoor subwoofers are made to be buried in the ground. And so, you will have to bury them in your garden, concealing them from every eye and keeping the fresh bass that comes from them a mystery. Although some others can’t be buried. Whatever the case, this list is conclusive. Just find the one that matches your fancy. And get what makes you happy.

  1. The Earthquake Sound Granite 100-D Outdoor Subwoofer

The Earthquake Sound Granite 100-D Outdoor Subwoofer is popularly referred to as the ROCK- subwoofer. And this instrument brings the freshest bass sound to any rock audio lover. If your crib has an outdoor space, a pool, patio or you love the rock genre, then you are going to find solace in this subwoofer.

The brand, granite, also has great experience in making high-end audio devices.

Moreso, this subwoofer has a sleek bass that will keep you wanting more. The design team had premium quality in mind while developing it. The quality of this sound device actually reflects the experience of this brand. As great care and precise detailing were put in. You will find every note distinctive and flawless, giving you that textbook theater experience.

It has a dimension of 21 inches in length, 18.5 inches by breadth, and a height of 14 inches. And weighing 39 pounds. It also comes in a rock-like exterior. And this doesn’t compromise sound quality.

This sound product has an enclosure of epoxy resin with UV treatment. Your device is going to remain unruffled in the heaviest rainfall and hottest sunlight.

The tough construction of this sound device, coupled with the excellence of its sound production makes it a first-class sub-woofer. They are sealed with poly-cones acting as dust caps to withstand any type of weather.

It also boasts a characteristic high power crossover which sifts distortions and produces unalloyed audio across a spectrum of frequencies.

All these amazing features come at an affordable price.

Key Features

  • It’s constructed with epoxy resin and so it’s strong and durable
  • Ultraviolet treated and water repellent
  • Made to look like a rock and can blend into any environment
  • Plycon cap seals off dust and droplets and Santoprene seals the speaker and makes it airtight
  • Comes with a built-in high power crossover
  • Can be painted to blend with any color


  • Epoxy resin
  • Durable
  • Usable in every weather
  • Affordable


  • Low aesthetic feel.
  • Lacks screw downs.

2. Bose Free Space 51 Outdoor In-Ground Speakers (Green) – 31763

The Bose Free woofer proves that excellent sound can be achieved right anywhere you are. You can place them wherever you want, in the gardens, backyards. And your love for good sound won’t be disappointed.

Moreso, you don’t need to bother about the misty or snowy weather conditions, because they are equipped to operate optimally, no matter the type of weather they face. Its green plastic finishing is sturdy. And can handle just about anything. So, there’s no concern about protecting it from the atmosphere.

Its design is perfect. It produces a 360° round sound. And you won’t be needing to rotate it to get the sound close to you. Any direction is a bang. The Bose’s can also tough it through temperature ranges of 158° f to -40°f producing the sleekest sound while at it.

This instrument can face the elements without doddering. It has undergone and passed the fog test, boasting a towering 66% longer than the marine industry standard. More so, their placement flexibility is dope. You can place them anywhere you want, on the couch, field, deck, surfaces. While enjoying the robust sound it renders.

It has a mighty 5-year warranty, meaning that you are not going to stop enjoying yourself anytime soon.

Key features

  • Height of 36cm, length, and width of 32cm
  • 10-100watts of power is recommended and it can shoulder about 350pounds of pressure
  • Omnidirectional 360 degrees sound coverage
  • It can be installed in-ground or on-ground.
  • It can withstand just about anything, snow, sand, ice, rain, sun, and wind.


  •  5-year warranty
  • Great placement flexibility
  • Can do well in all weathers
  • Can be buried underground


  • Costly
  • The paint may fade.

3. JBL Control SB210 Dual 10″ 400 Watt Indoor/Outdoor Subwoofer + Sub Mounting Clamp

This SB210 woofer is truly classy. Its low frequency confers excellent sound. It is compact and produces a clear sound. It boasts two aluminum composite diaphragms, each with a wattage of 200 making 400 watts, and can deliver good handling of noise power.

Best outdoor subwoofer

It has four receptacles with four feet so you can mount it wherever you want without the slightest hassle. This device might look transparent, but it’s actually made with materials that seal off the water and other liquids. So even if rain hits it directly, it won’t be affected.

You will also enjoy more versatile mounting, because of the MTC-210UB. And you can carry it wherever you want. Mounting it just about anywhere due to its thirteen M6 insert, you can use an eye bolt to suspend it seamlessly wherever you want.

Key Features

  • It is compact and weighs 70pounds
  • 400wattage of power and an outdoor worthy design
  • It has a rotatable base
  • It comes with a U bracket, which you can install in a variety of surfaces, flat or sturdy
  • Coated with polypropylene material and thermostat made of steel.


