Best Omnidirectional Outdoor TV Antenna

Did you know that cable TV costs American families $600-$1200 per year? Imagine what you would do with all that money if you didn’t have to pay for TV. The best omnidirectional outdoor TV antenna enables you to watch HD-quality TV with no recurrent cost. An outdoor omnidirectional TV antenna trumps cable or satellite TV for various reasons.

You can view 20-60 digital channels using an omnidirectional outdoor TV antenna without monthly payments. They also have a longer range than directional or indoor omnidirectional antennas. These TV antennas also offer High-quality image resolution and Dolby digital quality audio because digital signals are not compressed. They also function pretty well in areas with medium to low signal strength, and can complement streaming services.

The best omnidirectional outdoor TV antenna will give you your money’s worth when you decide to cut the cord.  However, identifying the omnidirectional outdoor TV antenna that will meet your needs requires a bit of technical knowledge.

We have listed the top-rated outdoor omnidirectional TV antennas according to features like range, frequency type, and signal strength. We also feature a buyers’ guide in this review to establish your need and prioritize them accordingly when shopping.

Top 10 Best Omnidirectional Outdoor TV Antennas

  1. 1byone 720◦ Outdoor TV Omni-Directional Reception Antenna

If you were enthralled by the previous model of the 1byone outdoor antenna, the 2020 model is even better. The model features an intelligent IC chip upgrade that enables vivid stable FHD and 4K images and crisp audio quality.

If you seek a pleasant TV-viewing experience, this is the best omnidirectional outdoor TV antenna to buy.

The outdoor HDTV digital omnidirectional antenna has 720◦ signal reception. If you receive this antenna reading 360◦ reception on the package, note that the print on the box is erroneous.

The antenna swivels 360◦ both horizontally and vertically. Thanks to the outstanding signal coverage, the omnidirectional outdoor antenna has no blind zone. You can comfortably watch TV without having to adjust the antenna every other time.

The manufacturer, however, recommends researching the position of signal towers and available channels in your area before buying this antenna.

The model also has an in-built pre-amplifier which boosts signals at their strongest point boosting signal quality. It also features a 4G LTE filter that filters out cellphone signals.

The two features above prevent channel loss after you scan all the channels.

If you live in an off-the-grid area, this is the best omnidirectional outdoor TV antenna to buy. It has 150 reception range. The average HDTV antenna covers a reception range of 100 miles; this outdoor antenna is over-the-top.

The antenna features a compact sleek design and is quite easy to set up. It comes with mounting brackets and suction cups for easy and versatile installation.

You can install it on a rooftop, window, attic, balcony, and wall exterior. The omnidirectional outdoor antenna comes with an RG6U high-capacity multi-layered coaxial cable.

You can opt to plug the coaxial cable either into a power adapter, or the TV’s USB port. If you have more than one TV, it is advisable you get a different antenna for each TV. Using a splitter will weaken the signal significantly.

The outdoor TV antenna is built to last. It is waterproof, anti-storm, anti-UV, and flame retardant.

Key Features:

  • 720◦ UHF and VHF signal reception
  • Built-in pre-amplifier
  • 4G LTE filter
  • Intelligent IC chip
  • Crystal clear filter technology
  • 32ft RG6U coaxial cable
  • Full HD and UHD/4K picture quality
  • 150-mile range


  • Superb viewing experience
  • Compact design
  • Easy to set up with versatile installation options
  • Weatherproof
  • No signal-blind zone
  • Receives all local channels


  • Not advisable to use with a splitter
  • Registers highly disproportionate performance
  1. LAVA Outdoor TV Antenna Omnidirectional 360◦ HD TV 4K Omnipro Amplified TV Antenna

For most outdoor TV antennas, the signal goes from 100% to zero when used on more than one TV. However, the LAVA outdoor omnidirectional TV antenna can support up to four TV sets. It even comes with a four-way splitter as part of the installation kit.

The long-range outdoor omnidirectional TV antenna can pick signals up to 150 miles away. It can pick up to 45 VHF, UHF, and FM channels; sometimes even more.

It has a low-noise amplifier that collects all the frequencies above. The antenna produces HD-quality images even with low-input signals

The outdoor antenna is also NextGen-ready. NextGen TV is a digital broadcast technology that combines traditional broadcasting with IP address enabling streaming of over-the-air (OTA) stations programming.