  • Produces quality sound
  • Can be mounted to rotate around its axis.


  • It can’t be buried
  • It is a little too bulky.

4. TIC GS50 8″ Outdoor Weather-Resistant Omnidirectional In-Ground Subwoofer.

If you are in need of speakers to employ when you go out for the grooves or for your weekend parties, you can trust the TIC GS50 8 to jam the music for you in style and make your outing as memorable as possible.

This Subwoofer will survive the hurricanes, the flood, the scorching sun, and any other adverse condition without depleting or compromising its sound quality. Just in case you are using it under the rain, the oversize dome ensures it continues to perform well. It is constructed with an ASB polypropylene ensuring it’s water-resistant and durable.

Upon mounting, the sound is clean and smooth and you will hear everything clearly from 100ft away. The TICs have been around for decades. And so it’s a no-brainer why the brand is so great. The greatness of this masterpiece is evident to everyone who has tried it. The GS50 is actually widely used. It’s used everywhere, by homeowners, commercials, merchants, and even landscapers.

The sound produced from this device transmits all around. Hence you won’t need to be moving it to change its direction.

Its design matches the outdoor shrubs and green grass.

Key Features

  • 360-degree omnidirectional subwoofer.
  • A built-in Passive Crossover and two speakers.
  • Has a power handling of 125w to 250watt.
  • Can be buried in the ground or left on the surface.
  • Water-resistant and airtight.
  • Wire connectors are waterproof.


  • Omnidirectional sound.
  • Made of polypropylene technology.
  • It is durable.


  • Requires Amplifier.
  • Requires high power.

5. OSD FORZA 10 10″ Outdoor Subwoofer with 300W of Power and High-impact Molded Enclosure, IP66-rated Weather-resistant.

This subwoofer will deliver good sound while maintaining its stealth, thanks to its finishing. OSD FORZA outdoor sub-woofer produces great bass. It has the sort of pounding impact that can surge through everyone giving your party the boost you desire.

This subwoofer has a wonderful sensitivity. You don’t need much power to get it blazing. And while this device rams on, it can blend with just about any setting. Whether your deck, patio, or garden.

This speaker is IP66 rated, meaning that, it’s 100% airtight. No dust, no droplets, no sprinkles, no nothing can penetrate it. It’s also rated at 300 watts, and can provide soft and low-frequency sound.

Its built-in eye bolt enables you to anchor it. And prevents it from getting stolen.

It boasts a worthy antique bronze finishing. And can fit into just about any setting.

Its dimensions are 19.9 inches in height and 15 inches of breath and a weight of 28.6 pounds

Key Features

  • Has an eyebolt anchor to make theft impossible
  • Heavy-duty 10 subwoofers made of polypropylene and packs a lot of punch
  • 300 wattage of power handling
  • 1P66 rated can withstand any condition
  • Finished with antique bronze and can be placed to blend in the backyard.


  • Blends with any environment.  
  • Eyebolts prevent theft.
  • Low frequency.
  • Powerful bass.


  • Needs an amplifier

6. Polk Atrium Sub 100

If you want satisfactory audio that meets all your sound yearnings, Polk Atrium SUB 100 speaker is the perfect subwoofer for you. The Polk Atrium SUB 100 has a dimension of 16.9 inches of length and 16.9 inches of breadth and a height of 11 inches. It weighs 28 pounds. It is capable of producing a low-end sound frequency of 50-300Hz with a minimum power of 300watts.

The Polk Atrium SUB 100 comes in dual unique finishing: grey and terracotta color design. The grey color design is suitable for your outdoor or indoor home decoration. You don’t need to bother about the color because you can be as creative as you like with this device. You can paint it to match your color taste.

It is encased in a special resin. And has a good IP66 rating, guarantying you a long-lasting sound in the harshest weather conditions.

You don’t also need to be skeptical about putting this device outside. As it has a tough security anchor and screws down points. That will make theft hard or even impossible.

It also comes with a waterproof burial pigtail cable that won’t allow the electronic parts and wiring to be exposed to weather elements thus eliminating possible accidents.

One beautiful thing about the Polk Atrium SUB 100 is that it is built for indoor/outdoor comfort. It will sieve out muffles and produce the cleanest of bass. This device is often referred to as “the life of the party”, and it will suffice for all your party needs.

Key Features

  • Sub 100 and Packs a heavy punch and regarded as the life of the party.
  • Has a burial pigtail cable and so your wirings are concealed and can’t get in the way.
  • Features a balanced driver that stamps out distortions and makes bass as clean as it can get.
  • Weatherproof and suitable for all outdoor activities.
  • Weighs 16.75 pounds and is compatible with a resistance of 8ohms.