Viewers can stream on-demand content from over 4000 OTA channels while the technology utilizes analytics to curate preferred content for each viewer. NextGen TV also broadcasts UHD/4K quality images.

If you seek large content variety at no extra cost, this is the best omnidirectional outdoor TV antenna to buy. Its 360◦ rotation feature allows it to automatically gather signals from any direction. Once you set up the antenna and scan the channels, you will never scan or direct the antenna afterward.

The number of channels picked depends on proximity to broadcast towers and other physical obstructions. You should research the channels available within your range and your distance from broadcast towers before purchasing this antenna.

The antenna works with analog and digital conversions. However, if you have an old (analog) TV, you may need to get a digital converter box.

The antenna is quite easy to install and also offers flexible installation options; you can even install it in the attic. However, a higher position of the antenna, gives chances for a better signal.

The antenna comes with a suitable kit for installation that includes a 40ft RG59 coaxial cable. The coaxial cable has a UV-resistant coating and waterproof features for durability. If you would rather use the RG6 cable or any other model, ensure it is not longer than 50ft.

The manufacturer of this omnidirectional TV antenna offers two years of product service. If you face any issues, feel free to contact them for support.

Key Features.

  • NextGen TV-ready
  • 360◦ coverage
  • 40ft RG59 coaxial cable with weatherproof features
  • Long-range antenna (up to 150 miles)
  • UHF, VHF, and FM broadcast
  • 4-way splitter to support up to 4 TVs
  • Low-noise amplifier
  • Installation kit included


  • One can view up to 45 digital channels
  • NextGen TV features offer much more content to select from
  • Easy installation
  • 2-years of product service offered
  • Flexible installation options
  • An antenna can be used for all the TVs in a home
  • HD-quality images


  • A few complaints of limited range.
  1. Upgraded Version ANTOP AT Dual Omni-Directional Outdoor Antenna

While being close to a broadcast tower has its benefits, it can lead to overshooting and or signal overload. Both overshooting and signal overload impact signals negatively and impede TV channels from showing.

The ANTOP AT415B antenna features a distinctive smart – pass technology amplifier for balance between long-range and short-range reception. The amplifier features an easily adjustable intelligent switch that balances short-range and long-range waves preventing signal overload and overshooting.

The omnidirectional outdoor antenna has 720◦ coverage as it swivels 360◦ both vertically and horizontally. Its outstanding coverage eliminates any signal blind zones.

The antenna receives VHF and UHF signals which it transmits as dozens of channels for you to select. The outdoor antenna also features a 4G LTE filter to prevent 3G and 4G signals from interfering with the audio-visual signals.

The picture quality generated by this omnidirectional outdoor antenna is also commendable. It supports 720p, 1080i, and 1080p picture resolutions.

The antenna features a low-key UFO design with versatile installation options. Installation is tool-free, effortless, and according to the manufacturer, takes approximately five minutes.

A comprehensive installation kit is included in the package.

Thanks to the antenna’s superior signal, you can view national network channels like ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC among others. This omnidirectional outdoor TV antenna is the best OTA signal solution.

Both the antenna house and the included coaxial cable are UV-protected and all-weather proof to defy weather elements.

If you are not yet sold on this antenna, the manufacturer’s 30-day money-back guarantee may be the push you need to purchase it.

Key Features:

  • 720◦ coverage
  • VHF and UHF signal reception
  • Smart pass amplifier with switch
  • 4G LTE filter
  • UFO design
  • 33ft coaxial cable included in the installation kit
  • UV-protected and waterproof material


  • Versatile installation options including in attic and RV
  • Commendable image clarity and color
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Tool-free and effortless installation
  • Receives both national and local channels
  • 33ft coaxial cable for maximum reach


  • Rather directional and still requires rotation for some channels
  1. Winegard Amplified Omnidirectional Outdoor HDTV Antenna

The manufacturers of this Winegard MS-3005 omnidirectional outdoor antenna describe it as the ultimate chord cutter. The omnidirectional antenna has 360◦ reception hence no aiming is required. It also has a 35-mile range and receives both ultra-low VHF frequencies and UHF frequencies.

The antenna also features a built-in amplifier that boosts signals at the antenna to counter signal loss. As signals travel over long distances and cables, they tend to grow weak. That is why it is recommended that coaxial cable be no longer than 50ft. You will receive all the local stations within your range.

This is the best omnidirectional outdoor TV antenna to purchase if you want to cut the cord but have multiple TVs. The outdoor antenna is compatible with splitters and functions with them without a hint of signal loss.

The omnidirectional antenna also makes for happy TV viewing. If your TV is Full-HD or 4K-ready, you can view content in these resolutions thanks to this antenna.

It also processes Dolby Digital quality audio. Whether it is live sports, weather channels, news, or top-rated TV shows, view it all in HD-quality for free.

The antenna features a low-profile mushroom design and is lightweight hence easy to install. You can install the antenna on a mast or in an attic using simple installation tools.

Note, however, that it is not ideal for installation on an RV.

The mounting hardware and power supply are included in the package but no coaxial cable is included. Ensure you install a coaxial cable not longer than 50ft to avoid signal loss.

Ensure you run a channel scan after installation. The manufacturer also recommends running monthly channel scans or each time you lose signal.

If you live in extreme weather areas, this is the best omnidirectional outdoor TV antenna to buy. Its functionality is not impeded by snow load and it has a working temperature of 120◦F. It can also withstand winds blowing up to 90mph.

Key Features.

  • 360◦ reception
  • Built-in amplifier
  • Dual-band receiver for VHF and UHF frequency
  • Low-profile mushroom design
  • Full HD and 4K-ready
  • 35-mile range
  • 120◦F working temperature
  • Wind-resistant up to 90mph wind speeds


  • Transmits HD-quality video and audio
  • No aiming required
  • Amplifier ensures strong signal transmission
  • Weather-resistant
  • Can transmit signals to multiple TVs without signal weakening
  • Affordable price
  • Effortless installation
  • Can be installed in an attic with minimal impact on signal


  • Coaxial cable not included in the package
  • The recommended monthly scans can be rather involving and inconveniencing
  1. 1byone Outdoor TV Antenna 360◦ Omnidirectional Reception Long 100+ Miles Range

More Americans are embracing tiny-housing and remote living. If you live in an RV or a riverboat, this is the best omnidirectional outdoor TV antenna to buy.

It is rated for marine, attic, and RV use. You get to watch all the content you want wherever you are free of charge.

The omnidirectional outdoor antenna has 360◦ coverage and a range of up to 100+ miles. Buy it and say goodbye to constant rotating and directing.

It also features an amplifier updated with the 1byonne Smart Pass Amplifier Technology. The amplifier can instinctively switch on and off to balance both short-range and long-range reception.

Best Omnidirectional Outdoor Tv antenna

Another signal clarity-oriented feature on this amplified antenna is the 4G LTE filter. As the name suggests, the filter removes cellular signals from the path of the TV signals to prevent interferences.

Both the amplifier and the 4G LTE filter reduce noise in transmission and allow the formation of crystal clear images.

The signal relayed by this omnidirectional outdoor antenna is strong enough to withstand extreme weather like rain and snowstorms. The antenna’s hardware can also withstand weather damage because it is UV-treated, waterproof, anti-snow, and flame retardant.

The antenna receives both UHF and VHF signals allowing you a wide array of channels. If you live in a moderate to low frequency area, this is the best omnidirectional outdoor TV antenna to buy.

However, the manufacturer recommends visiting websites that show your channel availability before purchasing this antenna.

Installing this pre-assembled outdoor antenna is straightforward because it is tool-free and all assembly accessories are included. The antenna comes with a 39ft RGCU cable allowing you to install it on a vantage point.

Key Features.

  • Pre-installed amplifier
  • Smart pass amplifier technology
  • 360◦ omnidirectional coverage
  • UHF and VHF signal transmission
  • Weather-resistant construction
  • 4G LTE filter
  • 39ft RG6U coaxial cable


  • Functions well under extreme weather
  • Lightweight for easy installation
  • Compact lightweight design
  • No rotation or directing required
  • Clarity of all channels previously on fringe
  • HD-quality content
  • Weather-resistant for durability
  • Ideal for weak signal areas


  • One antenna can only power one TV, not ideal for use with splitters
  1. Five Star [Newest 2020] HDTV Antenna 360◦ Omnidirectional Outdoor Antenna

Sometimes cutting the cord means trading one source of headache for another; trading cable bills for constant directing and rotating. With the Five Star omnidirectional antenna, the transition from cable to digital TV will be problem-free.