  • Good aesthetics.
  • Rugged and compact.
  • Durable.
  • Can thrive in all weathers.
  • Waterproof burial cable.
  • Screw-down prevents theft.


  • Works with an amplifier.
  • Hard to set up.

7. Dayton Audio IOSUB 10’’ IP66 Indoor/Outdoor sub-woofer

This subwoofer will beautify your garden while producing great sound. It will blend with your home decoration and add all the elegance you desire – It’s great for aesthetic enthusiasts.

Dayton Audio IOSUB 10’’produces a low-end sound frequency of 50-300Hz and uses a minimum power of 300watts.

The Dayton Audio IOSUB sub-woofer is the ideal subwoofer for your next family excursion. It has a built-in acoustic tuning that produces a clean and satisfactory bass suitable for your patio, garden, and hangout parties.

Built for rugged weather resistance, this device is bound to serve you for years. The Dayton Audio IOSUB comes with security: – eyebolt anchors with a screw-down point for permanent installation. Protecting it from theft.

This Subwoofer was built for design and aesthetics, security, sound quality, and affordability. It is probably the cheapest high-performance subwoofer you can find anywhere.

Key Features

  • Weighs about 28.2 pounds
  • Tough IP66 finishing and can withstand the harshest weather
  • Constructed for robust performance in the pool, patio, and yards
  • Can be anchored anywhere to hamper theft
  • Constructed to blend into just any environment and is very compact.


  • Fine aesthetic
  • Rugged compact nature
  • Durable
  •  Subwoofer for all seasons
  • Affordable
  • Anti-theft features.


  • Requires an amplifier
  • Difficult to set up.

8. TFS50-8″ Outdoor Weather-Resistant Omnidirectional Rock Subwoofer Slate

Tic got at it again with this impressive subwoofer further emphasizing their longevity and dominance in the outdoor living markets. Tic has earned a lot of praise for producing the best and most realistic speakers in the markets, and the TFS50 doesn’t fall short of expectations from the manufacturer.

This one will actually give you the pride and satisfaction you deserve when you are outdoors with your subwoofer. Affording both the sound and outlook that demonstrate high caliber.

This subwoofer is built with composite. So you can carry it anywhere, anytime, defying both the scorch from the sun and the flood from the rain. While your speaker keeps banging gloriously in these conditions.

It comes in three natural variants, the canyon, the slate, and the white granite. You can always pick the color that will give your garden or patio the aesthetic appeal.

The TFS50 doesn’t just look like a rock, it literally has the durability of a rock. And will keep you enjoying your beautiful sound for many years. Its rock-like look also makes sure it’s adaptable to any environment.

Meanwhile, its composite wrapping means you can plunge into the hottest summer, and the coldest winter, with your music device and you won’t have to contemplate protection. The TFS50 is the omnidirectional meaning you don’t have to struggle to face the sound in a certain direction. Its 360° sound transmits on all sides.

It’s has a built-in crossover. And will normally separate different bands of frequency. Making your sound as lush as you like.

Key features

  • Has a wonderful rock finishing with a 360 omnidirectional sound output.
  • A powerful built-in passive crossover.
  • Has water-resistant wire connectors that keep the wires intact in any weather.
  • Power handling of 125 to 250 watts and a weight of 26lbs.
  • Powerful subwoofer 8 with a clean bass sound.
  • Works in a frequency of 25-200hz and resistance of 4ohms to 8ohms.
  • Composite cabinetry that can withstand all weathers.


  • Best realistic rock speaker.
  • Blends into any environment.
  • Made with composite.
  • Durable.
  • Excellent bass.


  • The paint fades.

9. OSD Audio 8” 500W In-Ground Outdoor Subwoofer – Omni-360 Directional, IP66 Weather Resistant, Single, Green – GLS8

If you love to bury yourself in the coolest tones while relishing your time out, the GLS8 Subwoofer might just be what you need. Made with high-end technology, this outdoor subwoofer combines top-quality finishing and excellent sound production.

It features amazing high power handling but can also perform well with little power supply. It is IP66 tested so you don’t have to worry about the rain – it won’t poop your party in any way. Your GLS8 subwoofer will continue to bang without flinching, in the heaviest downpour.

You can also repaint the exposed vent to suit your surroundings. It renders an omnidirectional sound. Meaning that the device will produce a quality sound all around, on a 360° mode without interruption. And will remain unmixed while flowing.

This device produces top-quality sound all-round in its underground state.  And doesn’t compromise the slightest quality for it.