The first liberty you will enjoy is the ability to connect up to four TVs to this one antenna. The complexity of connecting even two TVs to one cable or satellite box is not even worth it.

However, you can connect up to four TVs to this omnidirectional outdoor TV antenna, using a special 4-way splitter. The splitter is among the accessories included with each purchase.

The outdoor antenna features a built-in dipole that allows it to pick both VHF and UHF signals. It also features a 4G LTE filter that prevents cell phone signals from interfering with the audio-visual signals.

Best Omnidirectional Outdoor Tv antenna

If clear viewing is a priority for you, this is the best omnidirectional outdoor TV antenna to purchase. Thanks to its 2020 smart chip update, the antenna shows Full HD and 4K quality images on compatible TVs. Noise and pixelated images will be a thing of the past

Being an omnidirectional outdoor antenna, this antenna picks signals from each angle and direction. It also has a 150mile reach.

The antenna is compatible with multiple digital TV broadcast technologies including DVB-T, ISBD-T, DMB-T/H, and ASTC. Regardless of its country of manufacture, your TV set will work just right with this outdoor antenna.

You can watch national network channels like ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, PBS, CW, ION, and others.

Setting up this antenna is super easy, even for people who are averse to DIY projects.

Once set up, the weather-resistant outdoor antenna unit can withstand UV rays, heavy rain, snowstorms, wind, and moisture.

Key Features:

  • 4G LTE filter
  • Full HD and 4K resolution
  • Built-in dipole for UHF and VHF reception
  • 150-mile range
  • 360◦ omnidirectional range
  • Special-four-way splitter included


  • Supports High-quality image and audio resolution
  • Can be used to power more than 1 TV
  • Easy tool-free installation
  • Strong waves for a variety of channels
  • Weather-proof unit
  • Plenty of national and local channels


  • Some complaints that the antenna does not pick up enough channels
  1. Omnidirectional Amplified Outdoor TV Antenna Exclusive Powerful Amplifier Booster

Whether you need an antenna for home use or for the road this one fits the bill. The ANTOP omnidirectional outdoor TV antenna works exceptionally well on a rooftop, an RV, and even on a boat.

The antenna has 360◦ reception and a 65-mile range. While it pulls both UHF and VHF signals, the antenna features extendable rods that boost VHF channel reception.

The antenna also features an inbuilt-amplifier to boost signals and prevent signal loss.

If you are a massive fan of local content this is the best omnidirectional outdoor TV antenna to buy. You can enjoy local news and weather channels or catch your favorite local basketball, baseball, or football in HD-quality images.

This omnidirectional outdoor TV antenna supports multiple high-definition resolutions. These include 720p, 1080pi, and 1080p.

The antenna can either be mounted on a J-pole or a wall. The J-pole is, however, not included among the installation accessories. A 20ft coaxial cable is, however, included for maximum height consideration.

The antenna has a special high-tech coating that acts as a buffer against weather elements. The antenna is rain and snow resistant, windproof, waterproof, and UV-protected. It performs optimally even under the above weather conditions.

The antenna is compatible with all types of digital converter boxes.

While the antenna is not designed to be used simultaneously by multiple TV sets, it works with a splitter. They recommend attaching a coaxial splitter after the power adapter then connecting the adapter to the TV sets.

Note, this wiring will only work in areas with significantly strong signals.

Key Features. 

  • 360◦ reach
  • Mounts on a pole or a wall
  • 20ft coaxial cable included among installation accessories
  • 65-mile range
  • Specialized high-tech weather-resistant coating
  • 720p, 1080pi, 1080i HD resolutions
  • Amplified antenna


  • Works on a boat and an RV
  • High-definition picture quality
  • Multiple installation options
  • Boosted VHF waves for more local channels
  • Weather-resistant hardware
  • Its operation is not impeded by harsh weather


  • Complaints that the signals are not that strong in an RV
  1. Antennas Direct Cleanstream 4V TV Antenna 70+ Mile Range

If you are living off-the-grid, this is the best omnidirectional outdoor TV antenna to buy. The antenna performs exceptionally well in rugged mountainous areas.

The antenna was voted the best omnidirectional outdoor antenna within the 70-mile range outdoor antenna category. However, just like with any other outdoor antenna, factors like obstructions may negatively impact performance.

If you install the antenna in an attic, house construction material may also lower the signal.

The outdoor antenna picks signals up from broadcast towers positioned up to 70 miles away. It also features a wide-angle range that eliminates the need for rotation while searching for channels.

However, positioning is necessary with this outdoor antenna.

Best Omnidirectional Outdoor Tv antenna

The antenna has an exceptional design with dedicated UHF and VHF elements. It also features a reflector that protects against multi-path interference and focuses the antenna for added range.

The antenna can service multiple TV sets and produce 1080 HD-quality images. The antenna does not have a pre-amplifier because one is not necessary. However, if you feel a pre-amp will give you better reception, you can install one alongside the antenna.

The weather-resistant antenna comes with mounting accessories including a 20” mount and all-weather mounting hardware. Note, however, that no coaxial cable is included among the installation accessories.

If you just recently made a switch from satellite or cable TV, you can use the same coaxial cable.

Key Features

  • 70-mile range
  • Wide-angle
  • 1080 HD resolution
  • UHF and VHF signals
  • Dedicated multidirectional elements
  • All-weather mounting accessories


  • Ideal for low-signal areas
  • Rated as a top-performer within the 70-mile outdoor antenna range
  • Can service multiple TV sets
  • HD image clarity
  • Easy to install, can be installed in an attic
  • Lifetime warranty on parts


  • Coaxial cable sold separately
  1. Magnadyne RVTV-W2 Omni-Directional Amplified TV/AM/FM Antenna.

Most people live in RVs or go on road trips using RVs to experience nature. A bit of multi-media entertainment will also help you relax outdoors.

If you are looking for an omnidirectional outdoor TV antenna compatible with your RV lifestyle, buy this one. The omnidirectional antenna is designed specifically for installation and high performance on an RV.

Some reviews suggest that it also functions great on a boat.

The omnidirectional antenna features a sleek and elegant design that encompasses both style and function. It has a sleek look compared to the more common wire and yagi-style antennas. The latter is a bit of an eyesore.

Best Omnidirectional Outdoor Tv antenna

The best thing about digital TV broadcasting is that apart from TV channels, you can also pull radio channels. Some antennas pull a wide array of AM and FM signal radio channels.

The RVTV-W2 omnidirectional antenna pulls VHF, UHF, AM, and FM signals. This is the best omnidirectional outdoor TV antenna for some radio entertainment on the road.

The antenna does not disappoint with TV channels either. It can pull up to 50 TV channels depending on the associated factors and show all the content in HD.

This RV antenna is also ATSC-compliant.

Installation accessories accompanying this antenna include mounting brackets, weather-resistant mounting hardware, and a TV connection plate.

The omnidirectional RV antenna only requires 12V of power to function hence you can connect it to the cigarette lighter power adapter. Installation is also quite straightforward.

You can hook up to two TVs to this antenna using either a cable amplifier or an amplifier splitter.

Key Features:

  • Omnidirectional RV antenna
  • Receives UHF, VHF, AM, and FM signals
  • Accessories: mounting brackets and mounting hardware
  • 12V power capacity
  • ATSC digital broadcast technology compliant
  • Weather-resistant housing


  • Pulls both TV and radio channels
  • Easy to set up
  • Appealing design
  • Can hook more than one TV
  • Affordable price
  • Weatherproof material for optimal performance in different weather conditions


  • Some complaints that AM radio signals are not as strong
  1. Outdoor TV Antenna 150 Mile Range 28dB High Gain Amplified Multi-Directional Reception

If you live a considerable distance from the nearest broadcast tower, this long-range omnidirectional outdoor antenna will come in handy. The antenna features high-gain boosters that boost signal strength by up to 10%.

To turn on the signal boosting amplifier, turn the signal gain adjuster knob.

Being a 360◦ omnidirectional outdoor antenna, this antenna picks signals from all angles and directions. You do not need to rotate it, aim it, or use a remote controller after installation.

The full reception and long-range coupled with a signal booster eliminate any blind signal spots.

The high-gain outdoor antenna features both UHF and VHF signals with enhanced VHF reception. It can receive signals from broadcast stations located up to 150 miles away from the area of installation.

The antenna delivers HD quality images in HDTV television sets and even ultra HD images in 4K-ready TV sets. You can hook multiple TVs to a single antenna without compromising on signal and image quality.

The antenna offers versatile installation options; it can be installed on a wall, the rooftop, or even a balcony. A 33ft coaxial cable runs from the antenna allowing for installation on positions with the best signal.