If you bury this subwoofer, it will disappear into the soil and still produce good sound in its obscurity, with just only one-fifth of the vent exposed.

It also has a good power rating of 500 wattage

Key Features

  • Its vent is paintable to suit your environment
  • Can be buried to disappear into the landscape
  • 360 omnidirectional sound output
  • 8 subwoofer quality sound in a small space
  • Ip66 tested and can withstand just anything from the sun to the snow
  • The system is increasable using satellite speakers.


  • Good power handling
  • Blends with the surroundings
  • Sound flows in all directions equal and unmixed


  • Parts might get damaged in the rain.

10. Russound AW10-LSUB-BR, Landscape Subwoofer

You will find this subwoofer amazing if you love to chill out in your garden in the evenings while listening to good music.

The AW10LSUB-BR Subwoofer was made to remain concealed in its space while producing excellent sound for all your relaxation and grooving. This device is sophisticated. And is installable by employing the expertise of professionals.

Made of top materials, it will keep on giving you amazing sound throughout its long lifetime.

The AW10LSUB-BR Subwoofer is a resilient under-ground subwoofer that provides low-frequency bass and blends so well with the outdoor environment. It can also survive any weather condition. From the harshness of the sun to snowfall during winter; it was designed for all seasons.

The unit weighs 13.0 kg. And has a height of 10 inches. This subwoofer is actually built in an enclosure of length 32.3cm and breadth 46.5cm. It has a frequency response of 30Hz-200Hz. And the recommended power of 20-200w. Its subtle canopy design mimics the outdoor space. And will disappear into the landscape upon installation.

Its rigid PVC enclosure confers durability.

Its arm is flexible and made of silicone. Making installation easy.

The AW10LSUB-BR Subwoofer comes with a five-year warranty. And features a band-pass design that emits a clean bass sound.

Key Features.

  • Can be buried in the ground, producing very clean and deep bass
  • A silicone finishing that can withstand the harshest temperature
  • Blends with the environment and is durable
  • Weighs 30pounds and has a tough PVC packaging


  • PVC enclosure
  • Durable
  • Good for the outdoor space.
  • All-season subwoofer
  • Affordable
  • 5-year warranty.


  • Installation costs
  • Needs an amplifier

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Outdoor Subwoofers for Your Garden Space


How good is a good bass? When shopping, different people have different bass needs, of course, this greatly varies. However, the rule of thumb is to strike a balance between the treble, bass, and volume to achieve a great sound quality.

If there are too much treble and bass, you will definitely get some rumble effect. It doesn’t matter the type of subwoofer you are using. You will definitely miss out on the lyrics of the song. Very low bass, however, will give very flat music, and make your outdoor party very boring.


The wattage is often misconstrued to mean ‘how loud’ your speaker can play. Absolutely No! The watts is the power output the speaker can give and the sound output at particular volumes. In most instances, the wattage goes with the size of the space you want to install your sub – woofer.

100 Watts is ideal for spaces that are 300 – 500 square feet. However, if your backyard, patio, or garden is above 500 square feet, look for a more ‘powerful’ subwoofer with a wattage of up to 1000 watts to enjoy the great sound quality.


It’s probably the least of your worries but it makes a lot of difference. It’s a multi-faced factor that answers the how and where?  How big is your backyard or simply the outdoor space you want to install the outdoor sub-woofer? Take note that a larger space will need a bigger wattage.

Where in this location do you want to install the subwoofer? Is it along the driveway, at the corner of your compound, or along the walls? If you are aiming to install your sub – woofers in an open space, go for sub – woofers with high wattage.

The walls and corners of home buildings have a way of getting the best out of the subwoofers. The cheat – sheet in subwoofers is that if placed along or against the wall, they add a little volume. So, therefore you won’t need a subwoofer of high wattage if you want to place it along the walls.

Sound Distortion.

As much as the bass runs away with the ‘wow’ factor when it comes to outdoor subwoofers, the clarity of the speaker cannot be underestimated. Distortion levels of about 30% affect the clarity of the subwoofer, and the end result is poor quality sound. To have a feel-good factor when listening to your favorite music, check out for outdoor subwoofers with the lowest level of distortion.


The subwoofers reviewed in this article are the best outdoor subwoofers you can find anywhere. So you should make your pick of anyone that resonates with you. And keep your patios, gardens, or backyards buzzing with the right sound. Keeping your companies entertained.

The subwoofers reviewed in this article are the best outdoor subwoofers you can find anywhere. So you should make your pick of anyone that resonates with you. And keep your patios, gardens, or backyards buzzing with the right sound. Keeping your companies entertained.

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