The signal booster we mentioned above also helps counter signal loss from coaxial cable runs.

The versatile omnidirectional outdoor TV antenna can also either be powered from a power outlet or a TV USB port. If you have an analog TV, you will need a digital converter box.

Whether it rains or shines snows or gets windy, this outdoor TV antenna will fare any weather. The signal quality will not be affected because the housing and hardware are made from waterproof, snow-proof, and UV-coated material.

Key Features:

  • Built-in adjustable amplifier
  • HDTV and 4K-ready
  • UHF and VHF with VHF enhancer
  • 150-mile range
  • 360◦ omnidirectional reception
  • 33ft coaxial cable included
  • 4G/LTE filter


  • View multiple local and national channels in HD picture quality
  • You can use another coaxial cable if you prefer
  • VHF enhancer receives many local channels
  • Plenty of features to protect signal quality
  • Straightforward installation
  • Mind-blowing picture quality


  • Rather Pricy

Buyers’ Guide: What to Consider When Shopping For the Best Omnidirectional Outdoor Tv Antenna

Below are crucial factors to consider when shopping for an omnidirectional outdoor TV antenna.

  • Reception range

Low-range antennas receive signals over shorter distances while long-range antennas receive signals from broadcast towers up to 150miles away. Most omnidirectional outdoor antennas are long-range.

The question of which reception range is better is a bit of a grey area. Long-range omnidirectional antennas pick signals over long distances but if the distance is short, they cause an overshot. An overshot weaken the signals

Low-range reception is better for picking signals over short distances.

To identify the ideal reception range when shopping for an omnidirectional outdoor antenna, visit websites that give signal and channel information.

They will help you determine the exact distance between your location and the nearest broadcast tower. That should help you choose between a low-range and a high-range omnidirectional outdoor antenna.

  • Signal type

There are two main types of TV signals, VHF, and UHF signals. Most omnidirectional outdoor antennas broadcast more UHF than VHF channels.

To determine which signal type to prioritize, visit a website that offers information about channels within your range. After determining where your preferred channels fall within the signal continuum, you will know which antenna to buy by signal type.

  • Signal Strength

Signal Strength varies from location to location. Factors like the terrain, obstructions, and proximity to broadcast stations impact signal strength.

If you live in an area with strong signal strength it may not be a determinant in your purchase decision. However, if you live in an area with poor signal strength; consider a high-performance omnidirectional outdoor antenna.

High-performance omnidirectional outdoor antennas have features like signal boosters, amplifiers, pre-amplifiers, and 3G 4G/LTE filters to help strengthen the signal.

  • Multiple TV application

Some omnidirectional outdoor TV antennas can be hooked to more than one TV set using a dual-way or four-way splitter. Others, however, can only be hooked to one set; if you use a splitter with the latter, the signal weakens tremendously.

If you have more than one TV set in your home, consider the former models. They are either compatible with a splitter or come with a splitter among the provided accessories.

  • Installation

Just like with any other antenna, when it comes to installing an omnidirectional antenna, the higher the better. However, the factors we mentioned in the point on signal strength above also apply here.

Search online for the direction of the broadcast towers around you. That should help you identify the best place to position your antenna.

Installation should also be straightforward and super easy.

Some antennas come with a coaxial cable while others do not. Either way, an RG6U coaxial cable is the best-quality coaxial cable. It should, however, not be longer than 50ft to prevent signal loss for the cable run.

Some people may opt to install the antenna in an attic. Note that the house’s construction material may impact the signal. Second, also ensure that the omnidirectional outdoor antenna you select is rated for attic installation by the manufacturer.

  • Amplifier

Amplifiers prevent the weakening of transmitted signals. Signals tend to weaken when received over long distances or when running through a long coaxial cable.

Some omnidirectional outdoor TV antennas come with pre-installed antennas and others do not. Some people vouch for amplifiers while others feel that they tend to distort signals.

It is all up to you.


Outdoor antennas for digital TV broadcast save many American families tons of money. Omnidirectional outdoor TV antennas are the best outdoor antennas because you can install and forget about them.

They have 360◦ or 720◦ coverage hence have no signal blind spot.

Despite the many benefits, we can agree that not all omnidirectional outdoor TV antennas are made equal. That is why we have gone out of our way to highlight the best omnidirectional outdoor TV antennas for you.

We hope that you will identify one that will meet your entertainment needs and allow you to cut the cord.

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